Resident Evil 3 Weapons

Combat Knife
Only use this as a backup. Don’t use it unless you have no other choice, as it will soon render you dead.
A Special Forces Combat Knife/Dagger, such as this one, can be very dangerous in the hands of a trained professional. It has a pointed edge, which accommodates a trusting maneuver.
It contains a 420 Stainless steel blade. These are more prominently know in the United Kingdom, as they are a S.A.S./ British Special Forces Dagger.
Caliber: None | Magazine Capacity: None
Beretta M92FS, Samurai Edge Kendo Custom
Concluding that it is a handgun, you probably wouldn’t want to use it for anything more than the occasional Crow, Zombie or Cerberus. Anything other enemy you use it on could get you killed.
The Beretta M92FS is probably one of the most known handguns of the 20th and 21st Century.
It is known for its reliability. First tested by the Military under the name of XM9, is was then adopted by the military to become its official sidearm.
The weapon features a rather large magazine capacity with a fair amount of knockdown power. This is Kendo’s most prominent handgun., as it is his best custom handgun. Featuring a full stainless steel barrel and Tri-jicon night sights, and a Beretta Elite Slide. This is the best combat handgun that is non-military. It is special issued only to that of S.T.A.R.S. officers.
Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum/ Luger | Magazine Capacity: 15+1 round -s-
Benelli M3 Super 90 Shorty
If I was playing in a situation such as this, I would use it on easy to moderate enemies.
The M3 is a updated version of the M1 Super 90. I can go pump, or automatic, depending on the operators choice. It is inertia recoiled, much like the M1 Super 90. Like all shotguns, its tubular magazine is underneath the barrel.
The M3 is a very versatile weapon, which offer numerous options for the operator ( Different barrel lengths and stock options.) It can be upgraded with any sighting system. This weapon also led to the development of the M1014, or M4 Super 90. In short, the M3 is a very reliable shotgun, and is very popular with police and civilians alike.
Caliber: 12 Gauge | Magazine Capacity: 8+1 round -s-
Penn Arms L-1, 37mm Grenade Launcher
Concluding that it can fire several different types of ammunition. It would be wise to use only on moderate enemies, and in desperate situations, use on the Nemesis.
The L-1 features a Composite Grip and Stock. It has two options, either smooth bore, or rifled barrel. Considering the Launcher, it is rifled, considering it has a updated sighting system.
It is perfect of Less-than-lethal situations, but can be loaded with live ammunition. This is a unique model, as it has M37 sights. It can be cambered with either 6, or 8 inch shells.
Caliber: 37mm | Magazine Capacity: 1 round -s-
Colt/ FN M4A1 Assault Carbine
Use on Easy to Moderate enemies, and large crowds of Zombies.
This is probably the most widely known assault rifle in the world today. It is the carbine version of the M-16A2 assault rifle. Believe it or not, it has over 70% changeability with the M-16A2.
This version, is a SOCOM (Special Operations COMmand) version. It features a threaded barrel. Tactical R.I.S., Forward Handgrip. M3 Tactical Illuminator, Aimpoint M-2 Red Dot Scope, and a Knights Flip down Rear Sight. This weapon is as good, as good can get in a tactical situation. Despite what some may hear, there are only two fire modes, single shot, and fully automatic.
Caliber: Colt/ FN M4A1 Assault Carbine | Magazine Capacity: 30+1 round -s-
Smith & Wesson M629
This is the most powerful handgun within the game. Use it to your advantage and kill the Nemesis.
The M629, is the Upgrade version of the M29. It features a heavy, distinct barrel. There are two options, a “Blued” version, or a Stainless Steel version. The history of this weapon dates back to the first “N” frame revolver from S&W.
All M29, and 629’s have adjustable sights.
Caliber: .357 S&W | Magazine Capacity: 6 round -s-
M202A1 Anti-Armor Rocket Launcher
Any, and all enemies. This is the weapon to have. It is powerful to eliminate any enemy with a single rocket.
It designed and Developed by a Military Company for the United States. Introduced in the early to mid 70’s as a Anti-Armor weapon, it soon proved its worthiness in the Vietnam conflict. As time progressed, it soon became obsolete and was replaced by better Anti-Armor models.
The rocket system is very unique. It has 4 surface thickness indicating rocket, which allow it to detonate on impact, or push furthers on more hardened targets. The 40mm Rocket will leave crippling, and devastating trail wherever it is fire. Altogether, the M66(M202A1) Rocket System is a force to be reckoned with by anyone’s standards.
Caliber: 40mm Rockets | Magazine Capacity: 4 Self Detonating rocket -s-
Sig Sauer Pro
Equivalent to that of the M9 Samurai Edge.
Developed from a combined effort of two Gun manufactures in Europe as a service pistol. Now it is used by the DEA, and numerous law enforcement agencies throughout the world. The newer version will replace the now aging M9 in some law agencies.
It is recoil operated. It has polymer frame with a detachable grip for the operator. It has fixed sights that are dovetailed, and special version are equipped with a accessory rail for mounting lasers and a threaded barrel for silencers.
Caliber: 9×19 Parabellum | Magazine Capacity: 15 round -s-
ST Eagle 5.0
Equivalent to that of the M9 Samurai Edge. Scoped version is good for more moderate enemies.
For one, this is a target shooting gun, which requires accuracy. It packs a punch right out of its box.
it is a custom M1991A1 frame, with adjustable sights. There numerous possibilities for the shooter to upgrade to.
The scoped version is much more accurate on sustained fire. Most shooters prefer a Red Dot scope due to their reliability and accuracy.
Caliber: 9×19 Parabellum | Magazine Capacity: Various round -s-
Winchester M1887 Lever Action Shotgun
Use on moderate to harder enemies.
This is the first lever action shotgun, and the most sought after. Made famous by Terminator 2, this weapon is very noticeable. Developed as a quick solution for ranchers and cowboys in the west as a replacement for the longer carbines, this reloads quicker and carries more of a punch.
It is a sawed-off version, which is much lighter and easier to conceal. The bad thing is that it does not have any sights. It loads from the back, which is very quick.
Caliber:10, 12 Gauge | Magazine Capacity: 6+1 round -s-
Umbrella Corp Mine Thrower
Use on Moderate to Harder Enemies, but use wisely as ammo is close to none.
Developed for Umbrella for B.O.W. control, it soon became a must for U.B.C.S. Its build up is based completely off of the ARWEN Grenade Launcher on a SLR-8 polymer frame.
It has a revolving cylinder which can be removed, and a new fresh one can be inserted much like a revolving handgun. It is a somewhat odd weapon, but perfect to have in a urban tactical situation if you don’t want to get into to much heat.
Caliber: 37mm mine | Magazine Capacity: 6 round -s-
General Electric M-134 Vulcan Mini-Gun
No enemy can withstand to firepower of the Vulcan M-134 Mini Gun. Use on any and all enemies.
Developed for use in Helicopter gun-ships and Jet aircraft. This weapon became widely popular. Developed for the military by General Electric, this single weapon has a devastating 2000-3000 Round Per Minute. It is rather heavy and the recoil is tremendous. You can acquire a weapon like this if you are a CLASS-VI weapons dealer, and have BATF and FBI green lights, as it is a destructive devise.
Caliber: 7.62mm NATO | Magazine Capacity: Unlimited

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