Rely on Horror’s 2016 Game Of The Year: The Nominees

2016 has been a fantastic year for video games. From indies to AAA, this year we’ve seem some of the best games of the generation — some were games that prevailed despite years of development hell. As we reach the new year, it’s once again time to reflect on which game we loved the most with Rely on Horror’s 2016 Game of the Year. But before we announce our winner, we’re announcing our top five nominees (as voted by our staff). Here’s the list below (in no particular order):

DOOM – id Software
Oxenfree – Night School Studio
Inside – PlayDead
Dark Souls 3 – From Software
Thumper – Drool

We’re once again allowing our readers (that’s you) to vote for their favorite horror (and horror-themed) game in the Rely on Horror 2016 Community Game of the Year poll. Simply fill this form (embedded below). The form includes our GOTY nominees and as many horror games that came out this year that we could remember. If your favorite horror game of the year isn’t on the list, simply add it under “Other”. FYI – you must be logged into a Google Account to see, fill out and submit the form that’s embedded below.

We’ll announce our Game of the Year and the Rely on Horror Community Game of The Year in January!

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