Fan-Made Horror #2- “Project Vector” StarCraft 2 Mod (In-Development)

In our second installment of Fan-Made Horror we’re going to focus on an impressive but not-yet released mod from the recent PC hit, StarCraft 2. Always part of the fun of the PC gaming scene is impressive mods, and this is definitely an example of that. StarCraft 2 is an RTS series, but this mod helps change it to a behind-the-shoulder (ala’ Resident Evil 4 or Dead Space) Survival Horror game. The mod is being developed by TheKC and Malu05 of the StarCraft modding community and during the last few months they have been working hard on the title, having dramatically changed the mod during development, as it started in a Jungle setting being much more of a Stealth game but changed into a laboratory and then a cruiser in space and focus shifted to make it a horror game.

Scrapped concept of Project Vector

Even the newest build of the Space Cruiser (video of that below) has been scrapped though with each version they complete more of the engine, including flashlight, shadowing, camera and movement. They have now entered the 4th and final revision of “Project Vector” and have released a video of the 3rd version of the game which shows some basics of how the mod works, even if it’s more of a test area thus it may not seem very “Game-Like”. For comparison from this mod to the original, for those of you who have no idea what StarCraft actually looks like, this is StarCraft 2 normally:

StarCraft 2 Normal

And this here below is the “Project Vector” Mod:

They’ll be releasing this in stages as to get out what they complete, any modding scene always runs the risk of possibly falling apart so while they aim for completion (both of them completing several other mods) they want to make sure in case it falls apart they will be able to release what has been done. When parts of the mod release we’ll inform you.

To check out more or to follow this project in-case any of you own StarCraft 2, check it out HERE.

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