reHorror: The Final Countdown – Chris’s Journey

A friend is someone you can always rely on. A friend is that person you know will be there when you need someone to talk to. Once you have that special friend that means the world to you, you automatically know who to turn to when you need advice or when you find yourself in a bad situation, no matter the distance between you. However, sometimes a friend may come bottled.

On this night in June, we find Chris Redfield in a bar somewhere in Eastern Europe. But this isn’t the same Chris the world has come to see as a hero. The hardened survivor that’s spent years fighting the threats of bio-terror. This is a shadow of the man he used to be. He sits there drinking away his depression. Using his bottled friend to help fight back and free himself from the chains of depression which took hold of him when he lost his entire team to a bio-terror attack. To make matters worse, he’s also suffering amnesia.

Despite his current troubles, Chris is a true hero. His entire journey and accomplishments leading up to this night sitting alone in a bar is worth praising. However, one also can’t help but feel bad for the man after everything he’s been through. And it all started on that bizzar night in the Arklay Mountains 15 years ago. It all started in that mansion…

WARNING: Spoilers for Resident Evil (and the remake), CODE: Veronica, Umbrella Chronicles, Revelations and Resident Evil 5 are contained below.

It’s July 24,1998 and S.T.A.R.S.’s Alpha team has been sent in to the Arklay Mountains to locate Bravo team. Bravo team was sent there to investigate the grizzly murders that had been occurring in the region. Victims were reported as being eaten by…something. Wolves? Perhaps. But Alpha team would soon find out who had the munchies in this part of the woods.

When Alpha landed in the region, they found Bravo’s downed chopper. Where is everyone? Upon looking inside they only found the corpse of the pilot, Kevin Dooley. A few moments later a pack of raging dogs starts chasing after the unit. Joseph Frost is eaten by them. The team’s pilot, Brad Vickers, witnesses all this from above and opts to flee with the team’s only means of escape. After trying to shoot down the wild dogs, the remaining members of the Alpha team make a run for it and go into a nearby mansion. Now it’s just Chris, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton and their captain, Albert Wesker.

Once the remaining Alpha members opened the mansion’s main double doors, everything would change, and Chris, along with Jill, would be introduced to the threat of bio-terror. This is where Chris’s worst nightmare all started, one that’s fueled his life-long mission since then.

It didn’t take long for Chris to get his introduction to the T-Virus and its byproducts, as Chris ran into a lone zombie after going through the mansion’s fancy but creepy dining hall. The zombie was feasting on Kenneth Sullivan, a member of the Bravo team. Having satisfied his appetite, the zombie turns around and thus Chris has been introduced to the living dead. This was only the beginning, though, Chris would soon face much horrible creatures as he continued his investigation through the eerie and abandoned mansion. To make matters worse, Jill and Wesker had gone missing, and Chris still had no clue as to Barry’s whereabouts.

Despite the horrors he will face, Chris has some experience under his belt. He joined the US Air Force at the age of 17 and became a highly skilled pilot and marksman during his time serving them. Despite his strong commitment and level of skill, Chris was a bit of a hothead, resulting in many disputes between he and his superiors. Chris eventually left the force and went on to join Raccoon City’s prestigious S.T.A.R.S. unit of the RPD after being suggested to do so by his good friend Barry Burton. And now he finds himself here, in the Spencer Estate.

After being confronted by even more zombies roaming the halls, Chris would continue exploring the mansion and eventually he would run into the body of his rival from the Bravo team, Forest Speyer. Does this lingering shroud of death ever end? Seemingly not since Chris goes on to find Richard Aiken, another survivor from the Bravo team. Well…not really a survivor for long…Richard has a gaping hole in his chest and has been poisoned by a giant snake B.O.W. Another lost comrade for Chris. However, he then meets Rebecca Chambers, also from the Bravo team and Richard’s close friend.

Chris would find out more about what went on inside the mansion, which was the Spencer Estate designed by George Trevor ,whose daughter was lurking in the estate’s depths. He would find reports from the mansion’s former inhabitants, which were all Umbrella researchers. The whole mansion had been a front for the pharmaceutical corporation that was conducting in biological experimentation, resulting in the creation of B.O.W.s. Chris was alone, though, and Rebecca would aid him on a few occasions. She was able to hold her own as well despite her looks and youth.

Chris would end up in the mansion’s exterior residence. After fighting a giant snake, the same one which poisoned Richard, and many zombies, one would think he had seen enough. Not the case at all. Chris was confronted with giant mutated spiders, dogs, sharks and a T-Virus infected plant which towered over him. With the help of Rebecca, who put her chemistry and medicinal expertise to good use, he was able to overcome the B.O.W. and get to the “root of the problem.” On his way back to the mansion after finding a key needed to open the remaining doors, Chris bumps into Wesker. Wesker tells him that he and Jill were separated early on, he then orders Chris to keep investigating the mansion for anymore clues.

Upon returning to the mansion, Chris was expecting to find more zombies roaming the halls. But no. What he found was much more deadly. Chris was confronted by a new frog-like B.O.W. with sharp claws that could decapitate you with an effortless swipe. Chris was able to take these Hunters down and continue exploring the mansion until he made his way underground where he would be struck with an unfortunate and shocking revelation. Deep in the caves under the mansion, Chris found Enrico, another Bravo team member. Enrico told Chris that there’s a traitor in the S.T.A.R.S. team before being shot in the chest from afar by an unknown assailant. Who could the traitor be?

At long last, Chris had arrived at the underground Umbrella laboratory that the mansion was built to cover up. It’s here where the truth was revealed behind everything that had been happening on this crazy night. Chris finally found Jill who was being held in a tightly secured prison cell. He would have to come back for her after gaining access to unlock it. Who would lock up Jill like that, though? The same traitor that Enrico was talking about, that’s who. None other than Albert Wesker himself.

Wesker was behind everything and he revealed his plans to Chris and Rebecca. At this point, Chris already knew Wesker was working with Umbrella, thanks to a slideshow he came across showing Wesker with other Umbrella researchers (you can’t miss the guy with those shades!). Wesker had been ordered by Umbrella to lure his S.T.A.R.S. team to the mansion in order to record combat data for the monstrosities they had created with the T-Virus. After a lengthy display of his villainy and shooting Rebecca, Wesker unleashed Umbrella’s ultimate creation, the Tyrant. Wesker ending up being killed by the Tyrant. However, death had always been part of Wesker’s plan…Chris went up against the monster and was able to knock him down for a bit after filling him with enough bullets. Chris went back for Jill and Rebecca, who survived the bullet thanks to her protective vest, went ahead and initiated the facility’s self-destruct system. It was time to get the hell out of there.

Chris, Jill and Rebecca made their way to the helipad an awaited Brad, yup, the same person who had fled at the beginning of the night. He brought the goods, though! Brad dropped a rocket launcher which helped Chris put an end to the Tyrant which had emerged again. Chris blew him to pieces, thwarting Umbrella’s devious plan for S.T.A.R.S. The trio escaped, with Barry also making his way out before the explosion. The mansion ignited into flames. Chris had experienced first hand the effects of a virus outbreak, despite being contained. Little did Chris know that 15 years later he would be caught in a global outbreak…

After the mansion incident as it came to be known, Chris and the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members made it their mission to reveal the truth about Umbrella to the public, exposing all the secret biological experiments they had been conducting. Chris was able to uncover that the R.P.D.’s very own police chief, Brian Irons, was under Umbrella’s payroll. This was the first step in exposing the truth. Chris put out a request to have Irons investigated so his link with Umbrella could be uncovered. But that was easier said than done and Chris ended up being suspended from the department due his aggressive nature over the matter. He would disappear for a while.

After a long period of investigation carried out secretly, Chris was able to uncover plans for a new virus Umbrella had developed: the G-Virus. He then set his sights on knocking down some doors, namely Umbrella’s by going to their European headquarters. Jill and Barry offered help, but Jill opted to investigate the matter further before going with Chris, and Barry had to look out for his family and get them to safety. Chris would go to their HQ in secret without even telling his sister, Claire. She would soon arrive at Raccoon City to try to find him.

After searching through the S.T.A.R.S. office, Claire found a faxed report that shut down her brother’s requested investigation of Chief Irons’s connection with Umbrella. Her brother had to be on his way to Paris, to pay Umbrella a visit. She, too, would venture to the corporations European headquarters in hopes of being reunited with her brother. A reunion was in fact on the cards for the Redfields, but it would be wrapped in another conspiracy shrouded in yet another viral nightmare.

It’s December 27,1998. Raccoon City had already been wiped off the face of the Earth three months prior as decided on by the US government after the T-Virus spread city-wide. Claire has arrived at Paris, with the goal of infiltrating Umbrella’s HQ situated there. She doesn’t get too far, though, and she ends up being imprisoned by Rodrigo Raval on a nearby Umbrella-owned island, Rockfort Island. After being let go by her captor, who had been hurt, Claire tries to escape the island, befriending another fellow prisoner Steve Burnside in the process. She would gain access to a computer and send Leon an email, telling him to notify Chris about her current location. It’s time for the big brother to come to the rescue.

Leon was easily able to track down Chris, thanks to Mr. Redfield causing quite a ruckus in Europe on his mission to expose Umbrella. Leon delivered Claire’s message to Chris, which made him instantly abort his current mission and set off for Rockfort Island. Chris arrives, without being detected, on the Umbrella-owned rock  by climbing its outer walls. He then meets Rodrigo, who had come in contact with Claire since he imprisoned her and all. Rodrigo confirmed that Claire was on the island, but then he was swallowed by a giant worm B.O.W. After defeating the monster, Rodrigo was spat out and he gave Chris the lighter Claire had left with him in gratitude for letting her go. He then informs Chris that she may already be out of the island. Arriving at the island originally by boat, Chris had to find a means to escape, but first he had to pinpoint the exact whereabouts of his sister.

Chris was able to dig up more information about Umbrella as he traversed the island, ultimately running into a ghost from his past. Yup, Wesker was back. Chris saw him die at the hands, or rather claws, of the Tyrant back at the mansion in the Arklay Mountains, but death had always been part of Wesker’s plan. Wesker was now super-human, thanks to the virus which had given him new life. After a brief fight, in which Chris was completely over-powered by his former captain (this is pre-boulders Chris after all), Wesker revealed to his beloved Chris that Claire had been taken to Umbrella’s base in Antarctica. Chris now knew where he must go next, and he would do so by using an aircraft he ended up finding.

After exploring Umbrella’s Arctic base, Chris would finally be reunited with his sister. He finds her unconscious, concealed in a cocoon like substance inside a replica of the old Spencer Estate. This was all too familiar for Chris, who had already survived the T-Virus outbreak in the original mansion. Chris frees Claire and their reunion gets cut short thanks to Wesker and Alexia Ashford, the only remaining member of Umbrella’s most important family.

Wesker confronts Alexia, who was now mutated thanks to the T-Veronica virus. Wesker wants a sample of the virus, and he would to defeat Alexia to get it. But, alas, Wesker flees and leaves Alexia to his best soldier, Chris. Luckily, Chris is able to down her temporarily, giving Claire and him enough time to leave the area. Claire would set off to find Steve who was being held captive somewhere in the mansion. Chris would try to find them all a way out.

Claire was unfortunately met with a T-Veronica infected Steve. It was too late for him, and he mutated into a giant monster, attacking Claire. After Steve’s death, Claire remained in the same room, crying about what just happened. She lost someone she had become really close with during the course of that night. Chris heard his sister crying and went on to make the final preparations for their escape. But first they would have to overcome Alexia in her final mutated form. The battle wasn’t an easy one, but thanks to a last resort device left by Alexander Ashford (Alexia’s worried father who had also become a monster), the Linear Launcher, Chris was able to finish off the “Queen.” It was time to escape. But Wesker had something to say about that…

This was it. Chris and Wesker’s final battle, or so it initially seemed. Wesker wasn’t going to let Chris and his sister get away that easily. Their escape aircraft was right there, but Wesker was the final roadblock left standing. After a big fight between the former S.T.A.R.S. captain and Chris, the place would eventually go up in flames.  Wesker was left there as the entire base started to come apart, and he looked up at Chris as he escaped with his sister. This wouldn’t be their last encounter. Wesker promised that the next time they shall cross paths would be the last.

Chris and Claire were finally able to fly out of the crumbling facility, but Chris’s mission to put an end to Umbrella wasn’t over yet. He knew the corporation was still around in another part of the world. He just had to pinpoint exactly where so he can go there and put the final nail in their coffin. He would do just that along with his former S.T.A.R.S. partner, JIll Valentine.

After having escaped Raccoon City with Barry Burton before it went boom, Jill ended up locating Chris’s apartment in hopes of finding him there. No luck. However, she did find a knife on the ground which was enough to let her know that his mission to finish Umbrella wasn’t over yet. So she set off to look for her former partner, and ironically, Chris was doing the same. Eventually they would find each other, and together they would put together a plan to finish all this once and for all.

The year is 2003, five years after the Mansion Incident and the Raccoon City Outbreak. Chris and Jill are now part of an anti-Umbrella faction with the sole mission of putting an end to bio-terror. After collecting all the needed intel, the pair flew to Umbrella’s remaining stronghold in Russia, a site that was believed to be housing a new form of B.O.W.

There was in fact a new B.O.W. in the facility, code named T-A.L.O.S. But before reaching the new Umbrella creation, Chris and Jill would have to take down hordes of the undead and other byproducts of the T-Virus. They’re veterans when it comes to this, with both behing survivors of the Mansion Incident and Jill surviving the Raccoon City outbreak. They hoped this would be their last fight with Umbrella and their bio-weapons, though. They then made it to the chamber within the facility that held T-A.L.O.S. They also met Sergei Vladimir, the B.O.W.’s creator.

Sergei taunted the all-S.T.A.R. pair, telling them that despite their previous history with battling B.O.W.s, that still wouldn’t amount to enough experience needed to take down this new creation. But enough talk, have at you! Chris and Jill, of course, ended up defeating the monster in his final form. It was all over, or so it seemed…They knew Wesker was still around, and his return was inevitable. Umbrella, on the other hand, was finally finished. With the fall of Umbrella came the threat of other groups picking up where they left off. Rival organizations and terrorist factions started getting their hands on Umbrella’s various projects to keep promoting bio-terror. Chris and Jill would have to be ready for the uprising of whatever group deemed themselves worthy to fill in for Umbrella. So together they both led to the creation of the B.S.A.A (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance).

The year is now 2005 and the B.S.A.A. is still in its early stages. Chris and Jill are sent on their first major mission with the faction. But they aren’t working together this time. Not yet at least. Chris is partnered with Jessica Sherawat on this new mission, while Jill gets partnered with Parker Luciani. Chris and Jill’s new partners previously served another faction altogether, the FBC (Federal Bioterrorism Commission) led by Morgan Lansdale.

Chris was tasked with investigating a rumored hideout situated on a mountain range in Valkoinen Mokki, Finland that was rumored as belonging to terrorist organization Il Veltro. The terrorist group was responsible for a bioterrorist attack on the aquapolis, Terragrigia a year prior. This attack put the world on edge, sprouting fear of more bioterrorist attacks happening. That’s where the B.S.A.A. came in. And now Chris had to find out if this group, which went missing after the attack, had indeed returned. They found the group’s symbol printed on a flag near one of the bases in the mountain range. So it seemed stories of their “resurrection” were true after all.

Chris and Jessica reported their findings to the B.S.A.A.’s director, Clive O’Brian. O’Brian would then notify them that they had just lost contact with Jill and Parker, who had been set on a mission to locate them after communication with them had been cut off earlier. This was a mission which Jill was very dedicated to see through due to her close relationship with Chris. O’Brian received coordinates for where Chris and Jessica had last been, which was, according to the intel, somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea. When the whole time they were in the mountain range. Jill and Parker had been sent off on a mission with faulty intel. Chris now thought of nothing except saving Jill.

Jill and Parker ended up on the Queen Zenobia, a luxury cruise ship. They would eventually find out that the ship had been serving as a front for Il Veltro and their experiments with the T-Abyss virus, a new water based bio-weapon, which they planned to spread in order to infect a large portion of the world’s waters. Jill did find “Chris” aboard the ship pretty early on, but it wasn’t really him. It was a dummy. This was the beginning of a trap set up for her and Parker, all wrapped in a huge conspiracy. Chris and Jessica had to rescue them by any means. But first they had to find out their exact location somehow.

Chris asks O’Brian to send in Keith Lumley and Quint Cetcham, also B.S.A.A. members, over to the mountain range in Finland he and Jessica had previously explored in hopes of finding the exact coordinates for the Queen Zenobia. The two goofballs succeed in their mission and report back to O’Brian with the location of Il Veltro’s ship. O’Brian relays this to Chris who then knows where to land his aircraft that’s been hovering over the Mediterranean for a while already. Chris and Jessica land on the ship and they’re faced with a new form of B.O.W.: the Ooze.

The Ooze is a new water-based B.O.W created by the T-Abyss virus. These enemies are like zombies in nature, but they’re much more deadly thanks to the ability to travel in liquid form through the ship’s vents, as well as coming in different mutations. Chris and Jessica took on these new creatures and eventually they would come to the shocking revelations that the ship they were on was not the one Jill and Parker were in. Nope. Chris and Jessica were actually on a copy of the Queen Zenobia, the Queen Semiramis. Chris reported this epic mistake to O’Brian, who then fed them the right location of the Queen Zenobia. What could O’Brian be possibly hiding?

Chris and Jessica made their way to the Queen Zenobia, but they were stopped by a giant sea monster that had also been infected with the T-Abyss virus. They managed to inflict enough damage to the B.O.W. making it flee, allowing them access to the ship’s deck. After going through more corridors filled with the Ooze, Chris and Jessica are finally reunited with Jill and Parker who had gone through quite a night as well aboard the ship. However, Jessica had shot an unknown, gas mask wearing Il Veltro operative that was ready to reveal the truth to Jill and Parker before her and Chris’s arrival. They remove the mystery man’s mask, it was FBC agent Raymond Vester, Parker and Jessica’s former comrade.

Chris knew Raymond couldn’t possibly be behind everything that had been going on, so he and Jill team up and head to the ship’s hidden laboratory. Chris was able to locate it thanks to the map he obtained of the Queen Semiramis while aboard that ship, being an exact copy of the Zenobia, the lab had to be in the same place. And he was right. So now it was time to uncover the secret of the Queen Zenobia hidden right in the heart of the ship.

The all S.T.A.R. pair find the T-Abyss virus in the lab, that’s filled with the Ooze, and they’re able to stop it from spreading outside of the ship. The FBC’s director, Morgan Lansdale is not a fan of this pair, though, and their actions in the lab definitely got his attention. He appears via the screens in the lab, taunting the pair and blowing up the Semiramis. Meanwhile Parker and Jessica split up to delay the Zenobia’s sinking, and Parker eventually finds out that Raymond was still alive. It appears Jessica was working as a secret agent all along during her time with the B.S.A.A. She was Morgan’s little mole. She shoots Parker in the leg and initiates the Zenobia’s self-destruct system. Uh oh.

Chris and Jill end up helping an injured Parker as they all try to escape the ship before it goes boom. Parker isn’t so lucky, though, and he falls to his “death” to the fiery depths below as the ship is falling apart. He would later be found drifting ashore after this whole mess was over and done with, though. Chris and Jill made it outside, but now they had to kill the same giant sea monster that had halted Chris and Jessica before, the Malacoda. With the help of fellow B.S.A.A member and pilot, Kirk they’re able to finally put an end to the giant B.O.W., and it goes down with the entire ship. Now it was time for the truth to be revealed.

O’Brian spills the whole can of beans to Chris and Jill, confirming that the whole “Il Veltro Revival Act” was a conspiracy orchestrated by himself and Raymond with the goal of exposing Morgan Lansdale’s connection with the terrorist group. O’Brian couldn’t tell Chris and Jill about his plan because he was well aware that there was someone inside the B.S.A.A. that was working for Morgan all along. That someone was Jessica. After this confession, O’Brian confirmed the existence of a third ship, the Queen Didio, which had been sunk to the bottom of the sea when Terragrigia was destroyed. FBC troops and Morgan himself paid O’Brian a personal visit at the B.S.A.A.’s HQ. They held everyone there captive, accusing O’Brian of working with Veltro. Chris and Jill were the only ones that could reveal the truth now. It was time to put an end to this.

Chris and Jill make their way through the ocean depths until they finally reach the Queen Dido. Once inside, they would find that Il Veltro’s leader, Jack Norman had been alive this whole time and had been hiding there, plotting his revenge against Morgan. Morgan had been the one that supplied Il Veltro with the T-Abyss virus. He needed the world to be afraid of bioterrorism in order to keep his FBC faction in business. So he worked with Il Veltro and framed them for the attack on Terragrigia. Now it was time to defeat Norman, who had injected himself with the virus, turning into a new form of Tyrant that’s able to teleport and make decoys of himself. Chris and Jill were able to take the monster down and sent the contents of his PDA over to the B.S.A.A.’s HQ. The truth was revealed. Morgan was behind everything, and he would end up being arrested for his actions, bringing the whole FBC down with him. However, some time later, Raymond was revealed as being in possession of a sample of the T-Abyss virus. He handed it over to Jessica. The two seem to be working for a secret Organization. O’Brian ended up leaving the B.S.A.A. due to his strong feelings of guilt over everything that happened. Chris and Jill on the other hand, weren’t ready for what awaited them…

A year has passed since the whole Il Veltro conspiracy, and Chris and Jill have at long last received intel from a reliable source revealing Umbrella founder Oswell E. Spencer’s location. He had been in hiding for a very long time, and now it was time to finally break down his doors and arrest him for his heavy involvement with Umbrella. Yeah, Chris and Jill would find him there, but things would end up very tragic for the two, thanks to the return of their former S.T.A.R.S. captain, Wesker.

Chris and Jill made it to Spencer’s hideout, which was eerily similar to the mansion back in the Arklay Mountains in Raccoon City. They immediately saw dead bodies littered all over the place, these had been Spencer’s bodyguards. Chris and Jill were then faced with many traps they would have to overcome in order to make it to Spencer’s exact location within the estate. They would eventually end up underground, where they would be pursued by several Guardians of Insanity. These B.O.W.s were extremely dangerous and would stop at nothing to kill Chris and Jill before they made it to Spencer. But the pair would overcome these strong foes, and they would pay Spencer a personal visit in his own home.

As soon as they entered the room Spencer had been hiding in, they found him already dead on the ground. He was killed at the hands of Wesker himself. Wesker turned his attention to his former S.T.A.R.S. members and easily overpowered the both of them thanks to his super-human strength and speed. After inflicting enough damage on him, Wesker gathered his strength and prepared to finally kill Chris. Jill then saved Chris by throwing herself at Wesker at full speed, sending herself and her former Captain right through the window. Chris immediately got up to check if Jill had survived the fall. But after three months, no body had been recovered. Jill was pronounced as being killed in action, but Chris knew deep down in his heart that her beloved partner couldn’t be dead. This then led to his mission in Kijuju, Africa.

The year is 2009, and Chris has already become of the best members of the B.S.A.A, having been involved in many missions, each one a success. Each one he took part in with the hope of finding Jill. Chris receives some crucial intel about a bioweapons deal that will go down in Kijuju, Africa. His mission was to find and arrest Ricardo Irving, who was detailed as being the dealer in question. Chris wouldn’t be alone, though. Aside from heavy backup from other B.S.A.A. members like Josh Stone and the group’s trusty pilot Kirk, Chris would be partnered with a B.S.A.A. operative from the region, Sheva Alomar.

After meeting their informant– who supplied them with weapons, equipment and more information about Irving’s possible location– it didn’t take long for the pair to be introduced to the new threat in the region. There was a new form of plaga like the one detailed in the Kennedy Report. Those infected by this new plaga were known as Majini. They were intelligent, able to utilize weapons and coordinate attacks. They came in various forms, too, with a big axe-wielding Executioner and a chainsaw wielding Majini being amongst the most deadly. But Chris and Sheva had to see their mission through. They had to prevent the possibility of another outbreak. But it seemed everyone in the region had already been infected.

Their informant was unfortunately killed by the axe of an Executioner. Chris and Sheva were than ambushed. They would go through many Majini and eventually they would be aided by their fellow B.S.A.A. comrades after Kirk’s chopper crashes when it’s attacked by flying B.O.W.s. Chris and Sheva head to the crash site and are attacked by hordes of Majini. Then Josh and other comrades end up coming to the rescue. They split up and Chris and Sheva continue their search for Irving. They come close to capturing him, too, but he gets away thanks to the help of a mysterious cloaked woman. Chris read the files Irving had left behind. One of them had a picture of a blonde woman that reminded him a lot of Jill. Irving had also left behind a map, and thanks to that Chris and Sheva were able to pinpoint where Irving might go next: the oil refinery.

Irving tried to slow down the duo by sending a pair of huge B.O.W.s after them, one was a giant bat-like creature and the other was a towering foe like the one Leon had faced in Europe. This wasn’t enough to stop them, and they fought even more hordes of Majini as they went through the oil refinery. And eventually they would finally reach Irving. The dealer tried to stop the two by blowing the entire refinery up. But Chris and Sheva were better than that, they were able to escape and reached the ship that Irving was hiding in. With no choice left, Irving injected himself with a syringe containing the Plaga which was handed to him by the mysterious cloaked woman. He experienced an extreme make over, turning into a giant sea monster. Of course, Chris and Sheva were able to defeat him after a long battle. In his dying breath, Irving told Chris that he would find all the answers he was seeking in the caves nearby.

The pair eventually reached the caves thanks to Josh, and after many battles with Majini forces, that were more tribal in this region, they made it to a very strange garden. This garden contained plants which were used many years ago by Umbrella’s founders to develop what become known as the Progenitor virus, a virus which came even before the T-Virus Chris had already encountered in 1998. Naturally, this garden led to a research facility. It was here where Chris hoped to find all the answers he was looking for.

Chris and Sheva make it to a large room filled with capsules, seemingly test subjects. Chris uses the computer terminal there to try and see if Jill is in one of them. Her name is actually listed, so he summons the capsule. But before being faced with the truth of whether or not she was actually there, he and Sheva were confronted by a giant B.O.W. know as U-8. The two were able to defeat the giant monster, and then the capsule finally rose up. It was empty. Excella then appeared on the screen telling Chris that she has no idea where Jill is. Chris and Sheva now had to find Excella, who Sheva recognized as being one of TriCell’s co-founders, a new corporation looking to fill the void left by Umbrella in the world of bioweapons.

After going through a lab, Chris and Sheva would finally reach Excella. She would flee, but not before leaving behind a little diversion. Chris and Sheva see a test subject being held there and it ends up mutating thanks to an infection by an advanced form of the Progenitor Virus, Uroboros. After this they run into her once again in the ruins, but she wasn’t alone this time. She was accompanied by none other than Albert Wesker and the mysterious cloaked woman that had been aiding Irving before. Chris is shocked to see Wesker still alive after what had happened at Spencer’s Estate, but he was even more shocked with the revelations that was about to hit him…

Wesker removed the cloaked woman’s hood and she was revealed as being Jill Valentine the whole time. She was now being controlled directly by Wesker thanks a device implanted right in the middle of her chest. A battle ensues and Chris and Sheva take on both Wesker and Jill. Wesker is extremely strong, so Chris and Sheva focus their attention on Jill, trying to contain her long enough to remove the device from her chest. They succeed in doing so, but Wesker and Excella had already escaped. Chris then embraces Jill, and tells her he won’t leave her side. However, Jill tells Chris that he must go and stop Wesker since he is the only one that can do so. Hesitant at first because he wants to get his beloved partner to safety, Chris listens to Jill and sets off to finish Wesker once and for all. He and Sheva spotted Wesker and Excella boarding a ship in the distance. This was their next destination.

They made it to the ship, which was guarded by many armed soldiers, infected with the Plaga. After taking on hordes of the infected, they would eventually run into Excella once more. This time, she accidentally dropped a vial that could be quite crucial. And, of course, Wesker then reveals that he has no need for Excella anymore and she had been infected with Uroboros herself. She turns into a giant monster, towering over the ship. Chris and Sheva are able to take down the B.O.W. after a brutal fight. Then it was off to put an end to Wesker and his hidden agenda. Before tracking down Wesker, Chris gets a call from Jill who had spent quite a lot of time with the former S.T.A.R.S captain after being under his control for a while. She revealed to Chris that Wesker needed to regularly inject himself with a special serum to keep the virus within him stable. However, too much of this serum would end up weakening him. Looking at the serum Excella had dropped before, Chris and Sheva now knew what they had to do.

Wesker was about to escape via his personal airship, but Chris and Sheva caught up to him. After a big fight against the man in black, Chris eventually was able to inject Wesker with the serum. Wesker, now weakened, flees to his airship and makes a run for it. Chris and Sheva are right behind him, they had to finish him at all costs. Once aboard his ship, Wesker reveals his master plan: to release Uroboros into the atmosphere, causing– get ready for it– GLOBAL SATURATION! Another fight ensues, with the ship about to crash, and Chris and Sheva are able to knock him down. As he’s about to fly out of the ship’s cargo room, he holds on to Sheva’s leg. Upon seeing this, Chris is reminded of how Jill fells and how he was unable to save her back at Spencer’s Estate. Chris saved Sheva, though. And the ship crashed in a volcanic region.

Of course, Wesker had survived the crash as well. He punches through a capsule containing Uroboros, causing him to become one with the virus. He mutates into a monster and attacks Chris and Sheva. The two get separated and it’s up to Chris to save Sheva and kill Wesker. After punching a giant boulder to hell, Chris saves Sheva and the two focus on ending Wesker. After their final battle, the ground beneath Wesker breaks and he takes a lava bath. Jill and Josh arrive with the evac chopper, bringing Chris and Sheva up. Wesker was somehow still alive, though, and Jill gave Chris and Sheva a pair of rocket launchers to deliver the killing blow. In the face! Wesker is dead.

Chris, Sheva and Jill then fly away with Josh piloting the chopper. Chris sits back and thinks about everything that had happened up until this point. He makes eye contact with Jill, the woman he thought he had lost on that tragic night at Spencer’s Estate. But she was alive, sitting right there in front of him. With Wesker dead, it was finally all over. Chris thinks to himself if all this is worth fighting for. He comes to the conclusion that for a future without fear of bioterror, yes, it’s definitely all worth fighting for.

The year is now 2013. Chris’s worst nightmare has come true. The threat of bioterror has gone global. The one thing Chris has spent years fighting to prevent has come to pass. And a global outbreak is about to commence.

Chris is able to finally come to his senses, thanks to his new B.S.A.A. partner Piers Nivans, on that June night at that bar in Eastern Europe. Piers shows him photographs of the team he had lost six months ago in Edonia thanks to a surprise bioterror attack by a woman believed to be Ada Wong. She trapped Chris’s team in a cell and threw a C-Virus filled needle bomb inside, infecting all of them. Chris had promised his team that they would all survive. This wasn’t the case. This was reminder was enough for B.S.A.A. to get their captain back, and thus, Chris would put on his uniform once more.

Now Chris is flying over Lanshiang, China, where the C-Virus has already broke out. Chris is about to meet a new breed of B.O.W., the J’avo. They are deadlier than anything he’s faced before, even able to regenerate mutilated limbs. This new virus could infect the entire world. To everyone around the globe, there seems to be No Hope Left. Chris is the one beacon of hope the world needs during this time of widespread terror.

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