Gas Station Map Revealed for ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Game

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

After giving us a look at the Famly House map for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game yesterday, today publisher Gun Interactive and developer Sumo Digital – Nottingham dropped a new pic of the game’s Gas Station map via Twitter.

In the 1974 movie, Sally Hardesty and friends stopped at the gas station after just narrowly escaping the unhinged Hitchhiker on the highway. There they meet another one of the cannibal family members, The Cook, one of the featured Killers in the game (who you reportedly cannot kill).

You can read the full tweet below.

Speaking at the 2022 Mad Monster Party horror convention held in Concord, NC back in February, Gun Interactive’s Ronnie Hobbs, and Wes Keltner confirmed the events of the game will take place a few months before the original movie. They also spoke about the reasoning behind their decision not to let players be able to kill the game’s killers:

You cannot kill the killers in this game. Unlike (Friday the 13th), there won’t be a lot of weapons. There’s not gonna be a huge combat system where you can team up on Leatherface. This is strictly about survival. There are little ways to defend yourself, but you won’t be grabbing a baseball bat and trying to attack Leatherface.

The beauty of the original IP is, unless you’re driving a truck, you didn’t kill any of the original killers.

You think about the (characters in the original movie), they’d never been in anything like that before in their life. They were normal people who were thrown into this super traumatic, horrifying experience, so they’re not equipped to fight back, really. They’re not equipped to defend themselves. They’ve never seen anything like this. We wanted to make sure we played into that as well.

The developers also shared more details on the killers and their roles in the game via their site, saying:

Texas [Chain Saw Massacre] doesn’t feature a singular killer. Texas is different. Texas is all about family. The Cook, the Hitchhiker, and Leatherface all have specific jobs to do and roles to play. Without each other, the family simply couldn’t exist and operate efficiently for very long. So when it comes to creating a multiplayer horror experience based on this film, we knew the family dynamic had to be a top priority.

How they interact, how they work together, and how they all have specific strengths and weaknesses would be the basis of the killer experience.

We’ll keep you posted as new maps and gameplay features are revealed for this exciting asymmetrical 1 v 8 horror title.

In the meantime, you can catch up on the events of the original film here.

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