Resident Evil Weapons

Combat Knife

Knife Only use this as a backup. Don’t use it unless you have no other choice, as it will soon render you dead.
A Special Forces Combat Knife, such as this one, can be very dangerous in the hands of a trained professional. A little large, but deadly nonetheless. It is a must have in a survival situation.
There are key features of this knife that are unlike any other. It is 16 inches over all, with a 1/4 of an inch Carbon re-enforced 420 Stainless steel blade, with heavy serrated edges. It has a watertight grip for those that must travel in the water. A very large, deadly, self-defense weapon.
Caliber: None | Magazine Capacity: None

Beretta M92FS

Beretta Concluding that it is a handgun, you probably wouldn’t want to use it for anything more than the occasional Crow, Zombie or Cerberus. Anything other enemy you use it on could get you killed.
The Beretta M92FS is probably one of the most known handguns of the 20th and 21st Century. It is known for its reliability. First tested by the Military under the name of XM9, is was then adopted by the military to become its official sidearm. The weapon features a rather large magazine capacity with a fair amount of knockdown power. This is Kendo’s most prominent handgun., as it is his best custom handgun. Featuring a full stainless steel barrel and Tri-jicon night sights, and a Beretta Elite Slide. This is the best combat handgun that is non-military. It is special issued only to that of S.T.A.R.S. officers.
Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum/ Luger | Magazine Capacity: 15+1 round -s-

Remington M870

Shotgun Recommended that you save this weapon for larger enemies such as Hunters, Chimera‘s. and later on in the game, the Tyrant.
First introduced to the public in the 1950’s as a hunting shotgun. It is a very reliable and versatile pump action shotgun which can be configured to the operators person preference. Aside from being a Civilian model shotgun, it was also picked up by the Marine Corps. in the late 60’s to early 70’s as a combat shogun. Since its inception to the USMC, it was picked up by Law Enforcements all over the world. It has become a all-purpose shotgun for any and all environments. The barrel can be changed for any situation the shotgun calls for, which proves again its reliability.
Caliber: 12 Gauge | Magazine Capacity: 7+1 round -s-

Colt Python

Colt Use this primarily on the Tyrant, but you could use it on any other boss-type creature such as the Hunter. Remember though, ammunition for this handgun is scarce, if non-existent.
Developed and Introduced by the world known Colt Mfg. Company in the mid 50’s. It comes in a variety of styles. Stainless is most preferred as it is cheaper to the operator. Compared to other evolvers type magnums, this handgun is top of its class. Pythons are double action revolvers, which must be manual reloaded through the swing open cylinder which hold 6 rounds. Sights are full adjustable and removable for the operators convenience. This revolver also features numerous barrel configurations for certain types of situations.
Caliber: .357 Magnum | Magazine Capacity: 6 round -s-

Arwen Grenade Launcher

G. Launcher Your best bet is to use this weapon on Zombies, Cerberus’, Hunters, and Chimera’s, and the end boss, the Tyrant. It is advised that you do not use this weapon on Crows, as it will be a waste of ammunition, which is hard to come by.
The ARWEN was designed to be a low cost, highly effective was of crowd control. Developed by Royal Ordnance, it soon became very popular with all law enforcement. It is now becoming phased out of most Law Enforcement Agencies due to its “less than lethal” rounds being capable of killing a person at close range. It is still used by British, and French Special Air Services, and some US Law Enforcement.The ARWEN fires 6, 37mm Grenade projectiles from a rotary drum magazine. It can either be used for riot control purposes, or by using actual grenades for combat type purposes, deeming it lethal. It is very effective, and reliable. It has also spawned numerous clones, such as the 6GP-30, which is in service with the Russian Military
Caliber: 37mm Lethal {and} Less-than-lethal Grenade Rounds | Magazine Capacity: 6 round -s-

Umbrella Incorporated Incinerator Unit

Flamethrower It is recommended that you use it only on Zombie and other easy-moderate characters. Don’t be expecting to use it that often as it has only one fuel capsule.
Developed by Umbrella Inc. for pest control, and incineration or infected plant growth. It uses some external parts of a M-16A3’s Receiver. It is somewhat reliable given the instances it was built for, but by no means should it be used for actual combat.Using a sticky Napalm/ Fuel mixture, the flame is very volatile. At the way it is set, the napalm jelly substance sticks to the target. After you quit firing, the target will still burn due to the fuel, and napalm mixture. It is a rather devastating weapon
Caliber: Napalm Jelly/Fuel Mix| Magazine Capacity: 60 second -s- of flame time

M202A1 Anti-Armor Rocket Launcher

R. Launcher Any, and all enemies. This is the weapon to have. It is powerful to eliminate any enemy with a single rocket.
It designed and Developed by a Military Company for the United States. Introduced in the early to mid 70’s as a Anti-Armor weapon, it soon proved its worthiness in the Vietnam conflict. As time progressed, it soon became obsolete and was replaced by better Anti-Armor models.The rocket system is very unique. It has 4 surface thickness indicating rocket, which allow it to detonate on impact, or push furthers on more hardened targets. The 40mm Rocket will leave crippling, and devastating trail wherever it is fire. Altogether, the M66(M202A1) Rocket System is a force to be reckoned with by anyone’s standards.
Caliber: 37mm | Magazine Capacity: 6 round -s-



MAC10 Ingram

Ingram Exclusive weapon to Jill obtained by beating the game under certain rules, this weapons fires bullets quite quickly. it might not be powerful, but can be used to kill enemies quick or pin them back from attack. It’s recommended to use against most enemies, except bosses and Hunters.
A sub machine gun loaded with 9mm bullets
Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum/ Luger | Magazine Capacity: 30 / 32 rounds -s-


Minimi Exclusive to Chris after beating the game under specific rules. Almost the same as the Ingram in terms of damage to enemies, but fires quite faster. Use against normal enemies.
A full-automatic light-weight machine gun.
Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum/ Luger | Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds -s-

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