Video Preview: Paranormal

Paranormal recently got greenlit on Steam and it’s currently in an early access state for just $10. This haunted house simulator drops players into a home that’s got its fair share of poltergeist activity. I have recorded a short playthrough of my experience with the game and all it has to currently offer prior to its official launch in October.

Paranormal is a simple but fun concept that could translate to games very well. A guy has a haunted home, he records activity, and we scream when things happen. The game is played on a day to day basis, experiencing new and worsening hauntings. Story notes are scattered about as well to give the player insight into the home’s history. While a house filled with scares works well, Paranormal‘s developer is going to have to put in a lot of unique moments to keep the game from getting stale. Re-experiencing the same handful of hauntings will definitely damper the experience for players.

Thankfully though, the game is said to receive free content updates over time: adding new scenarios, locations, and scares. Paranormal is in visual need of a lot of polish, but it’s a neat-little portal to a house filled with a wide variety of insane hauntings that’s sure to scare even the most hardened horror fans. If you’re susceptible to jump scares, you’ll probably want to keep an aspirin nearby. Once things pick up, I don’t doubt that some players will be overwhelmed with anxiety. I look forward to revisiting this once it has launched on October 19th.

YouTube video

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