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A scene-by-scene analysis of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City’s teaser trailer

After being officially confirmed by Capcom, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City now has a teaser trailer. While short in length, the trailer does a good job of giving us a sense of where Slant Six is going with this spin-off title. There’s also a good deal of interesting things in this trailer that one may miss upon an initial viewing due to the quick transitions in between scenes. That’s why we’re here to provide you with this analysis of Operation Raccoon City’s teaser trailer. Make sure to hit us up in the comments below letting us know if we missed anything or to share your own discoveries within this trailer. Also enjoy the gallery at the end of this feature giving you guys new screen caps.

Here we have a nice shot of Raccoon City right in the middle of the zombie outbreak brought about by Umbrella’s T-Virus. But not just that, we also get to see Leon arriving at the city for his first day of his job as a rookie cop. This should definitely bring back a lot of fond memories fans have of Resident Evil 2 and Leon’s opening in the game. We also see aspects from said game carry on over later on in the trailer.

Now we get a look at Resident Evil 2’s precursor to Nemesis, Mr. X. First we get a quick (if you blink you may miss it) shot of Mr. X standing in the middle of a torn down street complete with burning cars and most likely a lot of dead bodies.

Then we get an up close look at Mr. X’s face. The time of this scene is most likely during his encounters with Leon and Claire. But it’s interesting to note that he was dropped directly into the Raccoon Police Department, so his appearance in the city’s streets is something we haven’t seen yet. This then leads to the other T-103 tyrants which were dropped on Raccoon City during this time. Five extra T-103 tyrants were dropped in the northern part of the city in order to stop interference by the US Special Forces (or in this game’s case the Spec Ops) so these shots of ‘Mr.X’ could in fact be those tyrants. It’s also really nice to see the big trench-coat wearing baddie making the jump to HD.

Here we get a shot of what is most likely the USS squad making their landing in Raccoon City from Rockfort Island right in the middle of the outbreak. Quite a bad time to show up, huh?

Above you can see the next pair of quick scenes which show off a whole bunch of zombie goodness. In these scene they’re doing what they do best; roaming around aimlessly awaiting prey. It’s also pretty ironic that the first pictured scene is all happening right in front of one of the city’s meat markets. Good choice, guys.

Both scenes pretty much confirm one thing: zombies are back and they’re as viscous as ever. Not only should fans be excited at the return of the undead to a console Resident Evil title, but one should also be excited about how the zombies and their apparent behavior will add to the game’s sense of survival and horror; which as of right now people think will be lacking due to Slant Six’s history. The zombies here are behaving crazily and are moving about every which way, not on one set path like how we remember them roaming in the classic titles. This will definitely add more strategy and tactics to the game-play in terms of mowing them down.

Now we have a nice shot of who is most likely Spectre shooting at zombies. This assumption comes to mind due to Spectre’s background as a sniper and in surveillance and also because he doesn’t seem to be hooded like Vector who is similar in figure. He’s the long-range shooting guy in the USS team and here we see him showing off his prowess. We also get to see him taking cover behind a car, popping out to shoot down some zombies; which of course shows off the game’s cover mechanic. This shot also lets us appreciate the fog effects that will be used to obstruct one’s view of what lies ahead.

Now we get to see another nice aspect of the cover mechanics; being able to throw grenades over your cover which is in this case a car. Spectre throws a grenade at the incoming group of zombies which then translates into a very visually satisfying and gory explosion. This once again shows off some more of the game-play mechanics and gives us a better insight over the game’s very gory and “dirty” game-play that was noted in initial previews.

Then in the same scene we get to see the USS team’s heavy artillery soldier Beltway and the team medic Bertha joining in on the fight.  Oh and we also get to see some body matter flying which signifies the game’s dynamic damage system that will be implemented to one’s dispatching of an enemy. The more gore the merrier. Oh, and Vector is most likely present in this co-op scene due to him actually being able to use an invisibility cloak…

Poor Bertha. In this scene we get to see her being strangled by a cop zombie. This will most likely initiate a QTE of some sort or something to do with quickly tapping a button or moving the joysticks around to shake the zombie off of you.

In the scenes above we see zombies approaching Beltway near the Stagla gas station. They succeed in confronting the brute member of the USS squad, but they don’t succeed in killing him. Instead we see yet another gory outcome of what happens when zombies try to get in Beltway’s face. He’s not as friendly as Bernham was that’s for sure.

This shows us one of Beltway’s melee moves. Though it’s not known if this will be character specific or if every member will have their own style of the same melee moves. Beltways head stomp would obviously be stronger than Bernham’s or any of the other characters. Still it’s nice to see such a mechanic which adds to the game’s gore factor. And you just gotta feel bad for that zombie!

Here we see Mr. X enjoying the view of all the destruction in the streets of Raccoon City. We have some zombies here too feasting on unlucky corpses. We also see a police car about to run into the T-103 tyrant, something that most likely will not end well. One can’t help but have memories brought back from Resident Evil 3’s intro when viewing these scenes, what with the cops having their last stand against the zombies and whatnot.

This scene sees Beltway rushing against some enemy or group of enemies. Something tells me he may be going after Mr. X but that may be a stretch and this may just end up being him going towards a group of zombies. We also get to see Vector in the background.

And the Stagla gas station goes boom. We see here one of the USS members taking cover behind a car; possibly responsible for this explosion which will of course get a good amount of zombies of the team’s back. This also shows us what to expect in terms of the game’s destructible objects and environments. A gas station is, obviously, flammable and could result in an explosion taking out a good-sized radius; in this case with zombies. Something to consider in your strategy against the enemies in the game and there will most likely be other instances like one pictured above.

We once again see Bernham in action, this time on the offensive side. She’s seen her shooting at an unseen enemy in an alley. We also see a group of zombies approaching from the background. And of course she has some back-up with one of her fellow USS comrades coming in behind her.

Here we have another shot of 2 USS members shooting at enemies. What’s interesting to note is that they may not be shooting at zombies here. We already know the US Spec Ops is going to be involved in some capacity; making it a three-way battle between B.O.W.s, the USS, and the aforementioned Spec Ops. So maybe some of these shots are the USS squad actually doing battle against Spec Ops forces. We’ll have to wait and see.

Here we get another view of the Stagla gas station explosion from a view through a car’s window. It may possibly be from the view of a zombie waiting to attack the USS member seen here.

Now we have a continuation of the scene where Bertha is shooting at an unseen enemy in that confined ally. Bernham, Spectre, and Vector are now shifting their attention to the incoming group of zombies that was seen in the background before.Where  could Beltway be?

Spectre is seen here in a very familiar over the shoulder perspective. And once again we’re situated in the Stagla gas station amid the explosion. This part of the city seems to be one we’re going to be spending a good amount of time in. And with all the cars scattered about it’s going to be hectic moving from cover to cover eliminating zombies and possibly even being encountered by the T-103 tyrant and the US Spec Ops.

A confrontation with the Spec Ops in this scene is made more possible later on when you see some bullets being shot towards the USS. Unless of course zombie shave learned to use guns…

Lastly, the teaser trailer ends with Leon’s intro from Resident Evil 2 being remade in HD glory. The classic scene plays out just as fans of the game remember it. Leon is driving into town and stops at the sight of a corpse in the middle of the street. The rest, is history.

We already know Leon is going to play a big role in the game, what with you being tasked to kill him (and that serving as the USS team’s main mission throughout the game, so it’ll be interesting to see what other scenes from Resident Evil 2 will be re-invented for this game, and Resident Evil 3 scenes as well. We may even get to see Ada going about her spy antics and dare I say even learn more about Sherry and her current whereabouts. Because we’ve been waiting years for that, Capcom.


So, what do you guys think of the teaser trailer? Did we miss any little things that you may have caught upon your viewings? How do you feel over the potential of seeing some classic scenes from Resident Evil 2 remade in stunning HD? It’s funny because for years fans have been demanding for a remake of the highly cherished game and now we’re basically being teased with remade scenes from the game instead of a full-blown remake. Make sure to leave comments and enjoy each of the screen-caps featured here in the gallery below.

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