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Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 About

Following the good success the first Outbreak had worldwide, Capcom released a sequel entitled “Resident Evil Outbreak File #2”.

RE: Outbreak File #2 was more of an expansion to the original Outbreak, it features the 8 same characters from the File #1, with 5 new scenarios that expands the storyline, and a tutorial scenario entitled “Outbreak (Revisited)” to explain the game mechanics to newcomers.
This sequel implemented new and improved things from the first installment.

This game added for the first time in a RE game, the ability to walk and shoot at the same time, your character now can grab items while crawling, reduced loading times and the implementation of a personal item for each character that the player can use depending on the situation and characteristics of the item.
Also, the game now features a Nightmare Mode, some modifications to the damage charts, and the possibility to exchange data from the original Outbreak to unlock several extras.

The servers were also improved for this game, as they had a new lobby, event systems, and more options and modes for play, but due to the poor players numbers the servers were closed on March 31st, 2007.

Despite of all the improvements and modifications from the original Outbreak, this game had poor sales worldwide, almost 40% of the sales the original game got, leaving poor possibilities for another sequel to come in a future.

Release Dates:
Japan: September 9th, 2004 | US: April 26th, 2005 | PAL: August 26th, 2005

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