Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour Demo Guide: 100% Completion!

What a long road it has been, but we’re finally here. We can finally complete the demo.

Demo update 2 rolled out yesterday, which unlocked a whole new area and gave us access to all of the demo’s features. This includes access to new items, clues, and answers to the greatest mystery of them all: what the hell the finger is used for. Well, I’m here to answer all of your questions, as the demo has now been 100% completed as far as anyone can tell. I’ll do my best to avoid spoilers, and only be as vague about certain elements as I can. Onward!


This is the basic ending that we’ve always had access to. This hasn’t changed at all, save for now being known as the Bad Ending. The steps aren’t difficult, and it’s fairly straight forward, but I’ll list them here anyway. If you already know how to get “family’d”, feel free to move ahead to the new stuff.

First, exit the starting room (the one you wake up in, with the television), and make your way down the hallway to your left (going right will lead you down the path to a different ending). Feel free to examine whatever, but your goal is to make your way through the kitchen, and down the hallway beyond, through the door into the room filled with rotting meat. There’s another door in here that appears to lead to the outside, but it’s locked for now. Grab the bolt cutters, and make your way back to the kitchen. Just outside of the kitchen doorway, there’s a cabinet that’s been chained shut: use the bolt cutters and grab the VHS tape inside. Make your way back to the starting room, and pop the VHS tape into the VCR.

Once you’re done “watching”, you should have learned about the secret hidden in the starting room. Once you activate it, slip into the crawlspace and grab the Backdoor Key, and make your way back to the room full of meat. Unlock the backdoor, and make your escape!


Now we’re getting into new territory. When you wake up in the starting room, turn around and unlock the secret passageway we learned about in the VHS tape. Since we’ve done it before the character had the chance to learn about it, we’ll be rewarded with a new item: the Fuse. Pop the Fuse into the Fuse box (located on the wall to the right of the piano in the starting room) and leave the starting room. Make your way to the left, and then up the stairs next to the kitchen entryway. Upstairs, you’ll see a button, press it. Now we have access to the third floor. Head up, and go through the first door on your right. Feel free to explore, but your ultimate goal is to pick up the Basement Key, located next to the bed in the room with the mannequins and boxes. Check out the ladder that goes up to the window with the light streaming down through it, and you’ll find that the window is locked tight. Time to go find that key!

Finally, it’s time for the new content. Head back downstairs, and make your way to the door that’s covered in mold, down the hall and next to the starting room. We can finally go through it, opening up a new area beyond! Exploring does the soul good, but there’s very little we really need right now, not for this ending at least. Head to the far end of the new hallway, and use the basement key on the gate door. Head down the stairs, and go through the doorway. Ignore the valve, and rush into the room beyond. You should find the Attic Window Key. Rush as fast as you can back to the door you came from.

You’ll run into… a few problems trying to leave this room, and will more than likely take damage, but being fast and thinking on your feet should at least get you out of here alive. Stand in front of the door that leads back to the basement stairs, and mash the Cross Button, you should be able to get out easily. Once you get out of the basement, make your way back to the attic. Climb the ladder, and you’ll be done!

True Ending

Alright, so now we know what not to do once we get to the basement. Let’s talk about what you should do to make it out of here completely unscathed. Same steps as before, get the Fuse, place it into the Fuse Box, head upstairs, press the button, go up to the attic, pick up the Basement Key, and now it would also be a good idea to look under the bed to find some Handgun Ammo. Go back downstairs, and go through the moldy door. Far end of the hallway, unlock the basement gate, head down. Before going through the door at the bottom of the stairs, look to your left, and you’ll see some pipework and a furnace of some kind. On the right side of the furnace, near the far wall, you’ll find a lockpick. Grab it, and head through the door.

In this room, you’ll see a valve almost directly in front of you. Grab it, and quick turn (back on the left stick + the Circle Button) and try to go through the door back to the stairs. Just like before, mash the Cross Button until you get through. If you did it fast enough, you shouldn’t have taken any damage. Rush upstairs (grabbing the handgun ammo tucked in between the basement steps on the way up), and make your way to the first door on your left (although feel free to also grab the handgun ammo up on the shelf to your right).

This place is… grotesque, isn’t it? Open up the drawer on your left for even more handgun ammo, and there’s a little more hidden inside the medicine cabinet. To your right, between the toilet and the bathtub, there’s a pipe. Place the Valve into the spot on the pipe, and you’ll now be able to flush the toilet. Go ahead and flush away, and pick up the item inside (try not to think about texture, or smell… or how sticky it would be…).

If you want a few more handgun bullets, head back through the moldy door and go back to the kitchen. Next to the dinner table on the left side is a set of cabinets, the blue set has a locked drawer. Use the lockpick here to aquire an Axe. Fun! Upstairs in the attic again, use the Axe to break open the wooden box wrapped in yellow tape, right next to the boarded up door, and near the table you got the Basement Key from. There should be three more bullets inside.

Time to finish this. Back downstairs, through the moldy door, down the basement steps, and back into the room you got the valve from. Go through the entryway to your right. By now you should be pretty familiar with the threat hidden away in here. Quick turn, and take him down with the item you got from the toilet. The best way I’ve found is to focus on one of his legs, 5 or 6 attacks should drop him. Turn back around, and search the area for the Attic Window Key. You’re scot free now! Head back up to the attic, climb the ladder, and use the key. Congratulations!

The Finger Puzzle

Finally, we’re here. The question that burned in the minds of every single person that played the demo is finally answered. This isn’t part of getting any of the endings, and more of an extra-curricular activity to complete within the demo, but finishing it nets you some bragging rights, 100% completion of the demo, and maybe a little something for the main game…

[Update] The original guide ended up being filled with a bunch of extra stuff, so here’s Prima game’s official walkthrough (written by Josh Hawkins, source) on how to get dat coin:

Get the Blank Notebook

The first step to completing this puzzle is to find and acquire the Blank Notebook. To find the notebook, head out of the first room using the door on the right. Move left down the hallway and look for a table with a lamp. Open the drawer and grab the notebook from inside. To unlock the Dirty Coin you must complete the entries in the Blank Notebook.

Get the Bolt cutters and VHS Tape

Head down the hall and past the kitchen to the mud room where several corpses can be found. The Bolt Cutters can be found jutting out of one of the corpses. Grab the Bolt Cutters and then make your way to the sealed dresser in the hallway. Use the cutters to open the dressed and grab the VHS Tape inside.

Now head back to the starting room and look for the television with static playing. You can activate the VHS player and watch the tape here. This will initiate a flashback sequence.

Get the Attic Key

Now it’s time to head into the basement, which can only be accessed after obtaining the Basement Key in the attic. Enter the basement and look around for a white door. Head through it and grab the key from the stretcher in the room with all the hanging bodies. Now head back to the stairs that lead up to the main floor and look for a water heater. Grab the Lockpick on near the heater.

Get the Hand Axe

Head back up the stairs and into the kitchen. Look for a blue drawer and use the Lockpick to open the drawer and obtain the Hand Axe.

Dummy Finger and Hand

Now it’s time to get one of the most important items of the puzzle. Head to the first floor and look in the room near the stairwell for a shelf with the dismembered finger resting on it. The room can be found to the left of the first room’s exit.

Now look for the hand hidden behind some debris up in the attic. Look to the right of the escape ladder, close to some scratchy writing on the wall.

Solve the Murders

With the Dummy Finger and Hand in your inventory, combine them to create an object that you can point at things with. That’s what you’ll be doing the next several moments, so get used to it. We’ve included each scene’s location below, so head there and point at them with the hand to solve the murders. You should hear a sound if you point at the right things.

  • Scene 1 – Point at the fallen bookcase over the front door in the first area. This one should be easy to find.
  • Scene 2 – After leaving the basement the first time, return there and point at the stretcher in the room with all the hanging bodies.
  • Scene 3 – Head into the room beneath the entrance stairs and point at the barricaded door to grab this piece of the puzzle.
  • Scene 4 – Point at the loose wires and piping in the corner of the attic, opposite of the ladder that leads out of the level.
  • Scene 5 – Use the finger and hand to point at the pot in the kitchen. Some players have reported that you must interact with the pot before you can point at it successfully.

Collect All Five Giggles

Once you have pointed at everything, you also need to activate five special ‘giggles’ throughout the level. We’ve broken them down accordingly below, so head to each location and complete the instructions to activate the giggle.

  • Giggle 1 – Examine the writing on the wall in the attic just to the right of the exit ladder.
  • Giggle 2 – Collect the VHS Tape and then head up to the attic and approach the barricaded door.
  • Giggle 3 – Use the Hand Axe to attack the painting of the lady with a bag on her head in the area at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Giggle 4 – Locate the black mirror in the room beneath the entrance stairs and stare at it for a moment. Make a quick turn in the direction opposite of the mirror to trigger this giggle.
  • Giggle 5 – After watching the VHS and completing the flashback, sprint to the basement and return to the room where you found the Attic Key. Look for a doll on the ground in the area and crouch down next to it and look at it. If you are quick enough the giggle will activate.

After finishing the steps above, head into the attic and look for the secret door to the right of the escape ladder. The door should have bloody handprints on it. Head inside and grab the Dirty Coin off the plaque in the room.


That’s it! You’ve now 100% completed Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour Demo! You’re the best ever! Now we only have a few more weeks left before the full game hits store shelves, and we enter the world of Survival Horror once again…

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