40 Minutes of The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Leaks (Update)

the evil within 2 leak

It seems someone at Gamescom was naughty. Roughly 40 minutes of footage from the demo of The Evil Within 2 (which we also previewed) has gone online. The footage is being continuously taken down, but folks on NeoGaf are reposting mirrors as they get striked for copyright violations by Bethesda.

The video shows off multiple new environments and the numerous gameplay and stylistic changes from Tango Gamework’s 2014 predecessor. I only skipped through the video to avoid spoiling future surprises, but if you’re foaming at the mouth to see what producer Shinji Mikami and director John Johanas have in store for us, go for it. I am happy to say, though, that I got major Silent Hill vibes from the open world aspect on display. Very nice.

Keep an eye open for more from The Evil Within 2 as we publish our ongoing QuakeCon coverage.

Update: The original video was pulled from Youtube but you can get a mirror link through the NeoGaf thread. Also new leaked footage of a sidemission has gone live. See below.

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