Resident Evil Characters


Jill Valentine Jill is a person with excellent knowledge of tools. She is reknown as the “master of unlocking”. Her ability to remain calm in the most dire situations is one quality which will help her survive the nightmare. She’s also popular amongst her teammates and has a strong sense of justice.
Height: 165cm | Weight: 50kg | Blood Type: B | Age: 23


Chris Redfield Chris was trained at the US Airforce for years, and had no real job until he was recruited to S.T.A.R.S by teammate Barry Burton. Chris encounters Rebecca Chambers on his journey, and works alongside her to survive his nightmare. Chris also has a very strong will to battle evil, and upon escaping the mansion, sets off to Europe to attempt to take down Umbrella.
Height: 181cm | Weight: 90kg | Blood Type: 0 | Age: 25


Rebecca Chambers Rebecca Chambers is an expert in medical care and First Aid. She joined the S.T.A.R.S team aged just 18 years old. Due to her high level of intelligence, she completed her studies before her colleagues. Rebecca rendevous’ with Chris in the Mansion after surviving the horror of RE0 with Billy Coen, yet she doesn’t realise what horrors still await her in the mansion.
Height: 160cm | Weight: 42kg | Blood Type: AB | Age: 18


Barry Burton Barry Burton is the most experienced on the team. He is an expert in all kinds of weaponry, and he has a strong love for his family, and would do anything to ensure their safety in any situation. He aids Jill along with her storyline, and sometimes he can be heard talking to.. himself? Is it a symptom of the horrors he’s witnessed, or something worse?
Height: 183cm | Weight: 89kg | Blood Type: A | Age: 38


Albert Wesker Enrico Marini is the leader of the Bravo Team, as well for the second in command of the STARS Unit, only behind Wesker.
Enrico mantains a stretch relation with every one of the members.
When the Alpha team arrived, he felt somewhat threatened by Chris and Barry, as they both had potential to be the 2nd in command, which could explain why Enrico doesn’t trust Chris.
He is the first one to learn about Wesker’s betrayal to the STARS Team.
Height: 190cm | Weight: 81,5kg | Blood Type: O | Age: 41


Albert Wesker Wesker is the leader of the S.T.A.R.S Alpha unit. He’s regarded as a tactical genius who initially has a lot of respect from his teammates. However, under the veil of helping S.T.A.R.S solve the Arklay murders, he is a head researcher for Umbrella intent on leading S.T.A.R.S into the Trevor mansion to gather combat data.
Height: 183cm | Weight: 84,5kg | Blood Type: 0 | Age: 38

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