If the PS1 had trophies: Resident Evil Director’s Cut Trophy#2

Sorry for the delay in today’s post of the somewhat daily ‘If the PS1 had trophies’ feature that will of course highlight survival horror classics and tag trophies to them. Yesterday we threw you an easily obtainable one, in which all you had to do was traverse to the main hall and attempt to escape the mansion. Well yeah, that didn’t happen as you were greeted by a cute little cerberus. Today we have another trophy that we envision would appeal to those people who know the mansion like the back of their hand. What am I alluding to? Well find out below with today’s trophy for Resident Evil Director’s Cut!

Silver Trophy: Master of exploring

Description: Obtain all the maps scattered throughout the game playing as Jill Valentine.

Yes I know the above map is taken from the remake of the original Resident Evil but bear with me here. While not a difficult trophy to obtain, let’s just put ourselves in the respective time period. One in which the PS1 was the marvelous piece of technology we now consider the PS3, 360, and wii as being. With that being said. The Resident Evil franchise was not yet cemented as just that…a franchise. It was only after the success of the first game that Capcom decided, thank god, to make this into the franchise we continue to enjoy today. So having said that, classic phrases like ‘master of unlocking’ and ‘jill (jibble?) sandwich’ were not yet cemented in such high regards as they are today, and for that we tag Resident Evil 1’s dialogue as being so bad that it’s good. Yes and a good chunk of those cheesy but oh so satisfying lines stem back to the vocal chords of Barry Burton. Ah yes the lost Norris brother who was set out to live in big bro Chuck’s shadow, but hey who can complain when you pack quite the heat by dual wielding a pair of deadly magnums. Wait dual wielding you say? Well of course, seeing as how Barry most definitely hides another magnum in his precious beard. Need more proof? Well in the words of a wise vampire: “have at you!”

Anyway, back to the trophy at hand. In order to obtain this trophy you have to play Jill’s scenario and quite simply get all of the maps scattered through the game. So yes , don’t just rush through the mansion without a care for picking up items and what-not, take your time enjoy the experience for it is quite a memorable one! Now let’s tie this back to Barry and the cheesy dialogue this game blessed our ear hair with . As you know Barry officially confirms Jill as being the ‘master of unlocking’. Now look at the name of the trophy, yeah see what I did there…But don’t send messages detailing my stupidity just yet! For put yourselves in the shoes of a game not acquainted with the franchise and hell put yourself back in the corresponding generation and you’ll see that this is quite a not-so obvious and stupid trophy to get, or just laugh at those people who would do the said requirement as Chris and be met with no trophy…Where’s a boulder when you need one. Come back tomorrow for another trip down memory lane!

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