Alan Wake 2 Described as Remedy’s ‘Dream Game’

Alan Wake 2

Remedy Entertainment has released a second behind-the-scenes video describing the development process for the upcoming Alan Wake 2. Not only do we hear about the development of the original Alan Wake, but we also get to hear about Remedy’s point of view when it comes to the titular character’s return during the official reveal of Alan Wake 2.

The importance of worldbuilding, storytelling, and game design are all elements of the development process discussed by the Finnish developer in the eye-opening video. Remedy had created several concepts for Alan Wake 2 in between work on their other blockbuster games, such as Control.

According to legendary creative director Sam Lake himself:

What’s very very important to me is to come up with a hero character who is not a professional hero. Him [Alan] being a writer allowed me to explore creating prose and writing prose as part of the plot, which keeps on being an element of course, in Alan Wake 2 as well.

The journey of an everyman hero, a writer of fiction having his fiction become reality, is a unique trope that was executed masterfully in the original Alan Wake and brought to life a number of inspirations, most notably that of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. From the lore of the game to the small-town American setting, as well as different elements such as collectible coffee tumblers and radios Alan can listen to throughout his journey, everything about Alan Wake is a love letter to the dramatic psychological horror media of the 90s.

While the original game did well enough to garner a cult following and significant exposure for Remedy, Alan Wake 2 is shaping up to be their biggest, most ambitious game yet. Dedicated fans have followed its development for years now and clamored for the sequel for over a decade, and Remedy has finally promised an October 2023 release.

There is significant motivation for the development team to create their vision of a “dream game” and deliver a promising survival horror experience for fans. With an aesthetic that combines the best elements of Twin Peaks, Resident Evil, and even a True Detective-esque, mind-bending narrative, we can look forward to greatness from Sam Lake and company this October.

You can enjoy the new Alan Wake 2 behind-the-scenes video below.

YouTube video

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