E3 2015: I think I like Until Dawn for the wrong reasons

Until Dawn, Sony’s long-awaited horror title themed after slasher movies is almost in our hands. While its release just a few weeks away, the publisher brought the game to the E3 show floor. I got some hands on time with it, and I have to say, it’s dumb but fun. As QTE-heavy as it may be and with a cliche-ridden cast of characters and scenarios, Until Dawn is amusing; it appears to embrace the slasher genre cheese and all.

Now, I still don’t know if the game is self aware or not. Is it cheesy because slasher films are or is it planning to subvert our expectations? Either way, it makes me laugh and it manages to be super tense. Maybe I’m liking it for the wrong reasons, but either way. I want to play it. For my impressions, check out the video below.

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