Resident Evil Cheats & Hints

Unlockable: Change Clothes

Rescue the other 2 players and finish the game. The phrase “You’ve got the special key” will appear after the credits. Save the game and start the game you just saved.
Enter the room with the large mirror on the second floor of the mansion. Unlock the door in the back. Enter the closet and move all the way to the end of the rack of clothes. A message asking “There is an outfit that fits you perfectly, do you want to put it on?” will appear. Select “Yes” to change your character’s clothes.

Unlockable: Unlimited Rocket Launcher

Beat the game within 3 hours wihout rescuing anyone or saving the game. A rocket will appear after the credits. Save and start the game, the Rocket Launcher will be available wyhen the new game begins.

Unlockable: Unlimited Colt Python

Succesfully complete the game. When starting a new game, check your inventory for an Unlimited Colt Python (Magnum) Revolver.

Unlockable: Get the MAC11 or the INGRAM (PC Exclusive)

Beat the game in under 3 hours and you should get a MAC11 Machine Gun for Chris
or an INGRAM Pistol for Jill. You’ll have Infinite Ammo for these weapons in your new saved game.

Hint: Reset game

Pause the game during play and press Start + Select. The game will reset and return to the main menu.

Hint: Configure game (Japanese Version)

Pause the game during play and press Start + Select. Game options may be changed before resuming gameplay.

Hint: Change difficulty during game (Japanese Version)

You must have completed Hard mode previously. Press R1, L2, R2, L1, X, Triangle, X, Square at the title screen. The growl of a zombie will confirm the code. Hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 and press select during gameplay.

Hint: Changing Clothes (Barry or Rebecca)

You can exchange your clothes by going into the Alternate costumes special room.
Note: You must have unlocked this door first.

Hint: Logging into the computer

To log in to the computer in the lab, and unlock the areas B1 and B2, use the following passwords:

1st: John
2nd: Ada
3rd: Mole

Hint: Getting the Star Crest

Go to the hall with the numerous paintings and crows. and put the switches behind the paintings in the following order:
New born baby, infant, lively boy, young man, middle-aged man, bold looking man.

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