Resident Evil 2 Enemies


Zombie Infection with T-Virus in a human host results with this. It has a severe necrotic effect on the host due to their metabolism, and they need to feed on fresh meat in order to survive. They have no intelligent behaviour and are driven only by their urges, and so they are easy to either kill or avoid. In this primative stage of transformation, they are also very slow.
Origin: Human | Attack: Very Slow | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 1/5


Cerberus This is the result of infusing the T-Virus with a dog. They can attack either singularly or in packs, and the best way to defeat them is by using a shotgun. Not too much trouble to kill, but dangerous if you have low health.
Origin: Dog | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 2/5


Spider The result of crows being infected with the T-Virus, in which they have become very hungry for human flesh. It’s easier to shoot them with the handgun as then they’re permanently out of your way.
Origin: Crow | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 2/5


Spider Spiders which have mutated because of the T-Virus being let loose in the sewers. It’s better to kill them as they can poison you and cause a lot more trouble than they are worth.
Origin: Spider | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 2/5


Licker A stage of evolution from a zombie. After becoming a Crimson Head, a Crimson Head evolves into a Regis Licker, and then a Licker. Lickers are completely blind, so they must rely solely on their great sense of hearing. They are capable of climbing walls, have very long claws and can kill you immediately if you’re cautioned. The next stage of evolution is the “Super Licker”.
Origin: Human | Attack: Very Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 4/5


Mr. X A T-103 model of Tyrant that is issued with a scent program to track the G-Virus sample, however this model is not sentient. He is deployed with a protective coat which houses a limiter device, as a pre-caution so Umbrella can take control, if he were to get out of control as evident in the T-002 model. However when falling into lava, the limiter device was burnt off and the Tyrant was damaged, resulting in a strong mutation into a more traditional Tyrant, which then had no sense of its mission and attacked anything in sight.
Origin: Human | Attack: Normal | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 3/5


Alligator This alligator lurking in the sewers was mutated to be over 50 feet long as a result of the T-Virus leaking into to the sewage system. Do not fight it with normal weaponry, rather, unleash a canister into it’s mouth and finish it with one shot.
Origin: Crocodile | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 3/5


Giant Moth The moth is a result of a normal moth being infused with the T-Virus and mutating to many times it’s original size. It’s rumoured to once be a pet of William Birkin.
Origin: Moth | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 2/5


Poison Ivy Even plants mutate if they are getting liquid forms of the T-Virus. There are two forms of the Poison Ivy. While you usually can avoid the poisonous cloud from the first version, the second one always gets you.
Origin: Plant | Attack: Normal | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 2/5


G-Creature Product of a G-Virus mutant implating an embryo into an incompatible host. The embryo will reject itself out of the host bursting through the victim’s chest, leading to the host’s death.
After sprouting out and short time, the embryo will suffer a fast mutation, reaching an adult stage, becoming a bipedal creature, with the abbility to vomit embryos that attempt to attach themselves to any living creature in the area. The creature will attempt to injure the victim for an easy implant of the embryos by attacking with it’s tail or arms.
Origin: Human | Attack: Slow | Infection: G-Virus | Danger Level: 3/5


G-Type After injecting himself with the G-Virus following a near-death experience as a result of a battle with Umbrella’s special unit, Birkin has mutated into “G”. He gets less stable over every mutation. He is a very effective mutant and seeks to reproduce in the form of implanting embryos, however the G-Virus’ failure was proven when G became more and more unstable with every mutation, to the extent of becoming an amorphous blob.
Origin: Human | Attack: Quick | Infection: G-Virus | Danger Level: 5/5

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