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Whispers in The Dark Ep. 2: Wiggle the Stick and Hold Your Breath

In the second installment of Whispers in The Dark we cover a bunch of news and topics. We finally have a new episode after numerous delays and we hope you enjoy it.

We discuss a lot of Resident Evil games and movie news. One thing noticed was that there are way too many subtitles in horror games right now. Silent Hill is also discussed in detail as me and Whitney go over our event at Konami. We discuss our demo of Silent Hill: Downpour, and briefly touch upon our experience with the Silent Hill: HD Collection.

We also talk about the magical Deadly Premonition, Alan Wake 2, the Resident Evil movies still existing, Leon Kennedy being a home-wrecker, Steve Burnside being annoying, and how Sam Lake and Swery 65 need to have a child that will create the perfect game.

Again, sorry it took so long for episode 2. Please leave your feedback and suggesting in the comments. We had fun doing things more casually, but we’re open to some suggestions to make things more efficient.

Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Whitney Chavis, and Zev Levit

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Duration: 02:10:58
File Size: 82.3
Format: MP3

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Johann Urb IMDB


F.K. in The Coffee

Pillow Stains

Deadly Premonition

Alan Wake for cheap

Swery Lake

Silent Hill Movie Poster Contest

Jeremy Blaustein Interview

Descent into the Otherworld – A Spotlight on the Silent Hill Fandom, #1 Brandon Delacruz


Intro and closing track “Altered States of Consciousness” by Cyanotic.

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