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Building the Ultimate Horror Gaming PC (Video)

If you’re not a pro, building a gaming PC can be scary. There are multiple parts needing full compatibility (thank you PC Part Picker for streamlining this), and the building process itself can be a bit worrisome given how sensitive (and expensive) some parts are. But all of that doesn’t make a “horror gaming PC”, just a stressful Friday night of tight wiring, post-code troubleshooting, and BSODs.

No, what makes a PC ready for some fun filled horror gaming sessions at night is having your hardware set the ambiance for you. In the process of building my next gaming PC (AKA Valtiel Rig), hardware manufacturer NZXT reached out to contribute three parts I needed, including their Hue+ RGB lighting system. With it, I was able to create lighting profiles for several popular horror games, including Resident Evil 7, Silent Hill 3, and Alien: Isolation.

Check out the video below to see what I came up and how you too can achieve a similar PC gaming setup.

NZXT provided the aforementioned hardware for a spotlight feature on Rely on Horror and is now among our list of hardware affiliates. If you’d like to support us while purchasing gear for your gaming PC, feel free to use our NZXT affiliate link here.

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