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April Fools’: 5 Reasons Why Death Stranding is Actually a Five Nights at Freddy’s Sequel

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It’s been three years since the cancellation of Silent Hills. The Silent Hill series is dead, but some people out there refuse to accept that truth due to years of trolling from Metal Gear creator and Silent Hills director Hideo Kojima. Since he left Konami and founded his new studio, his first game, Death Stranding, has been the object of scrutiny for many Silent Hill fans and truth-seekers (“Hillians” as they prefer to be called). They believe that Death Stranding is actually Silent Hill. Fools. Those of us operating on galactic brain-level know better. What if I told you that the truth was under our noses this whole time?

Death Stranding is a Five Nights at Freddy’s game. Fact. Let me tell you why.

1 – The Tweet

On August 15, 2013 (2:23 AM), Hideo Kojima tweeted a perplexing tweet about wearing a “Foxy” T-Shirt and not being a Five Nights at Freddy’s fan. At the time, no one knew what the fuck he was talking about. Followers of his on social media have learned you’ll either see some wonderful photography, celebrity thirst tweets, or insightful comments about new media he has enjoyed. But every once and a while he’ll drop cryptic references to things he’s working on, sometimes years in advance.

At the time of posting, Five Nights at Freddy’s didn’t exist yet. Let’s jump one year forward almost exactly. Guess when P.T. released? August 12, 2014, six days before Five Nights at Freddy’s released on Steam (August 18, 2014) to the world. Look at the time Kojima tweeted: 2:23 AM. Take three away from the 15 in August 15th and you’ve got August 12th. Take the two and three (the number 23 when placed side by side – Jim Carrey knew) and you get five. Add five to August 12th and you get August 17th, right? BUT Japan is 13 hours ahead, making that August 18th – the day Five Nights at Freddy’s released. But this is Kojima we’re talking about, so he likely accounted for the time difference. We could take the two and three and multiply them to get six: 12 + 6 = 18. Boom.

2 – The Article

Last October Kojima reviewed the film Freddy Got Fingered for Rolling Stone’s Glixel, where he confessed Tom Green’s masterful creation inspired his own work in the past and him as an artist. What’s so perplexing about this review is that it comes nearly 16 years after the film released. Two months after this review went up, Death Strandings second trailer released at the The Game Awards. His obsession with “Fred” has led to odd references for years, even within his own games.

3 – Fred Tatasciore

New York born voice actor Fred Tatasciore voiced not one but all of the English voices for the Beauty and the Beast Unit in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. This unit is comprised of deeply disturbed female soldiers in mechanical suits themed after animals – sound familiar? Did Kojima hire Fred as a hint to suggest he’s been secretly behind Five Nights at Freddy’s all along?


In the Metal Gear universe, the influential legacy of the FOXHOUND unit is immeasurable. This Black Ops unit focused on covert – as in extra sneaky surprise attack – missions and infiltration, despite how many revolving members it’s had and mutations of ideologies. Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy‘s is the only animatronic creature to surprise players with its rushed attack, hiding itself until it makes a strong push toward the enemy. Under Big Boss’/Roy Campbell’s command, one member was named Gray Fox – he was the deadliest of that team. Did you also know that Foxy is a pirate fox that wears an eye patch? Guess who else wears an eye patch? Big Boss, Solid Snake, Venom Snake … those who lead the series to its eventual conclusion with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Let’s also not forget the silent but deadly killer FOX DIE, a virus designed to infect a person’s body and suddenly activate without warning – leading to instant death. Foxy is clearly a direct reference to Kojima’s FOX DIE. Let’s also not forget the FOX Engine… Wake up, sheeple!

5 – Scott Cawthon

Have any of us even seen Fight Night at Freddy’s supposed creator, Scott Cawthon? How do we know he’s actually real? When Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was first revealed in December 2012, the game was not announced to be part of the Metal Gear series. Instead, fake developer Moby Dick Studio was stated to be behind a new game. The studio’s lead developer was Joakim Mogren, an anagram of Hideo Kojima. Kojima famously took the GDC 2013 stage and removed the Joakim Mogren facade to reveal that The Phantom Pain was indeed Metal Gear Solid V. Hideo Kojima is Scott Cawthon.

An obvious anagram for Scott Cawthon is Watch Cottons – as in watch the cotton-made animatronic machines. But that’s easy. If you anagram both Hideo Kojima and Scott Cawthon, you get “JACTITATIONS HOWKED MOOCH.” Let’s break that down. Jacinations – an old term for restless tossing and turning of the body, namely involuntary spasms. Death Stranding‘s title is in reference to cetacean stranding, where whales beach themselves to die. Even after death, jacinations can occur. Howked refers to digging – for the truth obviously. No one knows what Death Stranding is about except for the intellectually elite. And Mooch obviously refers to money. But who is the moocher in this case? Is this a self referential callout to Kojima’s own demand to pursue expensive projects, which ultimately led to Konami’s upset with him and ostensibly their decreased focus on AAA game development? Or is this a bitter dig at his former employer for focusing on high-return projects and ignoring the artistry behind game development? There’s no doubt multiple meanings here.

Has the wool been removed from your eyes? Are you ready to accept that Death Stranding is actually Five Nights at Freddy’s V, the true fifth game in the series? There are way too many connections for this to all be coincidence. Are you a believer?

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