Resident Evil 2 Weapons

Combat Knife

Only use this as a backup. Don’t use it unless you have no other choice, as it will soon render you dead.
The PVT Combat Knife is issued to special forces units. It’s serrated edge makes it practical for other uses as well as attack. For the most part it has little affect on any of the BOWs except zombies. You should only use this when there is no other alternative.
Caliber: None | Magazine Capacity: None

Heckler & Koch VP-70M

Your best bet is to use this weapon on enemies such as: Cockroaches, Crows, Zombies, Cerberus and Lickers -to a certain degree-. Also, to conserve Ammunition, use the Tri Burst mode only when necessary.
This handgun was the first weapon to employ the Polymer Frame.

Developed by Heckler & Koch Germany during the late 60’s, it soon became a standard issue Police Agencies throughout Europe. Then once America heard news of this weapon, they soon wanted to test it in through select Police Departments throughout America. But soon afterwards, most Police Departments soon disregarded the VP-70 for more favorable units. The Police Version as well as the Military version of this handgun had 2 prominent features. A large magazine capacity which held 18+1 rounds; also attachment the when applied to the handgun, allowed for Semi- Automatic Fire, as well as a 3 Round Burst mode of fire. In short, this handgun was very advanced for its day in age. It is a double action only pistol. It had a fair amount of recoil, and accuracy was slightly off do to the rather long Trigger pull.

Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum/ Luger | Magazine Capacity: 18+1 round -s-

Browning Hi-Power

Much like the VP-70, but avoid the Lickers with this weapon unless you have to, as its lower mag capacity will render you useless in close quarters.

The history on this weapon dates back to its original creator, John Browning. But after his death, his patents were bought by FN Browning of Belgium. It was mainly used by Axis powers during World War II.

But then after the war, was picked up by both Military an Law Enforcement by both Europe and America.

It was the first military weapon to feature a staggered column, hi-cap magazine. Most HP’s are chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, but some law enforcement models as well as military model feature a .40 S&W round and 7.65mm Round. Some variants of this model feature a removable sight. A good weapon to anyone as it definitely stood the test of time.

Caliber: 9×19 Parabellum | Magazine Capacity: 13+1 round -s-

Remington Model 1100P and Combat Model

Recommendation for large groups of zombies, and Cerberus. Also, deploy its upgraded firepower on Lickers, Spiders, Moth -s-, Ivys and the Young G-type.
Announced in 1968, this replaced most, if not all of Remington’s previous autoloaders. Developed using most of the parts from a Model 870, it only differed in that it was gas operated. It soon became popular with hunters, law enforcement and with military organizations. It was very versatile and had reliable firepower. It could be modified to fit the needs of the operator.

It is a gas operated, auto-loading shotgun, which has a tubular magazine -which can be modified- underneath the barrel. It can be modified using certain parts from a 870 shotgun. It also features an array of sights as well as stock options.

Caliber: 12 Gauge | Magazine Capacity: 4+1 round -s- for Personal Model, 6+1 (7+1 Upgraded) round -s- for Combat

Magnum Research. Desert Eagle .50 Action Express

All enemies, due to the knockdown power of this weapon, you can virtually take on any enemy, even without the additional 10in barrel. But use it wisely as ammunition for this magnum is very scarce.

Developed in the late 70’s early 80’s, this weapon has become one of the most prominent magnums in the world. Mainly used by Israeli Special Forces, and used by target shooters around the world. It has truly become a great for any avid firearms collector. This version is the Mk. VII, which features a enlarged safety, larger slide release, and improved trigger. It also has a very unique firing system. This weapon truly revolutionized the way most people look at handguns in general as it is a very unique design altogether.

The Custom 10 inch is mainly used for hunting big game. It has a far greater accuracy and knockdown power due to the longer barrel, but with this comes a downside. The recoil on this weapon is tremendous, and most people are barely able to control it with 2 hands.

Caliber: .50 Magnum (a.k.a. Action Express) | Magazine Capacity: 7+1 (8+1 Upgraded) round -s-

Bow Gun (Manufacture Unknown)

Unfortunately, this weapon has little if any use, it can be loaded with more than one bolt for larger groups of zombies, but is highly unadvised. Use only on small groups of zombies.
This type of Crossbow has dated back to early medieval times. It has been updated to fit the needs of hunters, as well as archery marksman. Unfortunately, not much information can be found on a crossbow like this.
Caliber: Crossbow Bolts | Magazine Capacity: 1 bolt -s-

M79 Grenade Launcher

Primarily on large groups of zombies and Cerberus, also in extreme cases use on the T-103 Tyrant
Used extensively during the Vietnam conflict, but after the war, it was phased out and replaced by the M203 40mm Grenade launcher. Remaining M-79’s were then sent to foreign military organizations as well as Homeland Law Enforcement for riot control purposes.

This is a single shot, crack open, breech firing grenade weapon. It features a cut stock. If used in the right situation, this could become a very lethal and versatile weapon.

Caliber: 40mm HE Grenade, Acid, and Napalm| Magazine Capacity: 1 round -s-

Umbrella Incorporated Spark Shot

To conserve ammunition, use on zombies and the occasional Cerberus.
Not much is known on the spark shot other than it was created for use in Subject stun and control.
Caliber: Electric Spark/Volt -s- | Magazine Capacity: None, battery powered

Ingram / Military Armament Corp. MAC-10 (with integrated flash suppressor)

Considering that the Rate of fire is good, equip and use on large groups of Zombies, Cerberus, single Lickers, it is recommended that you do not use on any other enemy as it becomes rather useless against more powerful enemies.
One of the most notable SMG’s of all time. Developed by Gorgon Ingram, it soon became a must for Military Special Forces as well as Police Units in the US as well as other countries. It features a number of different manufactures that make this same weapon.

It is a recoil operated, open bolt, select fire sub-machine gun. It has a cocking handle on the top of the weapon that load ammunition in to the bolt. It has an extreme rate of fire, reaching upwards of 1100 Rounds per minute. Many confuse this weapon with its counter part the MAC-11, or the world famous Israel Arms UZI, and Mini- UZI. The MAC-10 is very reliable under extreme conditions and is still used despite is age.

Caliber: 9×19 Parabellum | Magazine Capacity: 32 round -s-

General Electric M-134 Vulcan Mini-Gun

No enemy can withstand to firepower of the Vulcan M-134 Mini Gun. Use on any and all enemies.
Developed for use in Helicopter gun-ships and Jet aircraft. This weapon became widely popular. Developed for the military by General Electric, this single weapon has spawned numerous clones.

This is a chain/chute fed Machine Weapon, and has a devastating 2000-3000 Round Per Minute. It is rather heavy and the recoil is tremendous. You can acquire a weapon like this if you are a CLASS-VI weapons dealer, and have BATF and FBI green lights, as it is a destructive devise.

Caliber: 7.62mm NATO | Magazine Capacity: Unlimited

General Electric/ Hughes Missile System Company STINGER Missile Launcher

Like the M-134 Vulcan Mini-Gun, this will destroy any and all enemies, but use it wisely.
This weapon was spawned from the United States Marine Corps. “REDEYE†integrated missile system. It began it’s service in 1982. It is also in service with all branches of the US Military, and certain foreign Military Organizations.

It is a fire and forget Missile System, and has either Surface-to-Air, or Air-to-Air capabilities These CAN be attained by either Black market, or by a CLASS-VI Weapon license, from which you have to get BATF and FBI green lights.

Caliber: 5 1/2 inch Heat Seeking/ IR Missile | Magazine Capacity: 1 missile

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