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Well, it’s finally out. And what a post-Resident Evil game period it’s been. We all thought Survivor, Outbreak tore the fan base in half – but no more than this game. Its quality is undisputed. Disappointments the main fans may have with the game, it’s nonetheless simply a stunningly well made game.

I think the storyline is where most people level the problems, other the actual meaning of what survival horror is, but more than that it’s clear it has been an absolute success. The game has received rave reviews all over the internet. Sadly though, the sales haven’t been as impressive as Capcom though, with the Japanese release not selling anywhere near as much as Capcom had hoped…

You can perhaps level this at the poor timing of the announcement of the PS2 release, which has had Nintendo no doubt turning in hatred toward Capcom. Had no-one known of the PS2 release prior to release, it may of convinced PS2 owners to part with the cash for the Gamecube. With the knowledge it’s coming to the PS2, they held on and simply have to wait longer. A shame…

Still, the game is out now. After the 5+ years of waiting, it’s been a disappointment, it’s been an improvement, and it’s been controversial. But on top of it all, and perhaps what Capcom wanted out of us at the expense of the story, it’s been recognized as a damn good game.

In Fall 2005 the PS2 version of Resident Evil 4 was released in all territories. It contained some notable extras like a whole new scenario about Ada’s mission that adds about 5 more hours of gameplay. Also new weapons have been added and some extra costumes. The PS2 version was ported pretty well and should be a mega seller aswell. Money rules the world.

After the PS 2 port, SourceNext developed a port of RE 4 for PC. This port mantained all the extras of the PS2 port, including other like an Easy difficulty, that enabled a shotgun since the beggining, widescreen resolutions and a second set of unlockable costumes for Leon and Ashley. The ratings were poor because of the lack of mouse support and frustating keyboard controls (which was latter fixed by an unnoficiail patch), and also the lack of high quality FMVs and inferior graphics from it’s console counterpart (fixed with the official v1.10 patch). Though, the PC version had good reviews from 7.5 to 8.

Short time after the PC release, a Wii edition was released. This version had all the extras from the PS2 version with NGC graphics, has a new control scheme that allowed aiming with the Wiimote via a reticle on-screen and knifing with Wiimote motion, and also retained the past control scheme by allowing the game to be played with laser sight with a NGC or Classic Controller. Many sites reviewed this version as the best of all, giving it ratings of 9.5 to perfect 10, and some complained about the lack of more exclusives.

Since then, RE 4 has also been ported to iPhone OS, Celphones and the brasilian console Zeebo.

Release Dates RE4 Original: Jan 11th 2005 (USA), Jan 27th 2005 (JPN), Mar 18 th 2005 (PAL)

Release Dates RE4 PS2: October 25th 2005 (USA), November 4th 2005 (PAL), December 1st 2005 (JPN)

Release Dates RE4 PC: May 15th 2007 (USA), June 7th 2007 (JPN), March 2nd 2007 (PAL)

Release Dates RE4 Wii Edition: June 19th 2007 (USA), June 29th 2007 (PAL), July 5th 2007 (JPN)

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