The 9 best horror titles video games have to offer

The 9 best horror titles video games have to offer

Horror is genre that came later in the age of video games.  While action-adventure platformers and third-person shooters dominated the early era of games horror came much later, at least successfully.  Sure we had games look Wolfenstein and Doom but the scares weren’t really there.  As time progressed game developers were finally able to capture that vibe that made horror click with audiences on both PCs and consoles.  These are some of the best of the best, in no particular order though there may be a slight bias for our first listing.

Resident Evil 4 – One of the best games ever.  On most gamers’ best-of lists not just horror wise but overall game wise.  The adventures of Leon and toting Ashley around added a level of tension that few games have duplicated.  Hopefully the world has seen the last of the Ganados.

Dead Space – Brutal, unique and incredibly gory and probably leading the current pack in the survival-horror field.  Instead of being armed with an arsenal you create your own weapons out of various tools and fend off hordes of Necromorphs.  Games offered the removal of limbs as something “fun” in the past, Dead space took it to a whole new level.

F.E.A.R. – Try playing this game and not get the chills nearly every time you see Alma show up.  You may not be a fan of the Japanese-horror style but F.E.A.R. managed it quite well for a game and was much more creepy than that “The Ring”-like nonsense that was filling theaters.

Wii Fit – You may laugh at this one but have you seen your family play this game?  It is down-right horrific and one of the most scary things imaginable.  Nintendo may have a hit on their hands but that doesn’t make this a spectator sport.

Dead Rising – Horror with a touch of humor, this is my kind of game.  Dead Rising wasn’t loaded with so called “jump moments” but there is little doubt the game is horrific.  The joys of wielding chainsaws, kantanas, lawn mowers and more to carve your way through zombie hordes is something everyone should experience.

Doom 3 – So this is a game filled with “jump moments”, some cheesy and some annoying but it is still a solid game in the horror genre field.  It wasn’t quite the revolution we hoped for in a game thought it did deliver loads of blood, gore, demons, monsters and tension.

Bioshock – This is more of a subtle horror but fantastic none the less.  The ability to navigate a seemingly abandoned under-water world only to find that you weren’t quite alone offered plenty of suspenseful moments.  Your first battle with a Big Daddy convinced you that 2K had a whole new bag of tricks up their sleeve with Bioshock.

Silent Hill 2 – If you like suspense, eerie, tension then the Silent Hill series has it in spades.  The sequel is one of the few that is superior to the original.  Atmosphere is key to this series and few games have captured that scary-movie vibe as well as Silent Hill 2.

Resident Evil 2 – Another sequel that just may be better than the first.  RE2 is a classic and one of the best infected-killing games around.  The T-103 was an awesome antagonist on top of the zombie masses featured throughout the game.  Lickers jumping through glass panels?  Sign me up!

written by Slapnuts

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