Guide: The Evil Within 2 Projector Slide Locations

The Evil Within 2 Projector Slide

We here at Rely on Horror are absolutely loving The Evil Within 2. Bethesda’s new horror game improves upon nearly every aspect of the original, including a major narrative overhaul. Part of Sebastian’s story in The Evil Within 2 revolves around finding 11 projector slides throughout the game, which allow him and Juli Kidman to converse about various topics. Each projector slide is pretty well hidden, and it’s not always obvious where they might be hiding, so we’ve compiled a spoiler-free projector slide location guide to help you make the most out of your journey through Union.

Slide 1: Towards the beginning of the game, Sebastian finds himself in a new safe space, equivalent to the mysterious mental hospital of the first game. Here he can upgrade his weapons and abilities, and also use the projector on the wall. Examine the projector for your first slide.

Slide 2: While roaming about Union in Chapter 3, you should probably make your way over to 345 Cedar Avenue. There’s a signal that will trigger when you get close, leading to a surprising encounter. When it’s over, find the projector slide at the end of a long hallway in a chair.

Slide 3: The next slide can be found while wandering Union, in 336 Cedar Ave. Another chance encounter occurs, and when it’s over, Sebastian can find a new projector slide on a table where a book was before.

Slide 4: The next slide doesn’t show up until Chapter 6. After leaving City Hall, Sebastian comes to an area covered in a white gooey substance. Examine your surroundings to find a projector with a personal image. Slide 4 can be found nearby.

Slide 5: In Chapter 7, Sebastian can pick up a signal that leads him to a diner. Investigate for a spooky surprise, and when you’re finished, you can find the slide in a handy location inside the diner.

Slide 6: The next projector slide doesn’t show up until Chapter 11. After some major story developments, return to Sebastian’s Room in the mirror, and take a look around his office to find the 6th slide.

Slide 7: A bit further into Chapter 11, Sebastian finds himself back in The Marrow once more. Find the security door marked CE-CO3, and solve its riddle to gain entry. You can find the slide to the left of the entryway, sitting on an altar.

Slide 8: Towards the end of Chapter 11, Sebastian can explore a multi-floored laboratory area to find a bottomless pit. Nearby is a computer which leads to an encounter with a familiar foe. Deal with your enemy, and find Slide 8 as your reward when you return.

Slide 9: In Chapter 12, things are starting to heat up for Sebastian. After destroying an important machine, Sebastian makes a very harsh journey. Eventually he finds himself in a very familiar place. Explore a special person’s bedroom to find Slide 9 on top of a dresser.

Slide 10: In Sebastian’s exploration of Union, he comes across someone who might just be able to find a way out of STEM. Help them to the best of your ability, and Sebastian will be able to claim the penultimate slide for his collection. You will have to solve a fuse puzzle first, however.

Slide 11: After all that hard work, Sebastian’s slide collection is nearly complete. Talk to Kidman about all the slides you’ve collected thus far, and you will be rewarded with a final piece to a puzzle, and a neat nod to the first game. When you are finished talking about Slide 11, you will get some more Green Gel, and a cool Trophy/Achievement for your effort.

You can read our review of The Evil Within 2 right here, and be sure to stay tuned to Rely on Horror for all your The Evil Within news needs.

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