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Hopes and Fears of E3 2012

The gaming expo giant is back once more. E3 2012 is just a week away. We here at Rely on Horror are excited and anxious about the busy news week that’s just around the corner. We’re hopeful yet fearful about what’s to come from the show floor. Below we have all listed our hopes and fears of this years show.

Speculation, desire, and some disappointment is expected at every game expo, but E3 is one of the biggest, so it gets its own article. How privileged it must feel.



What I’d Love to see…

Actual game play footage of Resident Evil 6. Capcom has taken the liberty of telling us who will actually be in the game, thereby eliminating any actual doubt that Jake is (spoiler!) Wesker’s illegitimate son.  And until I hear otherwise, that’s my theory on what happened there. They’ve also pit Chris against Leon over the spy who loves him (or her clone) for some reason.  I’m actually a little tired of Capcom spilling the beans on their latest and greatest games before I actually get a chance to play it. Where’s the mystery and joy in the discovery?  Where’s the mind-bending revelations?!

We’ve seen the action sequences in some of the earlier trailers, monsters reaching over strategic cover, sliding on the ground and shooting…running…There seems to be this generally accepted idea that Resident Evil 6 will offer the best of both worlds.  What do we have to base that on?  A tense scene with Leon walking up a flight of stairs?  The absence of the sun?  Specifically, I want to see gameplay videos of those horror segments that await.  I want to see them to allay my fears that Resident Evil 6 is not a rinse and repeat of Resident Evil 5.

What I’d hate to see…

Admittedly, this doesn’t even have anything to do with games, but it’s something that gets me a little riled up every time.  It’s about the culture – or moreover, the presenters themselves. Society at large, despite how large and diverse the gaming community actually is, seems to cater to a very specific stereotype. That gamers are bratty little kids talking trash on Xbox Live or manchildren living in their parents’ basement that they never go outside, have absolutely no social skills other than feverishly typing out insults and have zero concept of personal hygiene. How many people do you actually know are like that? I’m not, and you probably aren’t either.

You would think that E3 of all places would be exempt from that sort of thing, but it’s not. When Jamie Kennedy hosted Activision’s E3 conference in 2007, I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t an industry-wide thing. It probably had more to do with him being an unfunny drunk asshole than the way people actually see gamers. But then again, look at Spike’s VGAs.

The worst thing is, the moment one of those asshats makes the assumption that we’re all basement-dwelling virgins is the moment the fun of E3 or any other show like it ends. If it’s not the tired old jokes about going outside or somehow filling some void in our life with video games, it’s the endless tirade from the community, saying how terrible they were for stereotyping us like that.  Not to mention the fact that it makes anything that the host is actually trying to showcase look terrible by association and there’s a lot to look forward to this E3.


CJ Melendez

What I’d Love to see…

Silent Hill of course, but I have my doubts we’ll see anything other than a playable build of Book of Memories on the show floor. Maybe we’ll finally get a trailer. It’s been almost a full year since the game qas announced, several delays later, and we still do not have one single trailer. Isn’t that crazy? I’d like to finally see one of those, you know? See some gameplay in action with the excellent soundtrack. But Konami is weird that way.

Would I love a hint of Silent Hill 10 (BoM being Silent Hill 9)? It seems pretty soon to expect a teaser of another game. While it would be nice, I think Konami is still in the reflecting period on the reception of Downpour and the HD Collection. I doubt plans are even on paper yet, but if so, then that’s good. I don’t need to see anything this year to be happy that Silent Hill is still alive. All I can really hope for from them is proper coverage and information to be given on Book of Memories. For a game getting so much backlash from fans, it would be wise to show off the game some more rather than hide it like some dirty secret until it quietly arrives in stores.

The Deadly Premonition re-release is something I am dying for. The original is a freaking classic despite it’s technical shortcomings and if those things were address (like the horrid map system) then the game can only get better. Supposedly, there will be some graphical tweaks and new missions as well. Deadly Premonition is not a pretty game, and it didn’t need to be with how brilliant it was, but a better looking version is more than welcome in my book–as long as the game’s art direction stays the same.

Part of me hopes to see the Deadly Premonition re-release be vastly improved in just its graphics and controls. Everything else is perfect. I think my hopes may be a bit too large with the game, but it has been quite some time since the original version released. Slapping a new coat of paint shouldn’t be too hard, right? I also hope that the game will see the light of day sometime soon.

Resident Evil Revelations making it’s way to the Playstation Vita. I know Capcom loves their Nintendo exclusives but come on, they’re Capcom. They’re the kings of re-releases and ports. Can we at least get the game that’s supposed to bridge Resident Evil 5 to its sequel, on another console? I’d very much like to play it without having to buy a 3DS. Not many games I want to play on that console.

Lastly, I would like to see some gameplay of Guillermo Del Toro’s iNSANE: Two years later and not even a screenshot.

Oh, and DOOM 4.

What I’d hate to see…

Dead Space 3 ditching everything survival horror about it. I know that seems very likely with EA’s attempts at making most of their games with a broader mainstream appeal, but if the game goes full on bro-shooter with zombies and no character depth, I will be beyond disappointed. The best I can hope for is a fun game with a good story. The predictable jump scares increased in Dead Space 2 despite its psychological elements and Dead Space 3 need to at least come up with new methods of monster spawning. It gets a bit tiring and repetitive knowing where monsters will come from. Hopefully co-op will at least make the game fun to play if all the horror elements get stripped down.

Another trailer for Resident Evil 6 spoiling almost everything, yet again.

The horror show that was Mr. Caffeine.

Rourke Keegan

What I’d Love to see…

Well, just in terms of horror games, I’m desperate for gameplay footage of Resident Evil 6 in action. Although the first trailer does have a few clips of gameplay, it’s obviously modified gameplay. There’s no HUD, no action icons. I want to see the game in action, running at full speed, with all of the everything that’s going to be going on in the game.

I’d love to see some new information on Silent Hill: Book of Memories as well, although “new” might just be fancy word for “ANY” information in this case. Obviously Dead Space 3 is something everyone here is looking forward too as well, and I’m curious to see how the co-op that may or may not be in the game works. Will it be like RE5’s co-op? Or maybe closer to F.E.A.R. 3’s?

To be totally honest, I’m also kinda hoping to see Resident Evil 4 3D. Sure, I own it on everything else (I own it on all my home consoles, Wii, Ps2, Gamecube, 360 and PS3) but I’d love to have a portable version of the game. Mercenaries 3D has a couple of modified things from RE4, and all it does is make me long for having RE4 at my finger tips. Because they never made that iOS version. Nope. Never happened. If it were possible to add additional content to the game (replace Seperate Ways with a Lewis campaign, perhaps?) I’d be 100% for it.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing a third SAW game as well. It would be fairly easy to just completly ditch the gameplay elements of the first two and try to start over from scratch. The first two games (while NOT being good games, or even good SAW stories) were O-K horror games, at least I liked the mood and sound design. A co-op SAW experiance could really be something, and hopefully now they wouldn’t have to rush development to try and come out the same time as a new movie, since we probably won’t see SAW on the big screen again for another couple of years (Oh, C’MON, you know it’s coming!)

And a quick shout out to non-horror games, please, for the love of god, Capcom! BRING ACE ATTORNEY BACK TO THE US! I want Investigations 2 and Ace Attorney 5 here so bad, and I don’t want to have to hack the shit out of my 3DS to play them! Not to mention Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright! A sequel to the BRILLIANT Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is the only thing I think I’d be able to take as a replacement.

More news on Beyond Good & Evil 2 would be great, too.

What I’d hate to see…

Much like Cj said, another trailer for RE6 that gives away too much. Capcom’s marketing is pretty dominating, but the closer to release it gets, the more spoilers are in their trailers. I can’t NOT watch the trailers, but it’d suck to have a new trailer come out that was like “CHRIS DIES”. I’d throw things if a trailer gave something that big away, much like the RE5 and Revelations gave away huge twists before.

As much as I’m looking forward to Dead Space 3, I do get a little afraid of the rumors that it won’t be too scary this time. Dead Space was really a champion of horror gaming, it really brought the genre back to what it needed to be, and it’d be a shame for something so unique to turn into just another action fest like everything else. I’ve read a lot of opinions where people are saying they “invite the change”, and change is good. Without change we wouldn’t have gotten Dead Space 2, which is quite a bit different than Dead Space 1. Without change we wouldn’t have gotten RE4. But there’s a difference between change, and everything trying to be everything else. Horror games are such a rare commodity these days, and the fact that so many of them are taking a turn for action-shooter call of duty BS is retarded. There’s action shooters. LOTS of action shooters. Why can’t there be a couple slow paced, spooky low-on-ammo horror games? Silent Hill is pretty much the only series that hasn’t made some kind of “we aren’t making enough billions, so we’re going to become a Call of Duty clone” statement, but who knows? I fear it might be around the corner, especially if a more action-oriented Dead Space 3 sells well.

I’d hate to see a Vita exclusive as well. I hear a lot of complaints about Revelations being a 3DS exclusive, and honestly I don’t think that’ll ever change. Sort of going back to the whole “Capcom being out of touch” article Janus wrote, it seems just typical that Capcom wouldn’t port Revelations to the Vita and instead make something totally exclusive for THAT. And then EVERYONE is angry.

 Fred Trdla

What I’d love to see…

Forbidden Siren is a horror series that often gets overlooked due to the hype of other games in its genre like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. I’ll be honest, I had no idea what Siren was 3 years ago. I found it at Gamestop for about 5 bucks and played it… Well, I attempted to play it. Truth is the game scared the crap out of me: I played a good 5 minutes and took it out of my console for about a week. I went back to it and got a little farther, but the thing was the game was so dark, so unsettling I could not pick it up again.

A year goes by and my friend made me play Bloodcurse (The PS3 remake) so that he could watch me make a fool of myself. I don’t really remember what the mission objectives were, but I remember running right though a village, alerting every Shibito to my presence but somehow managed to escape–I stopped playing right then. That was until last year when I spent $40 to purchase all the episodes. Since I beat the game I have hungered for more. I recently purchased the very first one again so that I can have some uncharted Siren territory to face.

The thing that has me anticipating another installment is…In 2008 after the release of Siren Bloodcurse, Sony Asia held a contest for fans to create their own Shibito, the winners design would be in the NEXT Siren game. That’s right, they were ready to work on another Siren title. Will this game be one of the “ 20 new gaming experiences” Sony has ready for E3 or if we will have to wait longer for more info on the sequel to Siren Bloodcurse? Only time will tell; E3 would be the right time for such a reveal.

I would also like to see a lot more Resident Evil. I am one of those people who will never get tired of non-stop Resident Evil releases. I am one of those who bought a 3DS just for Revelations. What I’m really hoping for from E3 is some more info (not spoliers) as to who we could see in Re6.

 What I’d hate to see…

The only thing I wouldn’t like is if Resident Evil all of a sudden switched to Xbox exclusive. I love Playstation too much it is my home console and the home of Resident Evil. I don’t mind Nintendo having exclusive titles but for some reason the Xbox controller just doesn’t feel comfortable to me and that is enough for me to say I don’t like it. There isn’t much I would hate to see; I honestly don’t even mind that RE has shooter elements and even a full-on shooter title.


Ryan Stanford

What I’d love to see…

I’m with Fred on Forbidden Siren. I actually just played through the series a few weeks ago, and would love to get word on Siren 4. The fourth game has been hinted at several times over the last few years, with the last tease being earlier this year, but an official announcement along with a trailer, would be a great surprise to see at this E3. I’d love just to hear anything on the game, as the storyline has been left untouched since the second game (the third game was a reimagining of the first game).

Resident Evil 6 is a definite Like many others, I’d love to see some more on Resident Evil 6. I find it kind of silly how much about the story we know at this point, but how much about the gameplay is left in the shadows. I hope this E3 remedies that with trailers and gameplay to let us know more about the game, it’s different characters and how they play, and generally get a better look and feel of the game and what it might bring us. I’d also love to see more word on Resident Evil: Downfall for the 3DS if that turns out being true.

DayZ has been a fantastic mod for ARMA II, and it’s confirmed there will be more info on the future of DayZ at E3. While the alpha is out and playable by anyone, the future of this project is very exciting and would definitely be a cool highlight if we see some new features and possible word on a full retail game. On the subject of indie games, while more scarce at E3, getting some official media coverage of Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs (maybe a trailer?) would be sublime, though I’m not quite sure how likely it is. Amnesia definitely got these developers on the map, but are they big enough to attend E3 or would even want to?

I’d love for Nintendo to properly announce the Fatal Frame 2 Wii Remake for North America finally. The release in Japan and Europe will be later in June, could we please get some word on a US release this year! Be nice to see more from the game regardless. Also Luigi’s Mansion 2, despite how questionable that is as a horror title (I say it is as it uses a lot of the staples and themes of classic horror games with an innovative ghost busters gameplay mechanic, even if it’s not remotely scary).

Also while extremely unlikely, seeing more concept art or getting word on Mikami’s upcoming horror game would be fantastic. Or word on Shadows of the Damned 2. Come on Akira, I know you want to!

 What I’d hate to see…

While I’m really excited for the Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut, I hope they don’t show us too much from it. I do lack a little confidence as I swear the games marketing department are hellbent on spoiling the game in it’s trailers (looking at you European Deadly Premonition trailer!). It’s not the game I’d hate to see, but the idea of them showing too much.

The same goes for Resident Evil 6. I want to see more gameplay, but I really hope they hold off showing more of the story. While I’m sure there’s plenty of unknown elements, I feel they’re showing too many spoiler-full scenes already. I also am somewhat dreading to see what potential direction RE6 may take. While I’m sure I will enjoy the game, I’m a bit worried by this “melee-centric fighting’ Jake and Sherry are supposed to have we’re supposed to see a lot more of this E3.


Jorge Bocanegra

What I’d love to see…

Castlevania. Castlevania. And Resident Evil. No, but really, I’m way beyond ecstatic about this year’s show. This is the second E3 I’ll be attending and I’ll also be (for the first time) sitting my Belmont-whipped ass in the Nokia theater to see Nintendo steal the show once again with their press conference. It’s going to be wild. I’m going to try to get a front-row seat so I can be showered and blessed with Reggie and Mr. Iwata’s sacred saliva as they talk. But now let’s talk actual games.

By far, the game I’m most excited about to see and play at the show is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate…and Lords of Shadow 2. Damn it, Konami! There’s too much Castlevania goodness this year! But hey, no complaints here, and I’m also really looking forward to get some hands-on time with Resident Evil 6. But let’s go deeper than that, shall we?

It’s going to be extremely hard for me to pull myself away from Konami and Capcom’s booth this year, especially Konami’s. Two Castlevania games is just a blessing (especially after a no-show appearance from the series at last year’s show). I’m really looking forward to getting some hands-on time with Mirror Fate on the 3DS and check out how Lords of Shadow’s combat mechanics feel on a handheld. Hell, I also hope they have a playable demo with Simon, too. As far as Lords of Shadows 2 goes, we still don’t know anything about the sequel other than it’s going to be revealed tonight at Konami’s pre-E3 show (check out my personal wish list here!). Whatever character may end up taking the lead role, and whatever time period it may be set in, I’m beyond excited about getting my hands on the demo build. Good times are coming.

Then we have Resident Evil 6. I’m really eager to see more of Jake’s scenario, which is set to be revealed in all its brawler glory. Dante will be proud after seeing the moves Jake has, and I for one am actually quite satisfied about having such a different experience to enjoy when the game launched in October. We have Leon’s story for the classic fans and those longing for the return to a more traditional horror feel, we have Chris’s story that’s not unlike the series’ most recent action-packed experiences, and lastly we have Jake who will bring forth a totally new experience to the series with punches and kicks that will make his deceased father show a little smirk in his lava grave. Oh, and I’m also expecting to see another character revealed in the game’s new trailer. Jill? Claire? Why not both?! And speaking of Resident Evil, why not reveal a brand new game and surprise all of us? Yeah, I’m thinking about the rumored 3DS title, Downfall!

Last but not least, I really, really, REALLY hope we get a new Metroid game. Whether for the 3DS or Wii U, I really hope the project Retro Studios has been secretly working on is a new adventure for Ms. Aran. We’ll have to wait and see! One thing’s for sure, this year is going to be quite epic, not just in terms of E3, but in terms of game releases in general. Poor, poor wallets…

What I’d hate to see…

I would hate to see Lords of Shadow 2 go straight to the modern time period shown in the original’s epilogue. I wouldn’t despise it completely, but I wouldn’t be all too happy. I’ll settle for it if flashbacks to the past were included, putting us in the shoes of another Belmont, but to be set entirely in the present-day is just something I don’t want to see yet. But hey, that’s just me!

William Kee

What I’d love to see…

What I’ll definitely be most looking forward to will be anything relating to Resident Evil 6. I was very much intrigued by the last few trailers that have been released, so much so that after the initial debut trailer, I really wanted to get my hands on the game. I haven’t felt that way about a Resident Evil title in what feels like years. What I’m most looking forward to is finding out more about Wesker’s supposed son, Jake Muller. I’m also excited Leon is back as well, and its a pleasure to see Sherry Birkin has aged well. I hope we can get a new trailer debut for the game, hopefully revealing a little more story for each of the characters, and maybe some quick cameos from other past characters in the series to keep us asking questions.

Also I’m anticipating a big debut for Dead Space 3. It’s finally been confirmed after countless screenshots and quick pics have been leaked, and while I have yet to beat the first game and still haven’t picked up the second, I’m hoping Dead Space 3 will tweak my interest enough to bring me back into the universe.

What I’d hate to see…

I don’t know if its just me, but does anyone else feel unenthusiastic about anything relating to Nintendo? I mean I’m hoping for the best and I’ll still try and watch E3 every day from home in my loveseat, but the last few conferences Nintendo has given never really sparked my interest, and I don’t want to see a repeat of that this year. And I’m sure Nintendo will do just fine, given they have a new console already in the works. What I would also hate to see would be games having their release dates moved up. This may not apply directly to horror games for example, but I just have a certain pet peeve about great looking games that eventually see their release dates moved up to the end of the year. This was my fear at first for Resident Evil 6 (and on an unrelated note, GTA V, before it got pushed back to 2013). Thankfully, I’m not too worried about RE6 anymore because I feel it looks great right now.

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