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In the Forums – How Would You Change Resident Evil?

It’s been discussed many times. Many, many times. With Resident Evil 4 and 5 straying away from their survival horror roots, many fans long for the days when the game was…you know, scary.

Granted, there were a couple of ‘oh-shit!’ moments in those two games, more in 4 than in 5…but the real scares just weren’t there, were they? Not like the dog jumping through the window or the Licker looming down at you from the ceiling…

So much for that pair of underwear…

No one knows what they want better than the fans, right? We all have ideas on what would make it great. So how would you change Resident Evil 5? Would you switch it back to a ‘classic’ style or keep with the current model? Change up the cast or bring back old favourites?  Or do you think 4 and 5 were alright?

So it’s been discussed many times, and we’d like you to have your say too!  Click here to head over to the forum topic and have your say!

The forums are a great way, in addition to the Facebook fan page to get to talk with and know more fans of the site!  So take a trip over to our forums.  Introduce yourself, leave a few comments, start a few threads.  That’s what they’re there for, right?


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