Resident Evil Outbreak Homage

Homages to older RE games found in Outbreak:

Alyssa’s description mentions she is the Master of Unlocking!

One of the tracks of music in Below Freezing Point is lifted straight from Resident Evil 2, in the labs, it has been remixed obviously.

SP item = Used Ink Ribbon

Cindy plays the theme song from the intro on the piano in Decisions Decisions, a tribute to Jill’s pianist skills

Alyssa’s bonus costume is a direct homage to Alice’s in the Resident Evil movie

There are ‘remakes’ of specific areas from older games within this
-Below Freezing Point features area’s remade from Resident Evil 2
-Hive features remade areas from Resident Evil 3
-Decisions, Decisions breifly features the RPD garage

CAMEO Nicholai

In the starting room in HIVE, you are in a hospital bed room with a TV just buzzing static, this I believe is a homage to Survivor which features a similar buzzing television in one of its hospital rooms!

Lickers, Plague Crawlers, Hunter Gammas – all famous Resident Evil creatures return

The first ‘glimpse’ of the Licker can be considered a nod to Resident Evil 2, as it crawls by a window in a similar way.

Decisions, Decisions = The red/blue gem moose head puzzle is obviously a great homage to the original games Tiger head puzzle.

SP Item = Ben’s Date book [DESCRIPTION] Could be some News reporter’s? It’s filled with lot’s of supposed ‘scoops’.

SP Item = Chess Watch -[DESCRIPTION] Watch modeled after chess pieces. The minute hand and hour hand are designed after a Queen and Knight.

SP Item = Football Tickets [DESCRIPTION:]Two tickets to a Sharks game. Hmm… These seats aren’t half bad. Maybe I’ll take my buddy Leon.

SP Item = Silver framed photo stand [DESCRIPTION:]A photo of two people smiling at each other. Maybe they are mother and daughter? It says “Sherry and Annet.”

SP Item = Hotel register [DESCRIPTION:]It’s dated quite some time ago. One of the names reads Claire.

SP Item = Chris’s x-ray picture [DESCRIPTION:]Looks to be a patient named Chris. He has a good frame and looks quite healthy.

SP Item = Chris’s medical chart [DESCRIPTION:]Medical chart for a patient named Chris. It has a S.T.A.R.S medical check up stamp on it.

SP Item = Barry’s Bottle [DESCRIPTION:] A bottle kept by a guy called Barry. Maybe he won’t mind if I have a sip?

FILE = Guest List Copy Dario Losso is mentioned, but is obviously a misspelling of Dario Rosso – who is the person Jill talks to at the beginning of Resident Evil 3.

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