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From The Forum: Rising Destiny [New RP thread]


Call me old-fashioned, but when I think about playing a role-playing game, I think about getting together with my five pals on Saturday night with a few boxes full of Warhammer, Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons models, so I never really got into any of these forum games where people type replies under an alias. Still, I am kind of excited to know one is being played on our Hell Descent forum.

Currently operating under the name “Rising Destiny”, this new RP thread is set on our own little earth and enjoys a few fantasy elements that may (or may not) become more prominent as the story continues. While it has only just started, at the moment the story seems to surround a small engineering company called Smith & Richardson that has recently obtained a government contract, which came as a surprise to its employees and is putting them under a lot of stress.

If you wish to be part of this tale, then you can head on over to the thread via the source below.


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