reHorror: Resident Evil 6 Captivate 2012 trailer analysis

A new trailer for Resident Evil 6 has just been released, so you know what that means! Time to get my Wesker shades on and break it down scene-by-scene to give you guys my observations and personal theories as well.

Right off the bat, this new trailer confirms a theory I brought up when I analyzed the game’s debut trailer: Leon vs. Chris because of a certain “bitch” being Ada. Leon doesn’t want to kill Ada, of course, while Chris wants nothing but to off her like any ol’ zombie, with a bullet in the brain. So, are you Team Chris or Team Leon? But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start right from the beginning, shall we?

Warning: This article contains passages of explicit spoilers and revelations (from Resident Evil Revelations).

Leon loses his jacket…again

By far the biggest revelation in the trailer is that Leon will once again be losing a wonderful jacket.

But in all seriousness, here we see Leon helping Helena get back on her feet after what’s most likely a big explosion. Helena ain’t Claire, but I like the red on her attire, it’s a nice throwback to Leon’s beloved partner from Resident Evil 2. These are most likely their outfits once they get to China. Come on, battling bio-terrorism isn’t easy, you gotta dress comfortably. (I did love his jacket though.)

Helena’s secret

In the first trailer we were introduced to Leon’s new partner, Helena Harper. We eventually got to learn a bit more about her: she used to be an agent directly serving the President, until, you know, he turned into a zombie, leaving Leon no choice but to put a bullet in his brain. In the same trailer she kept blaming herself for what was going on in Tall Oaks. As expected, Tall Oaks is experiencing a viral outbreak not unlike the one that led to Raccoon City’s complete destruction. The game’s just-released Captivate trailer sheds more light on this secret Helena’s keeping.

It seems like she knows this new virus, known as the C-Virus, and its effects quite well. We see her and Leon in a very classic laboratory area here, with the pair getting comfortable to view the contents of a tape Helena wants Leon to see (which is most likely what she wanted him to see back in the first trailer). Could this lab be hidden deep within the church/castle-like area we saw the both of them in before? Could be. But now let’s take a closer look at the C-Virus and what it could do.

The C-Virus & the Chrysalide

The tape (yes, young readers, that’s what a VHS tape looks like) Leon and Helena view shows the mutation directly caused by the C-Virus. It ain’t pretty. We see a scientist standing behind a test subject that’s in a chrysalis . Then we see the subject hatching, so to speak, further reinforcing the C-Virus’ insect-like nature. I hate insects. This new breed of BOWs is known as the Chrysalide and we already got to see some of the other BOWs created by this new viral threat as well, with the regenerating J’avo being the most notable one.

But how do the zombies come into play? What we saw in the tape is what happens when the C-Virus is injected directly into a test subject. The zombies could just be a result of the virus traveling through another method. Rats again? Or as a scene later on in the trailer indicates, maybe just any form of close contact with the Chrysalide can lead to a zombification (we see one spitting at a man who quickly ends up mutating). The zombies in this game are also much smarter than ever before, able to jump and even wield weapons.

This whole thing ties back to the scene we saw in the first trailer, which we also see flashes of here, where BSAA operatives are also in a cocoon-like enclosure. Yeah, they’re most likely going to hatch as these new enemies, too, like the subject in the image above. It’s definitely one hell of a deadly virus, and there’s even grenades infused with it, as we see Ada use in a room full of Chris’s men.

Alex Wesker?

Alex (?): How are you feeling?

Ada: More games?

Alex (?): Not quite, just something I think you would benefit from knowing.

That dialogue doesn’t exactly go along with the screen-cap above, but it’s most defintiely spoken by this mysterious man. We actually hear this voice-over in the beginning of the trailer in which the man is talking to Ada. But wait, that voice. Why that sounds like good ol’ Wesker! Could it be? Well, Albert’s long gone (2 missiles to the head and a lava bath, yup) so could this man be Alex Wesker?

It’s interesting because we see quick flashes of this man once Ada realizes Jake is Wesker Jr. (how cute). Perhaps the man notifies Ada of Jake’s location, then telling her that’s he’s quite important due to his daddy being Wesker himself. His blood will definitely be something Ada wants, and we see their little confrontation later in the trailer. But I have a strong feeling this man is in fact Alex Wesker, who’s been in hiding forever. If so, he’s most likely going to be the mastermind behind the events of the game, with Ada as his loyal servant after Albert was killed. This should be very interesting indeed.

(Thanks for pointing out this quick scene, Miguel!)

The “bitch” with the red scarf

Ada’s back, baby! And you can’t have Ada without a red piece of clothing. This time she’s rocking that stylish red scarf.

She seems to be the main villain in the game, or at least, that’s what we’re being led to believe. If the mysterious man from before is actually one of the Wesker children, then we know he may be behind everything. And plus, Ada’s never really been the “mastermind” type of baddie. She’s never actually been a complete baddie, either. She just does her job and has a hobby of collecting virus samples. A girl’s gotta have fun, right? But her being on the side of evil in the game will lead to many, many problems, especially between two series all-STARS. But we’ll get to that at the end of this analysis.

Why so serious?

The game will be split up into three separate storylines, with each eventually connecting with one another once all the characters cross paths in the game’s main setting, China. But it all starts off with this particular scenario here, which kicks off Chris’s story, where he’s partnered with Piers Nivans. This scene is taken from said scenario that takes place six months before the actual events going on in Tall Oaks and China. This prologue of sorts is the first instance of a C-Virus outbreak, as Hunnigan tells Leon in a scene that follows. But what exactly happened?

Chris and Piers, along with a team of BSAA operatives, are sent to a European warzone to see what’s going on, until they have a run-in with Ada. Ada, ever so lovely, ends up being responsible for the deaths of many of Chris’s men as she unleashes the C-Virus and brings forth the deadly J’avo (those damn C-Virus grenades are crazy!). This changes Chris and his overall outlook on things. He’s no longer the same man we knew before. This time, shit’s serious. So, yeah, Ada is the bitch Chris was referring to in the first trailer. And here I was thinking Claire or Jill were going to be killed…

But wait, what about Jessica? After playing Revelations, we all figured that Jessia was the bitch in question. But, nah. Here’s what I think: Jess’ is working directly for Ada, and it was her job to retrieve the T-Abyss virus for her, which she succeeded in doing, of course. Will she make an appearance in the game? Most likely. But then what about Raymond Vester, who was also seen in Revelations’ epilogue, being the one that actually handed Veltro’s virus to her? Resident Evil 6 is already set to have a huge cast of characters– with old faces and new faces alike. So it wouldn’t rerally be surprising to see Raymond and Jessica make a return.

 In the face!

Here we see one of the ways zombies come into the mix. A civilian here is trying to play hero going up against one of the Chrysalide creatures, which is just a bad idea if you weren’t possessive of a lead role in Resident Evil games prior. The BOW emits a gas cloud right in the man’s face. And it doesn’t take long for said man to become a zombie. It’s a very rapid mutation, making the C-Virus all the more deadly. But man does that BOW look…wrong.

Call it immaturity, but hot damn Luis would be BEYOND happy to see all the ballistics on that thing. He would’ve had so much fun with those un-presidential ballistics equipped on that creature. Rest in peace, Luis.

So if one can turn to a zombie this quick, by inhaling the gas emissions from these BOWs, then how does it become as widespread as it is in Tall Oaks? Perhaps it was airborne at one point. Or, again, rats…Rats that emit gas like this BOW… Joking aside, it’s most likely a “once one’s infected, everyone’s screwed” type of thing where the zombies just go on to give the weather, not the news, to those not yet infected. This doesn’t apply to any of the main characters of course, because, you know, they all got their vaccinations before evertyhing went to hell.

I really do hope we get to see more grotesque creatures like this one. With a virus as deadly as the one introduced with this game, the BOWs need to look the part, and be enough to scare you shitless by just appearing in front of you. But I have a big question here: which do I shoot (you know what I mean)? And I wouldn’t be surprised if these monsters make themselves explode to emit an even bigger cloud of gas to cover a larger radius with the infection. Yeah, there really is no hope left…

 Pack your bags

This part was just epic. When Leon told Hunnigan that he and Helena were heading to China, I myself emitted…stuff. But, yeah, this is where we see Leon’s story start to intertwine with Chris’s and Wesker Jr. (we’ll get to him in a bit). China is being treated as the main setting in the game, and it’s here where everything will connect. It’s also here where we’re going to get an orgasmic confrontation between Leon and Chris, screw Rock vs. Cena! But Leon also says something else to Hunnigan.

Leon tells Hunnigan to fake his and Helena’s deaths to get some heat off them. Why? Well, the death of the President is being blamed on them entirely, even though he was a zombie…So, I guess you can call them fugitives. So instead of staying and risking the chance of being deported, they decide to get the hell out. Kidding again. Leon most likely knows of the outbreak also happening in other parts of the world, specifically China, and he’s also most likely aware that Chris(ssssss) is also there fighting the good fight with good ol’ Piers and their men. Time for an epic get-together! Which ends up turning sour.


Sherry’s back! It feels good to finally have this confirmed. I’ll admit, I wasn’t entirely a believer at first when IGN reported that, according to their inside sources, she would be in the game. I was always under the impression that this girl was Ashley, but damn was I wrong. Oh well, SHERRY’S FINALLY BACK!

She’s running around with Wesker Jr. (Jake Muller). But really, she’s the one making sure his ass is safe, because she needs him for her unnamed organization (yeah, another one!). The funny thing is, Jake is going to be the one protecting her ass most of the time, as we see in both trailers where he gets her out of tough spots. But what organization is Sherry serving?

Where Sherry’s loyalty lies is going to remain a mystery for now, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t to the organization Ada’s serving. Sherry’s most likely fighting the evils of bioterrorism  (she has a gun now!) with her own faction that’s not unlike the BSAA when it comes to motives. I mean, it was the viruses and the conspiracies surrounding them that ended up costing her parents their lives. So why support something like that when you can help put an end to it? Maybe she’s aiming to get some of Jake’s blood and mass-produce it to help put an end to this infection.

UPDATE: Sherry is an agent for the US government. After being under their careful watch for years, might as well work for them, right?

Who’s the mommy?

Then we get yet another big reveal. The mercenary’s scenario was always surrounded in complete mystery before, because we didn’t know who the main character was, along with his partner. Said partner is Sherry, and now we know this mercenary is none other than Albert Wesker’s son, Jake Muller. Yeah. Who’s the mom, though?

All the rumors can now be laid to rest, or can they? What if Jake Muller is just an alias for Wesker Jr.? In this scene we see a run-in Jake has with Chris, Piers and their squad. Chris asks Jake if they’ve met before, noticing something very familiar about his appearance. He would, of course, since he did kill his daddy. But what if he recognizes him as someone else? Raymond? Okay, that’s probably a stretch, but I get a feeling there’s more to this character. Raymond’s appearance at the end of Revelations (with the shades on and jacket) makes me feel that way. But we’ll have to wait and see! And the look on Jake’s face in the image above, when he’s looking back at Chris after taking off in a chopper, really makes it seem like he recognizes Chris as well. Hmm…

But yeah, who the hell is the mom?

Son of the Colossal Imbecile

Again we have a scene focusing on Jake, this time we see the conclusion of the big chase sequence from the first trailer, where he and Sherry are being pursued by that new form of Tyrant. Seems like this big BOW completely obeys Ada, as do the hired guns she has on by her side, which are also the infected. But where did Sherry go?

Looks like Jake had no idea he was Wesker’s son, or maybe he’s just trying to cover that fact. Ada amusingly refers to Albert as a colossal imbecile who tried to take over the world (saturation!). It’s also here where we see flashes of that mysterious man, first standing next to an scientist and then surrounded by agents. I think he’s Alex, but again, we’ll have to wait and see. I do sense a big government conspiracy, though. Ada then goes on to tell Jake something we all know by now,that he’s the “heir to a very special blood type.” That’s what happens when you’re Albert Wesker’s son. The world seems to be out for his blood, which could hold the cure to this whole mess, but Ada may want it for different reasons altogether.

Weskers May Cry

I think when all’s said and done, Jake may end up having a spot reserved for him in the next Marvel vs. Capcom game’s roster. Dude has some moves! This shows us just how different an experience Jake’s scenario will be (where he’s partnered with Sherry).

While I don’t think there’ll be a combo system in place as deep as there is in the DMC series, Jake will still be able to use some stylish attacks. It’s not just about shooting, which makes sense since Wesker also had some pretty nifty fighting moves of his own. His scenario could also be compared to Uncharted, with platforming also being a focus by the looks of the first trailer. Then you have set-piece moments like the big chase scene, too, where him and Sherry are fleeing from that Tyrant-like BOW. I know it’s going to be a drastically different experience than what we’re used to, but hell, I’m definitely excited about playing Jake’s story (though I’m still going for Leon’s first!).

“Something to remember me by”

Once again, Ada is being a naughty girl. This is the first time she and Chris cross paths and it certainly won’t be the last as Chris is sure to have his sights set on her until he finds her and kills her. This creates tension between him and Leon, of course, but we’re about to get to that!

In this scene, that takes place six months before the start of the game, we see what exactly drove Chris to the “other side.”  Okay, he’s not evil, but he’s a changed man after this particular moment. Ada throws one of those grenades that shoot out needles filled with the C-Virus and yeah, you can probably imagine what happens next. Chris and his partner Piers are outside a cell containing their entire squad. Chris is pretty much forced to watch his men fall victim to this new viral threat right in front of him. The mutations aren’t exactly pleasing to the eyes either, they’re quite gross and reminded me of those big bulging enemies from Revelations. But it gets worse…

That must hurt

Here we see another new BOW. The mutation was, again, rapid. The grenade shot out the needles filled with the C-Virus and one unlucky soul’s body pretty much popped and then regenerated as this creature. Yeah, Ada don’t play. This BOW reminds me of a Hunter sort of, due to his body and the way he charges at you. I’m sure this enemy will be quite a threat. I mean, he definitely brings the pain to Chris.

Chris falls and hits his head pretty hard after being hit by the BOW. Now this is where things get interesting. Could this big hit to the head have any long-lasting effect on Mr.Anti-Boulders himself? Maybe this adds even more to Chris’s troubles, not only did he see his entire team decimated before his very eyes, but he also suffered quite a huge hit to the head. That would definitely mess a man up. Poor Chris.

#Team Leon or #Team Chris?

And here’s the grand finale. This scene is something I’m going to have dreams about for months. First we got the reveal that both Chris and Leon will be playing central roles in the game with that amazing first trailer. And now we have this. I can tell you this much, when I got the message from CJ notifying me about the trailer leaking this morning, I skipped my morning class and went straight to the library to view it in all its glory. Yeah, talk about dedicated.

This ties back to Ada here. Chris wants to kill her for what she did to his men and for being behind this global viral crisis. But is she really behind it all, or is she merely just a “key witness” like Leon says to a (roid?) raging Chris. Leon, of course, doesn’t want to hurt Ada and still has feelings for her (she’s the part of him he just can’t let go of). He may not want to openly admit it, but he definitely still has love for her despite everything they’ve been through. So, yeah, Chris and Leon aren’t going to see eye-to-eye on this one. Which leads to this epic encounter. Oh, and Ada just says deuces and jumps out the window, she loves doing that.

No, Chris and Leon don’t greet each other with a nice big hug, instead, they point their guns at one another after an orgasmic fight scene in which Leon basically saves Ada’s life by allowing her time to escape. Hell, the whole sequence was orgasmic. And it keeps playing in my head over and over again. Granted, this may not be the first time the two series all-STARS meet up in the game, so there’s still hope for that bro-mantic hug! And I still think both of them will get the final shot on the game’s last boss and yell out “JACKPOT.” Watch.


This new trailer is hands-down one of my favorite trailers for any game, ever. It shows that the game will definitely keep pushing the series forward with an epic, sprawling storyline revolving around a new viral threat that seems to be the deadliest yet. And it happens to feature both of the series’ biggest male protagonists. Ada, Chris, Leon, Sherry, and Wesker’s son all in one game? This is too good to be true.

Years from now, we could all be able to enjoy a cereal bowl full of all the letters associated with the series’ viruses, just there, floating and soaked in milk. Is it October 2nd yet?


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