Resident Evil 2 Characters


Leon S. Kennedy Leon is a rookie police officer who joined the R.P.D so he can help others, however on his first day he’s put up against the horrors of Raccoon City and Umbrella. He has a very protective nature as he believes it to be his duty to protect others.
Height: 181cm | Weight: 73kg | Blood Type: B | Age: 25


Claire Redfield Claire is searching for her lost brother Chris who disappeared in his last mission with S.T.A.R.S investigating the cannabalistic murders in the Arklay Mountains area. She finds a diary of Chris’ and realises he has travelled to Europe, so she tries to escape along with Leon and takes on a maternal role over Sherry Birkin and cares for her throughout the game. Upon escaping Raccoon City, she sets out to Umbrella’s Paris Research Facility in search of Chris.
Height: 169cm | Weight: 52,4kg | Blood Type: A | Age: 19


Ada Wong Ada is in Raccoon City under the false pretence of looking for her boyfriend, John, who works for Umbrella. She teams up with Leon seemingly to help escape from the facility, however it turns out she is a secret agent from an unknown company sent to take a sample of the G-Virus. However, she begins to develop romantic feelings for Leon. She gets badly injured at the end of Resident Evil 2, however it has since come to light that she escaped with a sample of the virus and escaped by hijacking and hiding on a helicopter sent for Umbrella CEO’s.
Height: 173cm | Weight: – | Blood Type: AB | Age: 24


William Birkin One of Umbrella’s top researchers, responsible for the creation of the deadly G-Virus, husband of Annette Birkin and father of Sherry Birkin.
Upon discovery of his G-Virus, Umbrella sent a Security Service Unit to retrieve a sample of the G-Virus under Spencer orders and HUNK’s lead. After arrival, an abrupt noise led a soldier to unload his machine gun on Birkin, leaving him seriously injured, to which he injected himself with the G-Virus mutating him into a killing monster.
Height: 178cm  | Weight: 66.7kg | Blood Type: O | Age: 36


Annette Birkin Annette Birkin is the wife of William Birkin and mother of Sherry Birkin. She originally always helped William in his experiments and she is very dedicated to her husband, even so far as defending William and being angry at Leon for killing him when he was mutated and no longer himself. However, she does have a maternal instinct and informs Claire of how to develop the G-Virus vaccine, DEVIL. She is an established scientist on her own.
Height: – | Weight: -| Blood Type: – | Age:


Sherry Birkin Sherry is a very young and intelligent girl. She unknowingly has a sample of the G-Virus around her neck and she is being chased by William, as she has his blood and is compatible for a G-Embryo. She finds it hard to trust others due to her parents never being there for her.
Height: – | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age: 12


Robert Kendo Owner of the Kendo Gun Shop located in uptown Raccoon City, also, a close friend to S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team member Barry Burton.
He offers Leon or Claire shelter for the outbreak in his gun shop, and just few moments after that, zombies break through his gun shop, ultimately attacking and devouring him.
Height: – | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age:


Marvin Branagh One of the last surviving officers of the Raccoon Police Department (RPD).
Claire or Leon find him in the office fataly wounded. explains what happened in the mansion incident, and provides the Blue Card Key.
He tells both Leon and Claire to search for survivors and, under fire arm menace from him, they do. He locks himself in the office to met his fate…
Height: 182cm | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age:


Ben Bertolucci A Raccoon City reporter interested in the dealing of the RPD.
Ben is found locked up in a jail cell by his own will, for protection against the outbreak and cretures. He provides Leon and Ada with information about an escape route out of the city through the sewers. Moments after, he was attacked in his cell by William Birkin and later found at his last moments by Leon, to which Ben informs him of Iron’s deals with Umbrella.
Height: 182cm | Weight: – | Blood Type: O | Age:


Brian Irons Brian Irons of the Chief of Police in the R.P.D. He doesn’t gain much respect from his peers, and many have begun to wonder for his mental health. He bought a disturbing painting called “Sacrifice to the Hell Fire”, and made behind-the-scenes dealings with William Birkin in order to earn money and secure himself as Chief of Police. When realising he couldn’t escape the T-Virus outbreak, he made sure none of his employees survived, and even went so far as murdering them. He also killed the Mayor’s daughter and suggested he wanted to stuff her as a trophy. He was exposed as a fraud by reporter Ben Bertolucci.
Height: – | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age:

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