A Dump In The Dark; Joke Steam Greenlight Game Looks Genuinely Disturbing

With game development becoming something that is easier and easier for the average programmer at home to do, we’ve seen our fair share of joke games. Games that are either just a mash up of memes, a stupid pun, or even just one-note parodies of far superior games like Super Mario Bros. and so fourth. But with those, a whole new culture of the… deeply disturbed game has come along with them. Browser games like Free Ice Cream and fully downloadable titles like SCP-087B have unleashed a whole new brand of Disturbia¬†that is really worth checking out. It seeps out of titles like Sonic Dreams Collection,¬†which features some of the most truly disturbing visuals and subliminal storytelling I’ve ever seen.

Now I’m not saying that this game will be anything like those, but I will say that it’s trailer freaked me out.

A Dump In The Dark came to my attention when Jim Sterling featured it on his YouTube channel Best of Steam Greenlight Trailers, where he regularly highlights some of the very trashiest, asset-flippiest, or otherwise just awful looking slog that Steam Greenlight has to offer. Unlike his usual entries, Sterling seems to actually be kind of grooving on this one. While the trailer itself is only a minute long, and it is very obviously meant to be just a dumb, overlong poop joke, I have to say that it genuinely creeped me out. It gave me a very similar vibe to the games I listed above, and it’s one that I want to keep an eye on.

To be honest, it’s worth noting that this is a game where you play as a human ass, in a state of perpetual dookie. You presumably fire your sphincter like a gun, and the dark matter evacuates your body in a stream not unlike Super Mario Sunshine. Just know that about this game before you get any interest up.

As the game’s Greenlight page describes, the game features less of a reliance on jumpscares and more truly silent, ambient horror, and a dynamic choice system that informs a dark story involving your family’s legacy. For a game that, at first glance, looks like total poo, it… actually sounds kind of interesting. Now, this game could just be hot crap on a summer’s day, in fact it may never even come out, seeing as it’s a Greenlight game, and I’m in no way saying that it will be worth any sort of play, but I will say that it peaked my curiosity, and its description has my attention. Check out the trailer for yourself, it honestly freaked both me and my fiance out.


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