reHorror: Celebrating a decade of reHorror and 2 years of Rely on Horror

Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and classic Nickelodeon cartoons. Growing up in the ’90s, this was all the rage for kids my age at the time. For me? Yeah, all those things were important, but there was something else that towered above them all: Resident Evil.

I got into the series at a young age thanks to what’s now my favorite game of all time, Resident Evil 2, and I’ve been hooked since. Hell, at school I even came to be known as “the Resident Evil kid.” And all my friends would come to me with queries about the games, as well as asking for help in how to beat them.

So after rushing home from school everyday, before I would turn on the TV (or do my homework!) to catch the latest episode of one of the aforementioned shows, I would dash to my room and turn on the computer. I would then point my browser– thanks to AOL!–towards one particular site that I became addicted to (not porn!): Resident Evil Horror, or as it’s more widely known, reHorror. I guess you could say this became a daily ritual of sorts. Oh, and then I would turn on my TV…

You see, to me, reHorror was more than just a site, it was more akin to a haven of sorts. Up to date series coverage and a wealth of information about each game was just scratching the surface in terms of the site’s content. And for a long period of time, it also had a blooming community in its forums. So it makes me teary-eyed to come to the realization that it’s been 10 years since the site’s launch. A decade of reHorror.

But, as some of you may know, the site transformed itself into a different beast over time. It still provided some of the best Resident Evil coverage around, but it also delved into coverage of other survival horror series as well. I was actually a key component in said expansion of the site as I came in towards the final months of reHorror (back when we were under the GameRiot network). And after much discussion with our administrator, we came up with a new name that still had those three familiar letters (REH): Rely on Horror.

And guess what? It’s been 2 full years since the launch of Rely on Horror. And honestly, it feels like it was just yesterday that we were debating what the new site should be called. Hell, I personally threw around the name Raw Epic Horror for a while! But since then, I’ve climbed up the ladder, so to speak. From being just a regular editor dating back to reHorror’s last months as a stand-alone site, I eventually went on to take on the position of Editor-in-Chief for Rely on Horror, which is something I feel very, very fortunate about. From being an addicted user of reHorror since the beginning, now I’m running Rely on Horror editorially, and keeping that classic reHorror name alive with this weekly series. I’m more than happy about that. Actually, words can’t describe how much this all means to me, how much you all mean to me, and how I live and breathe for this site.

We wouldn’t have been able to survive 10 years as reHorror if it wasn’t for you guys, our devoted readers. And Rely on Horror wouldn’t have taken off in such a short time if it wasn’t for all of you. Hell, our Facebook page has seen a massive growth since we first launched, as well as our overall readership, and for a site as small in focus (we only cover survival horror after all) I’d say that’s a pretty damn impressive feat. But I would be committing a crime if I didn’t thank our administrator and the one man keeping the site up and running behind the scenes, DaMa.

I’ll never forget the way I was brought into the reHorror team a few years ago. Basically, I left a long, detailed comment on one of the posts at the time and that’s how the site’s owner, DaMa, brought me in, after reading what I had to say. And I still remember one of my first full-fledged columns for the site, in which I spoke about the former exclusive deal Capcom had with Nintendo in regards to the Resident Evil franchise, questioning how things might have been different if said deal were to have stuck. So, yeah, I can’t thank DaMa enough for actually reading a mere comment (it was a lengthy one!) I left. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be writing this for all of you to read. But that’s not the only reason why DaMa deserves thanks…

The man is one of the most hard-working people I’ve ever met. He does so much for Rely on Horror and he’s always thinking up new ways to improve it. Yeah, I may be calling the shots editorially, but he’s the one that actually keeps the site running. And let me tell you, we have some big things planned for the future! You’ve already seen our new logo and title image (the one below), which has debuted with this column. So don’t be surprised if you’re met with a new look altogether for Rely on Horror a few months from now!

So, to conclude this memoir, I’ve asked the man himself, DaMa, to share his own thoughts on the site making it to its second full year. I’ve also asked a couple of our veteran writers to share their own thoughts, too. So, until next week! Don’t forget, reHorror is now going to be every Friday. And you’re going to love each new installment for the month of December, because I’m going to be doing a “best of” series of articles, ranging from my personal picks for the best BOW in the series, best characters, ultimately ending up with my pick for the best game (you probably already know what I’ll be picking!).

I love all of you. I sincerely do. Thank you for all your support throughout these last 10 years. And for your approval and continued support for Rely on Horror. Here’s to more years in this world of survival horror!


 ” So Rely on Horror is already celebrating its second anniversary. Even in November 2009 it was no totally new site, instead it started as a merger of the former Resident Evil- and Dead Space Horror sites. I am happy we expanded the way we did and now are able to cover all kinds of horror games.

I myself have been doing these websites for 10 years now. One of Rely on Horror’s main root was Resident Evil Horror, which i hope some of you still remember, originally founded in September 2001. Yes… its been a long time and i am old by now but still motivated enough to move on 😉

There’s a strong team surrounding Rely on Horror and we all will try to continue doing our best to deliver the best reading and viewing experience possible.

To save the best for last, beginning of the year we also plan to launch a new layout for the site.

Thanks for visiting Rely on Horror.”

~ DaMa
“A group of diverse individuals from around the world working together because of the same passion, the world Horror. For me that’s the Rely On Horror team. It’s been over a year since I joined this awesome team. I started out as one of the fans following the team way back from the REHorror days and one day I finally became part of it. It has been a blast the past year providing coverage for all those people with the same passion as mine, our readers. A lot of you guys has been awesome and supportive and that’s what fuels all of us to give you more and better content that we could provide.

I am looking forward to ROH’s bright future and I hope that all of you will still be there to join me in this brand new year as I once again enter the world of horror…”

-Angel C.

” I remember frequenting the old Resident Evil Horror site for the latest scoop on Resident Evil stuff back when I was in high school (uhh…quite a few years ago). I creeped for quite a while – in fact, I only made an account on RE Horror a few months before Dominik (RoH’s webmaster) made a post stating that he was looking for writers for a new site.
It’s almost difficult to believe that was two years ago. I’ve learned a lot, have been frustrated and probably stayed up a lot later than I should have working and playing through games – but I probably would have done those things regardless. A re-design of the site and a couple of changes in the line-up, and a new screen-name later, I love writing for the site as much now as ever.

a.k.a: “Janus.”

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