“Resident Evil Revelations” the new Resident Evil 3DS Title

Resident Evil 3DS promises to have some new news coming with Capcom showing off some of their stuff upcoming at E3, but in the meantime according to the 3DS Fact Sheet the new Resident Evil 3DS game is titled Resident Evil Revelations. This may very well be the game they were talking about going with the new Resident Evil movie, sounding more likely since the movies catch is it’s in 3D and one of the consoles catches is the games are in 3D without glasses. This game was said in a quick interview that it is a original game (not a port over in 3D) and them focusing on exploration in 3D instead of action is also very promising. We’ll keep you updated with these new “Revelations” as they unfold, in the meantime check out Resident Evil Revelations listed in the fact sheet below.

Resident Evil Revelations

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