Resident Evil: Unlimited returns! Chapter 11- Rebecca’s Discovery

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  • katarokinimoto

    I really do love these, it brings be back to those comics that came out for Resident Evil 1+2 in Resident Evil magazine. They were super abridged re-tellings so it’s cool to see the character’s actions and interactions fully fleshed out. I was thrown off at first by this page when Rebecca said “Shit” cause she always seemed all childlike and innocent. Then I thought on the other hand her passion is chemistry and first aid. Finding out what Umbrella has done would probably hit home with her as a betrayal of the people’s trust in medicine on top of the vendetta against STARS. In the end it makes sense she would be more headstrong and angry. I wish they would have shown that part of her character in the games now. Poor Rebecca, she’s always been underdeveloped.

    • IMO She’s on childlike (and albiet a little annoying) in RE:Zero and TUC : In Remake I thought she was a bit more, I don’t know… adult… and actually sounded like an mature woman! XD

      • Rourke Keegan

        Yeah, I FAR prefer her REmake personality and voice. She’s way too anime for my tastes in the other games she’s been in. I see her sort of in the vien of how S.D. Perry wrote her in the books, that she seems childlike and like everybody’s little sister, but inside she’s actually a little annoyed by that- she’s a perfectly capable woman that could probably poison half of STARS in her sleep- and she knows it too. She’d rather just be treated as another member of the team. I also agree with Katarokinimoto, she’s pretty pissed about this Umbrella stuff. Especially considering that (in my mind, anyway) Umbrella is like UPMC, and probably gave her the scholarship she used for school. She probably feels pretty betrayed. Thanks for the praise guys! 🙂

      • katarokinimoto

        I think doing something as unbelievable as putting an 18 year old on an elite combat team says something about the developers intentions for Rebecca 😉 freakin sexism. That game you mentioned umbrella…chronicles…I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of it and definitely sure I didn’t spend most of 2007 anticipating it only to be sorely disappointed…
        I loved Caliban Cove too, only SD Perry book I read from start to finish in one sitting. Pretty sure she was a big Rebecca fan. It’s a good thing Paul Anderson decided to go original and vaguely use the libraries of source material at his disposal, cause he’s such a greeeeeeaaaaaaat writer.

        • I knooooooow right! ;D The storylines for those movies are GRRRRREEEEEAAAAT! XD

  • Ah, Richard’s mohawk… bestill my beating heart! 😛 (Wonderful Job Rourke! ^3^) ALSO! Sassy Rebecca is sassy! XD

  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    Artwork and narrative are getting much better. Enjoyed this chapter and want some MORE!


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