Resident Evil: Gun Survivor Characters


Ark Thompson He wakes up at the beginning of the story, with a complete lack of memory of who he is, where he came from, and what he is doing. All he knows he has to find out about himself and survive. He finds a Glock 17 handgun, and heads out into the heart of Sheena Island for answers.

Height: – | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age:

Lily The sister of Lott, she is often prone to getting herself in danger and often relies on the assistance of her brother, she often hides away when disasters strikes and with her parents missing her chances of survival are somewhat lower.

Height: – | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age:

Lott The brother of Lily, he is trapped in the catastrophe that befell Sheena Island. He will do anything to protect his younger sister. Perhaps he knows the truth of who the mysterious man is, searching the island for answers.

Height: – | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age:

Andy Holland This hunched short man is the sewer worker, Underground Supervisor in Sheena Island.
Ark met him while impersonating Vincent Goldman, which led to Andy think that he was Vincent.
Andy tries several times to kill Ark because of this misunderstanding.

Height: – | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age:

Umbrella Squad Leader This man, looking remarkably similar to Hunk, leads the Cleaner team, a tactical team of biologically engineered soldiers whom dissolve and bleed green upon being killed. He wants Sheena Island cleansed as soon as possible.

Height: – | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age:

Vincent Goldman No-one really knows much about this mysterious man. The island fears him however, and rumours persist that he is behind something very secretive. It’s no secret that he works for the Umbrella Corporation, and separate rumours surround that enigmatic company, just what is his role on Sheena Island? Is he the character we play throughout Survivor?

Height: – | Weight: -| Blood Type: – | Age:

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