Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Files


Organized and led by Javier, it is a crime syndicate with a firm presence in South America. It has a code of absolute obedience to its leader, based on a system of “control through fear” which brutally punishes traitors without exception.



This is a special mission which is not in accordance with normal operational regulations.
Consent of the operative to the following must be given prior to the beginning of the mission.

1. Release of protective responsibilities. Neither the government nor the person(s) in charge of operational command shall be held responsible for injury, illness, or death to the operative during the execution of their duties. Also, in the case that said operative is captured by hostile forces, neither the government nor the person(s) in charge of operational command shall be compelled to negotiate with the operative’s captors in any way on their behalf.

2. If during the execution of the operative’s duties, there is no contact from the operative for a period or more than 24 hours, the mission will be consider a failure, and the directorate of operations will be withdrawn and dispersed. From the operation starting point the operative will begin their mission following the steps below.

1. Make contact with the local coadjutant.

2. Secure local transportation.

3. Infiltrate the private residence of the target.

Also, give procedural directives to full time operator as necessary.
This substance of this mission is subject to gradual revision based on the local situation. The operative will always do as instructed.



There is building animosity toward Javier’s cold and merciless organization, and many locals are waiting for the opportunity to rebel. The influential and powerful people of Mixcoatl village (affectionately known as Waterside Village), as well as the United States and the local government have formed a coalition to expel Javier, and have been amassing military strength.

With their cooperation (provision of transportation and local guides), Leon and Krauser plan to head to Javier’s mansion.



A large dam built under the order of Javier. It has a total reservoir storage capacity of 20 billion tons. Inhabitants of this remote area which previously didn’t have adequate electricity, feel indebted to Javier for having brought them the power generation facility. It is also touted as having contributed to raising the standard of living and financial status of his organization. Originally it was built to secure a large source of electricity to be used solely by Javier’s organization, and also be a nonverbal threat to districts under its control. The dam has a complex floodgate which Javier could release and induce a massive flood disaster on areas downstream whenever he pleased. On such example is when Javier caused an obviously intentional water discharge “accident” in an area inhabited by a defiant tribe. This entire village of 80 people was killed.



To our dear friend, Manuela.
Are you feeling any better? Yesterday the whole class made a flowerbed, we planted seeds for all kinds of flowers. Hopefully in the spring there’ll be lots of flowers blooming. We left a spot open in the flowerbed just for you when you get back. We all know how strong and brave you are. We know that you will get better soon. We are all looking forward to you coming back to school, and seeing your smiling face again. Next month is our school festival. We hope you can join us for the gift exchange.
Class Reprehensive, Delsey.



(The following are decrypted text messages which were sent and received from a mobile device.)

20XX. 08. 13. PM6:20
from: Sergio
to: Javier
Umbrella is making a fuss over the sale price of the samples. They want 50% more than they did for the old ones. Do you want to extend the contract?

20XX. 08. 13. PM6:28
from: Javier
to: Sergio
Get the same price as before. Don’t let them scam you into thinking they have other buyers. Also, I want you to check out the background of the Asian broker who approached us before.

20XX. 08. 14. AM1:09
from: Sergio
to: Javier
The broker talked. It looks like Umbrella was cooking their books. He says that they were overcharging for those samples. But now he’s spouting this nonsense about how we should give him information about our sales but in exchange for the info he gave us.

20XX. 08. 14. AM1:12
from: Javier
to: Sergio
Find out more. I’ll do some research on this side.

20XX. 08. 14. AM:11:24
from: Javier
to: Sergio
I’ve obtained some interesting information. That Asian man, he’s a spy for Umbrella. Get him to trust you, and send him back. Find out where he’s staying, and after you eliminate him, tear the place apart. There could be other spies. I will crush anyone who tries to deceive me without exception.



A frightening vision
has become a reality.

I have lost sense of who I am.

I don’t know what I am or what it is I am becoming.



An expansive compound in a place called Amparo nestled deep in the Jungle. This is only Javier’s private residence, the base of his criminal organization is located elsewhere. Even so, this compound is very well-protected against invasion by guerillas and government forces. Although its standing mercenary garrison is small, numerous B.O.W.s, traps, and the latest defense systems are deployed all around. Rather than “residence”, the term “fortified castle” would be a more appropriate descriptor for the well-guarded compound. There is also a bomb shelter in the basement to which Javier can retreat in an emergency. The compound is also built to withstand such extraordinary situations as floods and biological disasters.



February 24th
That man. He seems to have ties to the Ashford family, but I don’t fully trust him. But I’m interested in the information he has about virus therapy. For Hilda it is now or never.

I believe he called it “T”. Tomorrow I will give it a try.

April 30th
I’m glad to see that Hilda is doing better. Administering the virus evidently has worked. Two months later, she has regained much of her strength. The cancer that was spreading through her body has miraculously disappeared. Now, I only have to wait until she regains consciousness. Hilda, I will make you well again, no matter if have to sacrifice everything.

May 6th
Even for all the good he’s done, I can’t believe that pretentious bastard thinks he can raise price on me. I have found another channel by which to obtain “T”. This one is called “V” and I am told that it is a more perfect virus. I need to find out if that is indeed true. If he thinks he can get away with taking advantage on me, he’s in for a rude awakening. It’s not about the money. No one makes a fool of me.

May 11th
Why? Why doesn’t she regain consciousness? Her body has long since recovered… I don’t understand it. It is due to more than just her will to live. Could it be the side effect of the virus? But if I stop administering it to her, she will become a weak again. I still don’t have any information on “V”. What should I do…?

May 20th
God, I curse you.
Is that what was life is?
Is life just simply being alive?
Oh Hilda… don’t leave me. I can’t lose you!

June 14th
To question the meaning of life is folly. I have the power and the means to fulfill my mission. That mission is to keep her alive. Soon, I will move Hilda to a special facility. I can’t make any more of a public spectacle out of her. Hilda’s life is in my hands. And I must protect her.



A thing born as a byproduct of Manuela’s reanimation. Javier secretly cultivated the Veronica Plant in his mansion’s green house. It is stronger that T-Type B.O.W.s by far, while having a much lower operating cost. By dispersing its spores, it has the power to transform neighboring vegetation into Veronica Plants ass well. The speed at which they can spread is astounding. Presumably, in only 18 hours it could invade 60% of the Amazon. Practically speaking, this extremely dangerous organism could destroy a continent’s entire ecological system within a matter of days. Once it starts to spread its spores, there is practically no effective method of containment. Even Javier considers this… B.O.W. to be his trump card only to be used as a last resort, and keeps it under lock and key.



08:01 10:00
I changed the deposit account. Terminate at Russian routes.

08:07 10:01
I will send a list of the merchandise this month. Two new types of stationary B.O.W.s have been added.

08:14 10:05
I have an answer to the question you asked on the phone. Just as you thought, the Asian woman works for Umbrella. She’s not just a rat that got out. She’s a bat that’s still sucking the blood. If we’re going to use her, we’ll have to do it carefully.

08:21 10:00
I’ve verified the deposit. About the matter of the bat, they are being very cautious. Don’t frighten them too much.



Javier’s own covert viral weapons development and operation program. Javier’s desire to operate his own T-Based B.O.W.s and control the entire Amazonian ecosystem is the backbone of the program. After failing to revive Hilda, Javier became unable to trust outsiders (namely Umbrella). So he decided to have people in his own organization research and verify the usability of his B.O.W’s. (Since he had no high level research facilities, the primitive experimentation on living humans was the main method of date acquisition.) T-type B.O.W.s (mostly zombies) were used as propagators of terror against hostile forces in the areas such as communist insurgents. The United States and other foreign nations of Javier’s readiness and willingness to destroy the environment on a global scale (i.e. ravish the Amazon’s capacity to process CO2), and now seek to keep him in check through brute force intervention and economic sanctions.



September 9, 1998

An American Midwestern city situated in a basin surrounded by mountains with a population of more than 100,000.

September 1998.
Beginning with a string of cannibalistic murders which occurred several months earlier, unrest spread among Raccoon City’s citizens until, one night, violence broke out across the city, crippling the city’s transportation infrastructure. Citizens descended into a state of panic, with all lifelines cut off. Despite rescue efforts on the part of the Raccoon Police and Fire departments, the situation continued to worsen. The city is eventually overrun with hoards of zombies, referred to as “the walking dead”.

This is where the fight began between the Umbrella Corporation, the cause of this nightmare, and Leon begins.

The City Police Department building as originally an art museum and is located in the center of the city. Despite its relatively small size, the Raccoon City Police Department is renowned for its squad of elite officers known as S.T.A.R.S. After the “Arklay Mansion Incident”, Chris Redfield and the few S.T.A.R.S. members who managed to survive began a thorough investigation to try to ge to the bottom of what happened. However, their investigation was hampered by police chief Brian Irons. Chief Irons, facing growing suspicion that he had dubious ties to the Umbrella Corporation, did his best to obscure the results of the investigation. Later, Chris decided to conduct his own investigation into Umbrella and travelled to Europe – to the main branch of the Umbrella Corporation.

September 26
Raccoon City had lost all of its municipal functions and was now overrun with zombies. City police worked furiously to restore order. Hoverer, rave with the unimaginably abnormal circumstances, their efforts proved ineffective and nearly all of them were killed. That day was rookie Leon S. Kennedy’s first day on the job. Because of oversleeping and massive traffic delays, he didn’t make it into the city until after sunset. He then found himself firmly planted into the middle of the chaos. He meets Claire Redfield who came to Raccoon City to find her brother, also a member of the Raccoon City police force. The two of them head towards their shared destination, the Raccoon City Police Department.



The Umbrella Corporation is a major pharmaceutical corporation based in Europe. It has branches in countries all over the world, and is a ubiquitous supplier of an assortment of household medications. From pharmacies to convenience stores, their distribution routes are wide-ranging, and umbrella is a household name.

Raccoon City is home to one of Umbrella’s North American branches. There is a large scale research facility and manufacturing plant there. For all intents and purposes, Raccoon City is basically under sway of Umbrella. Even the media and the city’s central government would find it difficult to stand in opposition to the corporate giant.



With no hope of survival, I write in hopes that someone will be able to use this information. The beasts are everywhere… I can hear them in the darkness as I wait… for release. The Chief is the one responsible. He conspired with the Umbrella Corporation… He knew of their experiments and turned a blind eye… for a price, no doubt. The station and the lower level lab at Umbrella are connected by the sewers. It is through there that they would transport test subjects. I suspect that is how the virus came to spread so quickly through the town.

Relator, Ben Bertolucci Sep. 1998



The powerful virus invented by Umbrella Corporation scientist and genius Dr. William Birkin. It gives the cells of the host to which it is administered magnificent vitality and regeneration capacity. Incomplete exposure will result in the host becoming a “G Organism” which is void of reasoning capacity and self-awareness. A “G Organism” is driven solely by survival instinct.

The Umbrella Corporation hatches a plan to force scientists whose visions for the company are not in line with its own, to form recovery squads and capture Gs. These scientists, however, revolt and administer the G-Virus to themselves and undergo the G-Virus transformation. These scientist-turned-monsters, in their retaliation, nearly destroy the Umbrella Corporation. This dispute would later trigger the beginning of the explosive T-Virus outbreak that would infect all of Raccoon City.



Built deep beneath the surface of Raccoon City, this laboratory was built for doing special clinical trials and developing pharmaceuticals. With its tight quarantine facility, experiments can be performed on various levels of viruses. General Umbrella employees do not even know of this facility’s existence, let alone have opportunity to enter. This is where the physical containment level P4 laboratories are. Many high-level viruses capable of posing a biohazard threat are handled here.

To enter this area, it is necessary to pass through 3 to 4 layers of additional security. But, as the people who work here use these viruses for their experiments on a daily basis, they have gradually become desensitized to the dangers that surround them.



To Leon S. Kennedy

Congratulations on your assignment to the Raccoon City Police Department. We all look forward to having you as part of our team and promise to take good care of you. Welcome aboard!

From all the guys at the R.P.D.



To the citizens of Raccoon City. This is an important bulletin from the Raccoon City Police Department. Incidents of riots and looting are being reported around the city at an increased rate. We are doing all we can to restore order, but we recommend that citizens evacuate the area immediately to ensure their safety. Please follow all orders and above all, remain calm.

Raccoon City Police Department
Deputy Chief Raymond Douglas



Pictured in front of the Arukas tailor. Mutated into a Zombie within two hours.

Subject repeatedly complained about severe agitation of the epidermis in addition to feelings of nausea.

Picture by Ben Bertolucci



-Operation Report-

September 26th
The Raccoon City Police Department was unexpectedly attacked by zombies. Many have been injured. Even more have been killed. During the attack our communication equipment was destroyed and contact outside of the city was lost. Those of us that remain have decided to enact our own contingency plan with the intent of rescuing any possible survivors as well as preventing this disaster from spreading beyond Raccoon City.

September 27th
1:00 P.M. The west barricade has been breached and another exchange ensued. We sheltered the injured in the confiscation room on the first floor temporarily.

Twelve more people were injured in battle.

Reporter David Ford

-Additional Report-
However, its most distinguishing characteristic is its lance like tongue which is capable of piercing even a police tactical vest. Their numbers as well as their location remain unknown.
We have tentatively named this creature the “licker” and are currently in the process of developing countermeasures to deal with this new threat.



September 20th – 9:30pm
Reporter Sgt. Neil Carlson

We received a report of a suspicious individual skulking around the sewers on the outskirts of Raccoon City. I searched the area and located the individual, but he ran away before I had a chance to question him. I recovered the following items:
* A small amount of C4 plastic explosives.
*An electronic detonator.
*9×19 parabellum rounds.
*Infrared scope (broken)

End of report.



This police station was originally used as an art museum. It closed in the late ‘80s and was bought cheaply by the RPD for use as a station because of its central location and ample parking space. Chief Irons himself said to have been the mediator of the deal. The air conditioning ducts used during the buildings time as a museum were no longer used after the renovation, but they are still intact. This might provide a way out. Of course, if we trust S.T.A.R.S. – no, forget it. There’s no use grumbling. Anyway, there might be some chance of getting out with their help. Maybe I’ll check it out. I certainly don’t want to stay here and die.



June 23rd
It’s been a while, but I saw Don today and we chatted for a while after work. He told me he hadn’t been feeling well recently. Guess he caught something pretty nasty. Not really surprising given how long he’s been working here and what we work with. He was sweating pretty badly and kept scratching all over. I asked if he was alright, but he didn’t answer me.

July 7th
Chief Irons has been visiting the lab quit often lately. I don’t know what he’s doing over there but he sure doesn’t look happy, whatever it is. He looks even more pissed off than usual, and that’s saying something… My guess is that it’s because of Dr. Birkin’s impossible requests. The chief has my sympathies… After all he’s done for the town, he doesn’t deserve this.

July 21st
Not much going on lately. Haven’t seen Don for weeks. I wonder how he’s doing . Home the guy’s alright.



-Operation Report-

September 26th – 2:30 A.M.
Zombies overran the operation room and we lost four more people, including David. We’re down to four people now, including myself. We failed to secure the weapons cache and any hope of escape continues to diminish. We can’t last much longer like this… We all agreed to take our chances and will try to escape through the sewers. There’s an underground path leading from the precinct to the sewage disposal plant. We should be able to access the sewers through there. The big problem here is that there is no guarantee the sewage disposal plant will be any safer. We know we’re taking a big risk but anything is better than simply waiting here to die. I just hope that his report will be helpful to whoever may find it. I wish there was more I could offer but if you are reading this, you already know how grim this situation is.

Recorder: Elliot Edward


(*Faxed to the S.T.A.R.S. office on September 29th)

Mr. Chris Redfield
– Raccoon City Police Dept –
S.T.A.R.S. Division

As per your request, we have conducted our internal investigation and discovered the following information.

1) Regarding the G-Virus currently under development by Umbrella Inc. So far it is unconfirmed that the G-Virus even exists. We’re continuing with out investigation into this matter.

2) Regarding Mr. Brian Irons, Chief of the Raccoon Police Dept. Mr. Irons has apparently received several large sums of money from Umbrella Inc. over the last five years. From what we were able to discover, it appears Mr. Irons was directly involved in the Arklay mansion incident along with several other incidents in which Umbrella appears to have direct involvement. To what extent he was involved in these affairs, we have not fully been able to ascertain at this point. We advise using extreme caution when dealing with this individual.

Section Chief – Internal Investigation –
United States Federal police Department

Jack Hamilton



August 6th
I tried to talk to the chief again today, but he just shrugged me off. I know for certain that Umbrella conducted T-Virus research in that mansion. But the entire facility went up in the explosion, along with any incriminating evidence. Since Umbrella employs so many people in town, no one is willing to talk about the incident. It looks like I’m running out of options.

August 17th
We’ve been receiving a lot of local reports about strange creatures being spotted throughout the city. Looks like Umbrella is still at it.

August 24th
With Jill and Barry’s help, I finally obtained the information I needed. We discovered that Umbrella has begun research on a new variant of the T-Virus which they call the “G-Virus”. The three of us talked it over , and agreed that the only way to end this for good , was to take matters into our own hands. We’re going to pay a little visit to Umbrella Headquarters located in Europe. I can’t tell Claire about what I’m planning. If I told her, she’d just worry and probably want to come with us. I can’t take that chance.

I’m sure she’d understand.



-User List of the Connecting Facility-

On the first and third Wednesday of the month, Angelica Margaret, chief of maintenance, will make use of the facilities. Be sure to reduce the moisture levels in the facility by activating the fan, as the equipment she will be using is susceptible to the effects of water vapors.

On the 28th of every month, the chemical transporter Don Weller will be using the facility. The chemicals he will be transporting are extremely volatile. Extreme caution should be observed throughout their transport.

On the 6th and 16th of every month, police chief Brian Irons will visit the facility to attend the regular meetings that take place in the lab.

On the 4th Friday of every other month, William Birkin will use the facility to conduct a training seminar for the Chicago branch of Umbrella Inc. As the probability of an attack upon William Birkin will be high, we must take every measure conceivable to protect his safety.

You will be informed of all other potential visitors and times they will arrive as needed. Guide these individuals to their destinations safely. We expect nothing but the best for you.

Secretary Chief Umbrella Headquarters
Charles Coleman



August 16th
Chief Irons came in late today, looking grimmer than his usual self. I tried to joke with the bastard to cheer him up but apparently he wasn’t amused. SOB pulled a gun on me and threatened to shoot me! Luckily I was able to calm him down, but seriously, wtf?
Dude obviously has some SERIOUS anger management issues. What happened to “protect and serve”! He pulls that shit on me again and the next person he can scowl at will be my lawyer.

August 21st
William informed me that the police and media have begun an investigation on Umbrella’s affairs. He said that the investigation will be citywide and that there is a possibility they’ll even search through the sewers. He asked me to suspend all Umbrella sewer facility operations until the investigation has concluded. The sewers will still be used for passage, but he stressed that I have to be extremely cautious and that I’d lose my job if anyone finds out about what’s going on down here.



-Security Measures in Case of an Emergency-

In the event of an uncontainable biohazard outbreak, all security measures will be directed toward the underground transport facility. If any abnormalities are detected in the cargo transit, all materials will automatically be transported from the loading zone to the designated contamination transport train. At that point, all materials will be isolated and disposed of immediately.

In the instance of a Class t emergency, the entire train will be purged and disposed of. In the event that the lab itself becomes contaminated, the northern most route currently used to transport materials to and from the facility will be designated as an emergency escape route. This route will secure passage to the relay point outside the city limits. Disclosure about any information regarding research conducted here, or the existence of this facility is strictly prohibited. Since it is top priority to keep all research classified, escape access may be denied under certain extenuating circumstances.




Any subjects infected by the G-Virus will attempted to reproduce through the impregnation of an embryo into another living host not already infected with the G-Virus. Unless rejected by the hose, the embryo will undertake a process of gradual cellular invasion, infecting the host’s cells on a molecular level as it rewrites their DNA. Once the metamorphosis is complete, the newly infected hose will be capable of continuing this cycle of self-replication.

The duration of time for the process to run its course will vary from subject to subject. In the early stages of cellular invasion, it is possible to halt progression of the metamorphosis through the administration of the G-Vaccine antigen. The following procedure details its synthesis. The vaccine creation requires the base vaccine. As the synthesis of DEVIL is an extremely delicate process, the quality can vary with even the slightest alterations in environment and temperature. Careful handling is required for proper results.



A private island base located somewhere south of the equator owned by the Umbrella Corporation Operating as a paramilitary training facility by the corporation. Rockfort is administered by Alfred Ashford, the present head of the noble Ashford family. On the island, there is also a prison camp and an airport. The prison camp especially represents an especially dark side of Umbrella. Potential industrial saboteurs and traitors to Umbrella are captured and sent there to be used as human guinea pigs in biological experiments. Once inside, prisoners are held there indefinitely.



Established as one of the world’s few noble dynasties by its beautiful and very well-educated matriarch, Veronica Ashford, the Ashford dynasty has been passed down a line of direct descendants generation after generation. 5th generation family head Edward Ashford co-founded the pharmaceutical corporation umbrella with another noble family, the Spencer family. Though only a mere shadow of its former glory, the young Lord Alfred Ashford, while acting as commander of the remote island of Rockfort, was eagerly laying a scheme to restore the Ashford dynasty to what it once was before his father disgraced it.



Matriarch and first lady of the Ashford family. Known for her remarkable combination of intellect and beauty. At a very young age she demonstrated extraordinary aptitude in every subject. She was especially well-versed in mathematic, biology, and linguistics. By the age of 10, she already had a postgraduate education, and wad fluent in 10 languages. With her good looks and captivating manner of speaking, she would charm everyone she came into contact with. As a result, she naturally won over faithful servants. The legend of her charm has been handed down to posterity. She is still praised and revered by her descendants to this day.



The 6th head of the Ashford family. His father Edward confounded Umbrella and raised the Ashford name to its summit of fame. His son, Alexander, in his mediocrity was unable to take the reins of power in any meaningful way, and in only one generation, ruined the family name. He was such a disgrace that even his own children saw him with contempt. Alexander, who admitted to not having the aptitude for viral research, nor the qualifications to build upon the achievements f his father, pushed forward with a plan to sue what generic engineering he did learn to restore the family name. The construction of the Antarctic Base was part of that plan. Sometime around1983, Alexander disappeared suddenly and mysteriously. But the hope of Umbrella had already been placed on Alexia, a brainy young girl who was beginning to demonstrate unusual talents, and whom umbrella had named its chief researcher just a few years earlier.



A potent weapon capable of firing gasified energy projectiles at a very high rate of velocity. It boasts overwhelming destructive power against organic life forms. Alexander developed it in secret, out of his concern for the unlikely event that Alexia would go out of control. The energy projectile, usable for a fixed interval of time, is produced by a special internal battery. Given its extremely high-cost catalyst and construction materials which necessitate complex yet delicate maintenance and increasing operational cost, the technological conversion to mass produce it would be difficult.



A virus created by genius scientist Alexia Ashford. To prevent a dispersion accident, the extreme climate of the Antarctic base was chosen to culture the virus. She used queen ant DNA which possessed “the power to uniformly control all other organisms with absolute dominion” traits she hoped the virus would inherit. In order for it to coexist with its host and leave the host’s conscious mind intact, there would need to be a long low-temperature incubation period (at least 15 years). Alexia put herself into a cryogenic sleep in an attempt to achieve complete coexistence with the virus. Its astounding reproductive dispersion capability allows it to replicate itself indefinitely, destroying already existing ecosystems.



A message carved by Wesker himself.

It reads I won this game.



May 13th
Man this room stinks! From what I can figure, I think that I’m somewhere south of the equator. Luckily for me the guy in the bunk below me, Bob, is a pretty interesting guy to talk to. If Iv’e got to be locked up, at least I’ve got someone to talk to.

May 16th
Today Bob told me why he was thrown in here in the first place. He said he used to be an attendant for some guy that runs this place. Some dude named Alfred. Bob said he made a little mistake and it pissed this Alfred guy off, so he had Bob thrown in here. What does that mean anyway? And what is going to happen to me?

May 20th
Without warning a group of military men took Bob to the building behind the guillotine stand. At midnight, I’ll try to sneak out and see what is going on. I’ve been hearing that everyone taken to that building never comes back. On top of that, there are these really large plastic bags being taken out of that place almost daily. Not sure what that means, but I’m worried about Bob.

May 21st
I messed up.
I should never have gone there.
I’m still not sure what is going on in there, but last night I heard what I think was Bob screaming.
I don’t know what to do.
I can’t stop thinking about it…
What are they going to do to me!?
I gotta get out of here.

May 27th
Since my last entry, all of my fellow inmates have been taken to that building! I know I’m next. It’s obvious that this Alfred guy is doing something to everyone that was in here. Using them in some kind of sick experiments or something. I don’t even want to think of what it could be. What am I going to do?



Sir Alfred,

Congratulations on your succession at master of the Ashford family. I hereby present you with an earthenware vase, according to the Ashford family tradition. As you may know, this tradition first began when a butler presented a golden teacup as a commemorative gift to Miss Veronica. As founder of the Ashford family, her intelligence and beauty are legendary.

The second and third masters, Stanley and his son Thomas were also presented with similar teacups. It was their hope to achieve the glory Miss Veronica did before them. The position of family master then shifted from Sir Thomas to his twin brother Sir Arthur. It then went to Sir Edward, your grandfather. That was when the Ashford family enjoyed its it was also Sir Edward’s achievement that established the large chemical enterprise, Umbrella Inc. However, when Sir Edward passed away, and your father Sir Alexander succeeded to the position, the glorious Ashford family gradually began to sink…

I sincerely hope that the Ashford family regains its deserved glory with your guidance, just as this vase continues to shine eternally.

Ashford Family Butler,
Schott Harman



Alexia, my sister, is a genius and possessed unmatched beauty. She is everything to me, I would over come any obstacle and be willing to risk my life for her. For Alexia, I must revive the glorious Ashford Family name which fell during the era of my father, Alexander. Together, we will restore or family’s name. Once that has been achieved, I’ll build a palace where only nobles may gather. I cannot allow the unwashed to see my dear Alexia, to whom my life is devoted. She reigns over the world as queen, with I as her servant. That is my dream, and how sweet it will be in its fulfillment. Those accomplishments will be proof of my love toward Alexia. It is the purpose of my existence. All other people are meaningless, and they shall prostrate themselves before Alexia an me.

Devoted to my beloved Alexia,
Alfred Ashford



Four years have passed since I began serving Ser Alfred. He doesn’t trust anyone. Even through I am his attendant, I am still strictly prohibited from entering his private house. Rumor is, he lives with his twin sister, Alexia, in his private house on the hill. Occasionally, I’ve seen someone standing by the window of the house. It might have been Alexia, whose extreme beauty is often talked about. I once asked Sir Alfred about this but it only angered him. Even though I am his attendant, he shows me zero leniency. I got the feeling that if I ask about Alexis again, t might be the last thing I ever say. I don’t understand why he tries to keep his life such a mystery, but hey, why am I to question the one that pays me?

Robert Dorson



Dear son, The T-Virus will soon destroy everything. Son, I was in *illegible* know how dreadful the virus is. Once the virus infects a certain percentage of the island, it cannot be reversed or stopped. Remember that once it enters into the body *illegible* virus controls it, and comes out to spread the virus *illegible* number will explode. I can’t ask you to forgive me, As you know, your mother was killed because of me. I won’t deny *illegible* Just know that I am sorry for what I have done. I still don’t understand what happened and why things went the way they did. I think you know better than to come back here. But if you are reading this, it means that you are still here. You must leave as soon as possible! This place will be wiped *illegible* I’ll be dead by then.

I love you and I am sorry.



Attn. Mr. Alfred Ashford,
Today at 16:32, I arrived successfully from the Umbrella transport base with the large-scale B.O.W. capsule. Extreme care was taken during transport, and all 106 checkpoints were confirmed condition “green” in accordance with standard procedures. The capsule is currently being stored at sub-zero temperatures as per request. There is one area, however, that we would like to bring to your attention regarding this matter. As you know, our unit is normally assigned to special missions. So it raises the question as to why such a highly trained unit was assigned to protect what appears to be a standard capsule? The capsule is currently being stored at sub-zero temperatures as per request. There is one area, however, that we would like to bring to your attention regarding this matter. As you know, our unit is normally assigned to special missions. So it raises the question as to why such a highly trained unit was assigned to protect what appears to be a standard capsule? I do not need to be reminded of protocol regarding classified information. My concerns are for the safety of my unit. Without knowledge of the contents our safety could be at risk during such a transport. This is especially important if the contents are potentially harmful. We request that you provide us with more information, should we be assigned to similar missions in the future.

Umbrella Special Forces Unit – HUNK



The underground passage, which leads to the mansion where Alexia and I live, ahs been badly damaged. Although I can never allow the unwashed to see Alexis, I cannot continue using the underground waterway either. Perhaps I’ll have those prisoners build a bridge, it must be a gorgeous bridge befitting of the perfection that is Alexia. Of course, I must dispose of everyone involved in the construction of the bridge after it is complete, so that no one will know of the existence of our mansion. I have made the entrance of the water way such that no one but I can enter.



A 10 year old girl genius graduated at the top of her class from a prestigious university. The international corporation, Umbrella, offered her the position of head researcher.



Sir Alfred,
Please forgive me, as I must inform you of my abrupt departure by leaving this letter. I first served your father, Lord Alexander, and have long shared in the joys and the deep sorrows of the Ashford family. As you well know, Lord Alexander disappeared unexpectedly 15 years ago, and then an accident during an experiment took the life of your dear Alexia. You were forced to become the master of the family at a very young age, and I know the strain was too much to beat. Losing all of one’s family at such a young age would break even the most stalwart of people. I wanted to help you, to do something to ease your pain, but I felt powerless. I’m ashamed to admit it, but at one point I even contempt suicide. But that would have only been the act of a coward. I could not allow myself to disgrace the memory of Lord Alexander and our sweet Alexia. I wish I could have told you all this in person, but I’m afraid that my courage and fortitude is not what it once was. I hope you can forgive me.

Scott Harman
Butler, Ashford family



October 30th
When I joined Umbrella Inc., I thought that I hit the jackpot. I mean being employed by this huge global corporation, what else could a guy ask for?
Pfft! Some jackpot!
They ended making me driver in this godforsaken place. I asked for a position change, but they ignored me. It feels like I’m doing time! The work is extremely demanding, and there’s nothing fun about it. This sucks!

November 3rd
Wonderful! My hard earned vacation was canceled. I heard they failed to secure enough manpower due to a mistake made by the facility head. Alfted. What the hell!? So I can’t take a vacation because he’s a moron? You know, I might actually be more forgiving if the bastard actually treated us like human beings, but the guy’s a grade A dick!

November 5th
I heard a weird story from a guy who’s been working here for 6 years. He was telling me about some guy that supposedly had been locked in the basement or something for over 10 years. He said people here call him “Nosferatu” (whatever that means) and that everyone is afraid of him. Sounds like a ghost story if you ask me. I think the guy must have sniffed a but to much glue as a kid or something.

November 10th
At midnight I woke up to a strange growling sound that seemed to be coming from deep under ground. I can’t believe I’m letting that guy’s story get to me like this. Then again, I suppose anyone would have a hard time keeping their sanity being stuck in a place like this!



January 30th
There’s a sealed room in the hallway located inside the main facility. I don’t know what is in there, but I know hot to get in. I can use the three jewels that each one of our three members wear as proof of being legitimate descendents of the Ashford family. The only problem is, I do not know how I can gain possession of my father’s proof.

February 17th
I finally succeeded in entering that sealed room. I never could have imagined that such a contemptible secret existed regarding the birth of both Alexia and myself… I hate my father… That fool, Alexander… Now it is obvious that we were merely created in an attempt to cover my father’s failure. I can never trust him again. I must regain the glory of the Ashford family with my sister.. I have nothing to be afraid of, as long as Alexia is with me.

March 3rd
Alexia carried out the experiment on the human body that we’ve been talking about. Our useless father should be happy now, since he can finally contribute to the Ashford family. The only thing we should be careful about is that butler, Harman, does not become aware to our activities.

April 22nd
The experiment resulted in failure. Our father was even more useless than we originally thought. Even worse, he turned into a dangerous creature that is completely out of control. We tied him down and locked him up in an underground prison cell. Not all was lost though, as Alexia seems to be close to a solution. Much to my dismay, she said that she wished to conduct the experiment on herself. In order to accomplish the experiment, she stated that she must be kept asleep for 15 years. Thanks to that idiot, I can’t see my dear Alexis for 5 years. Alexia is going to sleep, with all of her trust relying upon me. I am the only one who can protect her now.



My father, Edward, discovered the progenitor virus in cooperation with Lord Spencer, who is also of noble blood. They studied it for the purpose of military use. Eventually their research took shape. They named a variation of the progenitor virus, the “T-Virus” To camouflage their research, they established the Umbrella Corporation. I majored in biogenetics and have been involved with a top-secret project, supporting my father’s research. However, my research went through a difficult phase, and my father died in the middle of the project. We are now at a major disadvantage against the other researchers, as thee is great competition in the field of T-Virus research. I have disgraced the honorable name of the Ashford family that our great ancestor Veronica established. If nothing is done, Umbrella will be taken over my Spencer. I must expedite the project to its fullest, without being detected by Spencer. After much thought, I decided to establish a large-scale advance research facility. It will be located in the transport terminal that I created inside the abandoned min in the Antarctic. Within the facility, I’ll have a room built. It will be similar to the design of my mansion, the legacy of the late George Trevor. I will be able to cherish any sweet memories there… For security purposes, this confidential project will be given a code name. It is the same name of the beautiful ancestor of the Ashford family. “Veronica” whom I wish to revive. I am confident that the result of my research will be as glorious as her name, and that honor will be restored to the Ashford family again.



After discovering the remains of an ancient virus within the genes of a queen ant. I have been concentrating on the research of ants. The ecosystem of the ants seems truly ideal to me. There is one queen ant in each anthill, and the soldier and worker ants are the queen’s slaves. They dedicate their lives to the queen. The death of the queen ant means the death of the entire anthill. However, the soldier and worker ants can be easily replaced as long as the queen ant is alive. I find this relationship very similar to the relationship between myself and the ignorant masses. I have succeeded in creating the ideal virus by implanting the queen ant’s genes into the mother virus that Spencer found. I used my otherwise useless father as a test subject. However, as I expected, the virus caused a rapid change in his cells, triggering the complete destruction of his brain cells and a large portion of his external flesh. Furthermore, a special type of poison gas was generated inside his body, that the blue herb had no effect against. Because of this, I created an antidote in case of an emergency, and stored it inside of the weapon chemical warehouse on the B2 floor. I have decided to name this virus with unimaginable potential the “T-Veronica” virus. When I find out how I can fully utilize the power of this wonderful virus, my research will finally be complete.

Alexia Ashford



Work continues on the “T-Veronica” virus, which I extracted from the queen ant. The more research I conduct on it, the more I am impressed by how much potential it has. I have finally implanted the virus into my own body, and discovered how to fully utilize its power. I will avoid making the mistake that I made on my father. I will suppress the activity of the virus at an ultra slow temperature, so that my cells will transform slowly. My calculations indicate that it will take 16 years before my body will gain immunity and become able to coexist with the virus. Until then, I have no choice but to trust the capsule that I will be in, to that inept but loyal soldier ant who is my brother. For me to obtain unlimited power, some risks need to be taken. When I awaken, I will be the queen. And the “T-Veronica” virus will be unleashed upon the entire world by my children. Every last creature on earth will exist to serve me. At that time, the world will achieve the perfect eco system, just like an anthill, but on a much grander scale.

Alexia Ashford



After many long years of research, I finally identified the inheritance element that determined the intelligence of man. I even succeeded in manipulating the absolute value of intelligence artificially, by recomposing the base alignment of the element, I then sampled the gene of our great ancestor, manipulated its element, then implanted it into the unfertilized egg of a surrogate mother. What I didn’t expect was that twins, a boy and a girl, would be born. The boy had higher intelligence than normal, but not high enough fro him to be considered a genius. However, the girl had unmatched intelligence that easily allowed her to be classified as a genius. She was exactly what I had been looking for, the revival of our great ancestor. I have already found suitable names for each of them, the girl shall be Alexia, and the boy, Alfred. I’m certain that Alexia will elevate the name of the Ashford family to extreme glory.

Alexander Ashford

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