Where’s Barry?

I won’t stand in a corner and pretend that I’m not excited about a new Resident Evil title, especially a new Revelations.  Out of all the swings that Capcom has taken in the last few years with the series that have wiffed, with Revelations, they still hit the ball, even if they didn’t knock it out of the park.  It will no doubt be interesting to see where Rev2 takes the series, for better or for worse.

But because it is in my very nature to poke holes and deride anything that might be considered remotely nice. even if I like it, I’ve been thinking an awful lot about Rev2.

So Moira is Barry’s daughter; that’s cute.  He fled to Canada to keep his daughters safe so they wouldn’t have to endure the horrors of the walking dead, and then is just cool with one of them coming back to fight for an anti-bioterrorism group.  Or he’s going to be pissed when he finds out, that’s for sure.  Either way, why are we using another throwaway character, and why is it needlessly tied back to Barry? This could have literally been ‘just another girl,’ but no, she has to be tied to another character in the series already.  Why?

Is it because fans like Barry?  In their press-release, Capcom referred to Mr. Burton as a legend. This is pretty funny, especially when you consider how few games he’s actually been in.  For as liked as the guy is, he’s appeared in a grand total of one Resident Evil title in any meaningful way.  No, I’m not including that Gameboy title that shall not be named, nor the Mercenaries minigame, where he’s really just a generic action hero skin.  For being a legend, he is just as big a throwaway character as Sheva.

I was healing you when you didnt need it before it was cool.

“I was healing you when you didn’t need it before it was cool, by the way.”

Fans cry out loudly for his triumphant return to the series with a gun the size of your forearm that will blast a hole clean through a tank.  Capcom must have hearing difficulties to hear fans cry out for Barry, yet somehow think that we meant his daughter, whom many of us forgot existed at all.  Wait, weren’t there two of them? I bet the other one is evil.

So why not just include Barry instead?  That would definitely make more sense than the following scenario:

Claire: I used to work with your dad back in Raccoon City.
Moira: That’s so cool, so you guys go way back then!
Claire: Not really, it was my brother who worked with your dad, I’ve actually never met him.  You have no training whatsoever when it comes to fighting monsters and terrorists.  Want to come fight monsters and terrorists with me?
Moira: No.
Claire: We’ll throw you an awesome welcome party.
Moira: Yes.

Is it because she’s a girl, and suddenly girls are a big thing in video games?  Better representation of women in video games does not always mean to just include more of them, and aside from a few odd costume choices, Resident Evil has been pretty good about showing empowered women in leading roles.  But if that were the motive here, someone should have suggested that denim underwear is not the latest in anti-terrorism fashion any more than one-legged wet suits and high heels.

Oh, I guess they’re leggings underneath the underwear.  Still good advice!

Someone tweeted to me that it might have been because Barry is reaching that age where his joints creak a little more and he may have some arthritis in his trigger finger and short-term memory problems.  Dude’s getting old, sure, but 50-ish really isn’t that old, especially considering that Wesker was about 50 the last time we saw him, and he still kicked our asses multiple times.  Probably could have without the genetic modification, too.  Besides, survival horror is about feeling under-powered and scared for your life.  What a better way to do that then to include someone who may not be in the best physical shape of their lives?

Don’t get me wrong, even with the episodic release and the undeniable cheesy cliffhangers that this release will be chock full of, I’ll still get it, I’ll probably like it, too.  It’s sad though, because this series has so many throwaway characters that they could fill their own game.  Even if fans like Moira as more than a walking first-aid kit (she’s supposed to heal you when you’re low on health), what are the odds we’ll ever see her again after Rev2?

In Resident Evil 16 maybe?

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