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Films that Reminds us of Horror Games

Sometimes, we watch a horror movie and thoughts inside our heads screams the horror games we all love. These films makes us want to go ahead and play something. It makes us want to experience walking again on that creepy hallway or blasting some zombie heads. So here are some films that reminds us of some of our favorite horror games:

28 Weeks Later

Release Date – 2007

The film is the sequel to 28 Days Later and it is about the outbreak of the “Rage” virus. The virus originated from an experiment conducted on chimpanzees. The “rage” virus is not your typical zombie virus, infection spreads in mere seconds. The story begins 28 weeks after the events of the first film. Britain was declared safe from the outbreak and the country begins repopulating, unfortunately, another outbreak is about to begin. The film bears a striking resemblance to Resident Evil, specifically Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

As the city is overrun by the infected, we follow a group of survivors racing against time to escape not only from the infected; but also from the government that is trying to wipe off any trace of the virus. The zombies here are not your average flesh-eating zombies. The infected here are violent, quick and hungry to kill. Think about Resident Evil’s Crimson Heads. The film takes itself seriously, never drags and will keep you engaged till the last minute.

28 Weeks Later – Trailer

Dawn Of The Dead

Release Date – 2004

A remake of the George A. Romero classic film of the same name, Dawn Of The Dead is one of the best zombie flicks in the past decade. The premise is simple, the world is infested by blood-thirsty zombies and a group of survivors (including a dog) finds a safe haven on the local mall, screams Dead Rising to me. The film succeeds in providing entertainment and terror at the same time. This is a must-see for all zombie fans out there.


Release Date – 2007

The third zombie film in our list (who doesn‘t love zombies anyway?), REC is a Spanish film which is shot in the first person perspective. Here, a TV crew films an episode of “While You’re Asleep” and follows a team of firefighters out on a rescue mission about an old woman trapped in an apartment. After a firefighter is attacked and bitten by the woman, the camera crew, along with the residents of the apartment find themselves trapped as the building gets “quarantined”. The infected here displays that behavior of the Crimson Heads from Resident Evil. Fans of F.E.A.R. and Condemned might also enjoy this film.

REC – Trailer

NOTE: In 2008, Quarantine – an American remake of the film was released.

House On Haunted Hill

Release Date – 1999

A remake of the 1959 film of the same name, the film is set on an abandoned asylum, the Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally Insane. The asylum has a dark history of grotesque experiments and medical procedures that resulted to numerous murders. When some of the patients escaped and burned the hospital, the barriers built to contain the asylum was activated, killing everyone inside including staffs. After a series of unexplainable deaths, the site was dubbed “The House on Haunted Hill”.

House On Haunted Hill – Trailer

The story begins when a couple orchestrates a party where five people are selected to participate in a “game”. The rules are simple, if they survive the night, they will be awarded 1 million dollars, with the other person’s money added to the pot if they don’t make it. When the barriers are activated to begin the game, the ominous inhabitants of the asylum shows them who’s in charge. The film bears resemblance on the gritty environment of  the Silent Hill hospitals and the ghost entities from Silent Hill 4: The Room. Fans of Alone In The Dark might also find this interesting.


Release Date – 1987

Next on our list is Hellraiser. A man named Frank buys a puzzle box from an antique shop and solves it at home. After solving the  puzzle box, hooked chains flies out of it tearing him apart. This introduces us to the bizarre creatures called “Cenobites”, demons from another world. Their leader, “Pinhead” twists the puzzle back to its original form, and the room returns to normal with Frank nowhere to be found.

Hellraiser – Trailer

The other world in the film is the closest to horror films that resembles the hellish nightmare world from Silent Hill. See for yourselves.

Stay Alive

Release Date – 2006

Stay Alive – The Opening Scene

Last on the list is a film that actually uses the world of gaming as its theme, Stay Alive. This little film is about an underground “PS2 game” that is cursed, possessed or whatever you want to call it. A group of gamers found themselves a copy of this game called “Stay Alive” and started playing until one of them died in the game. The next morning, their friend was found dead, similar to way he died on the game. You die in the game, you die for real.

Sources: Youtube and Wikipedia

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