The Survivors

Left 4 Dead 2 brings us a whole new set of characters ready to take on the Zombie Apocalypse.  Meet The Survivors before you end up one one of the dead.


The youngest of the survivors of Left 4 Dead 2, Ellis is a native of Savannah, GA along with Coach.  Before the infection spread, he and a few of his

friends owned the local garage.  He also was in a band in which Ellis played bass.  His thorough knowledge of cars comes in handy during the Dead Centre campaign, and the bass?  Well, we’re sure that given the right tools,  that’d come in handy during the apocalypse as well.

His fun demeanor and affinity for long yet somehow related stories have made Ellis a favourite among both PC and Xbox 360 players.  It’s suggested that he knows or is familiar with Coach, and the two of them share a love for The Midnight Riders and Jimmy Gibbs Jr.  Being the youngest of The Survivors in L4D2, his interactions with other characters range from comradeship to belittling.  But it doesn’t matter to him.   To Ellis, the zombie apocalypse is a game–a game in which he’s determined to win.


It’s not clear what Coach’s actual name is, all his friends call him coach, so we’d might as well too.  An ex-football defensive lineman, Coach managed to scrape together a physical education degree and before the infection, taught at the local high school.  He shares many interests with Ellis, possibly because they’re both from Savannah–they both like Jimmy Gibbs Jr., both have ventured to the Whispering Oaks amusement park, and Coach owns all of the Midnight Riders’ albums.  Describing himself as a One-Man-Cheeseburger-Apocalypse, Coach also has a healthy, living appetite.

Coach’s role in L4D2 is similar to Bill of L4D1–he’s the oldest, and often acts as not only a leader, but a voice of reason and authority to the rest of the Survivors.  In return, The Survivors look up to Coach.


Possibly the most hated of The Survivors, Nick is a drifter that just so happened to be in Savannah when the infection spread.  He’s pretty mum on his past up until this point, but it’s clear that whatever he’s been doing all this time, it hasn’t been all that great.  He’s generally distrustful of the others, demeaning, and quite pessimistic in general–but really, would you be optimistic during a zombie-apocalypse?  Really?  It’s often clear that the other survivors would rather see him as zombie food than tagging along.

A gambling man, Nick is going to have to take quite a gamble on The Survivors.  His blood-stained suit and flashy jewelry aren’t going to get him out of this mess.


Have you ever held a job where the title made the job more appealing than it actually was?  Rochelle had that job–an associate producer for Eyewitness 10 News.  Her job mostly involved coffee runs and cable-management and she’d all but hit the glass ceiling.  That is, until the infection started.  On assignment in Savannah, Rochelle found herself right in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.  Fearing she might have been the only gal left alive, she hitched a ride with the three boys of L4D2 in their fight for survival.

Unfortunately, Ro’ doesn’t get much love from the fans.  The L4D2 blog polls showed her to be the least popular character in the series.  But it’s hard being a living woman in an undead man’s world.  Just ask Zoey.

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