Contest: Win a Unique Prize From Psychological Horror Inmates

Fans of the site might have noticed our recent stream of a new game called Inmates. If you missed it, we’ve got the stream on Twitch and YouTube, and will be posting it to our Facebook soon. We played the first hour of the game for our fans and will be tackling the second hour this Wednesday at 7 pm CST. Inmates is proving to be a fun, creepy adventure reminiscent of psychological horror games form the early 2000’s. So far, those of us who played it are having a blast, which makes this announcement even more fun.

We’ve teamed up with Inmates developer Iceberg Interactive to judge an art contest with a rather unique prize. In the game, a character named Anton has left a diary of his completely screwed-up childhood, matching not-so-sweet drawings with disturbing journal entries. One lucky artist can win a physical copy of the diary by entering the Anton’s Diary Contest. The contest is live right now, and early entries will be shared by Iceberg to show off just how deranged their fans can be.

Entry is simple: Doodle a messed up children’s drawing with physical media (pens, crayons, markers), and take a photo or scan (Digital art cannot be accepted for this contest). Email that image to, or post it to Instagram or Twitter with the tag #AntonsDiary. The deadline for entries is October 17th, so get your crayons out now.

There are, of course a few rules: No digital art. No hate speech. No nudity or sexual themes. No ‘borrowing’ artwork from someone else- this should be an original piece and include your name. Outside of that, it’s fair game. Have fun, and be sure to tag us in your social media posts so that we can see the mess inside your mind.

Update: The winner has been chosen! Thanks everyone.

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