Resident Evil: Dead Aim Characters

Bruce McGivern McGivern has a strong sense of justice when on covert operations. He often acts recklessly without concern for his own life – in order to do what is right. Bordering on ‘out of control’ McGivern does a first class job for U.S.STRATCOM.
Height: 181cm | Weight: 73kg | Blood Type: B | Age: 27
Fong Ling Arrested her own brother, a democracy activist, as ordered by her government. Her brother was executed that very same day but she harboured no grudge against her superiors. Since then Fongling has little to no emotional feeling and has become to the top operator for the Chinese government.
Height: – | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age: 25
Morpheus D. Duvall Ex-member of the Umbrella Research and Development Department. The criminal group that seized the T-virus constituted of fanatical worshippers of Morpheus. Under his orders they easily hijacked the ocean line in help of the cause. But Morpheus was then crazy enough to make his trusted followers the prey of the T-Virus
Height: – | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age: 31

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