Fatal Frame spin-off “Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir” gets most fitting of release dates


Acclaimed video game developer and publisher “KOEI Tecmo”, known to many, definitely have their work cut out for them these days. But working on titles such as “Ninja Gaiden 3” and “Dead or Alive 5” despite global success, are not steering them clear of classic fans and their desires. Also known for the sleep-shortening title “Fatal Frame” and all of its installments. Theirs has been a long-desired return of sorts.

“Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir” dumps even the most familiar of horror fans into a dark, lonely, and very scary new mindset as they actually will interact and see this horror title come to life in the very area that surrounds them. In many cases, their own home!

Spirit Camera uses the Nintendo 3DS’ augmented reality capabilities which most 3DS owners will know from “Face Raiders” which is included and received upon all new 3DS systems as point of sale. This means that essentially any place, any time and any sudden urge can offer you horror in the palm of your hand.

Fatal Frame has set the bar high and “KOEI Tecmo” would have it no other way. Players will be tasked with assisting a girl named Maya to deal and attempt to free herself from a curse placed on her by a figure known as “The Woman in Black”. A featured story mode will include a 16-page augmented Reality Book we are to refer to as “The Diary of Faces”.

Prepare to be scared beyond anything we have seen on the 3DS to date. We can expect this game on the most fitting of days as it hits on Friday April 13th 2012. That is Correct, Friday the 13th!


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