DailyVania: Will Trevor Belmont become Alucard in Mirror of Fate?

Looks like I was somewhat wrong with my previous speculation about Mirror of Fate. The 3DS exclusive follow-up to Lords of Shadow will not star Alucard… Or will it?

Let’s talk aesthetics first. The Lords of Shadow universe’s version of Trevor Belmont sports attire that’s not unlike Alucard’s. The long coat looks quite similar, despite Trevor’s being green (which is a nice homage to his appearance in Symphony of the Night and Curse of Darkness). And, of course, he resembles Gabriel, as he should since he is the son he never knew he had. I just find it quite awesome that Mercury Steam’s version of Trevor has a design that meshes both the classic Belmont and Alucard together into this very bad-ass looking hero.

Now let’s talk about Trevor’s actual character. We don’t know much at this point, but we do know Gabriel’s about to unleash hell on the Brotherhood of Light and all of humanity as a punishment for all that he’s suffered. That’s where Trevor comes in, humanity’s only hope. He won’t be alone– it’s been confirmed that you’ll also get to play as Simon and two other characters. Son of Dracula? Check. But there’s more, and this is where some more speculation comes in.

Keeping in line with his classic depiction, Trevor will most likely get severely wounded in his battle against Dracula. He might even get bit himself, leading to him obtaining powers not unlike his father’s. This may be Trevor’s fate all along, and we all know the titular Mirror of Fate will come into play and show him his destiny. So throughout the whole game he may be fighting to prevent this vampiric transformation from occurring, which then leads to the time-jumps. He’ll stop at nothing to change his fate. However, some things just can’t be changed…

Like Lords of Shadow, I’m sure Mirror of Fate will have another shocking ending. And what better way to cap off the game that will directly lead into Lords of Shadow 2 than by revealing that Trevor ultimately becomes Alucard in this new Castlevania timeline. And the newly-transformed Belmont may end up being the lead character once again in Lords of Shadow 2, now possessing vampiric powers of course.

One thing’s for sure, it’ll be yet another tragic tale if all this ends up happening. A man giving it his all to change his fate, only to fall victim to its unfortunate inevitability. Hell, this may be something that could anger a lot of classic-vania fans, but personally, I’m quite excited to see something like this happen.

But what are your thoughts? Do you think Trevor will end up becoming Mercury Steam’s version of Alucard? Sound off below! And stay tuned for tomorrow’s column where I’ll be breaking down the game’s trailer, followed by the Lords of Shadows 2 trailer the next day!

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  • I want Trevor, Alucard, Syfa to be in Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 along with Simon, Grant, female belmonts.

  • skywlkr_belmont

    I too think Trevor will be Alucard

  • Guest

    That’s a fascinating idea – one of the playable characters could be a much-changed future version of another. That is, even if Trevor and Alucard are the same person, they’d change so wildly that they could become different characters at different times. I hope they do that; it’s a smart idea.

  • …What trailer?

  • SirRoggers

    Sorry I havent been following the details on the game for a while now. Do you know for certain that this versions Trevor will be Gabriels son? Or is it just your theory? If you could post a link where you found the information that would be swell thanks in advance.

    Also ….. STEVE BURNSIDE SUUUUUUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Exactly my thoughts. There’s a big chance MercurySteam will use Trevor like this to deepen the story, especially that they already announced that they’ll use one of the best things about the old continuity – how everything connects with many titles put together (here – stories of a few heroes in their own time periods). I’m impressed with how simple and amazing this idea is at the same time. 🙂

  • I don’t think Alucard will appear in this game. Remember If i’m not mistaken, the game takes place 25 years after LOS. So if that’s the case Alucard would be 25 or at least less than that. That would also mean, Gabe/Dracula would have to meet a girl ( Lisa? ) during those 25 years.
    Would we get Alucard? Yes…but not now…

  • Fernando – in Nintendo Power preview there’s stated that Trevor is Gabriel’s son (in LoS continuity). One that he never knew about. He was raised by the Brotherhood of Light in secret. So if action of Mirror of Fate take place after 25 years, then Trevor is probably 25-30 years old. Most important thing is – he’s Gabriel’s son. So if ever turned into a vampire, he’ll be kind of like Alucard. Interesting vision, isn’t it? And the game will feature four different characters in different time periods in history. So our adventure may start with Trevor, we will see his “death” and then maybe see him as vampire many years later. Just speculations, but I would love to see such twists in Mirror of Fate.

    • So, Gabe/Dracula either cheated on Marie or she had a son without him knowing before she died…right?

      • SirRoggers

        Sounds pretty stupid doesnt it?

  • Uisleeps

    that would be cool. trevor as alucard. both can be gabriel and dracula’s son… hmm… very interesting me thinks. also… there was considerable time between the end of the game (just finished fighting satan) and when he becomes a vampireish thing that is also a dragon… or maybe all dragon. who knows. i hope it doesn’t rely on the whole laura turning him and such. but oh well… i am bias. (hated the story in the DLC’s) i don’t think he’d have cheated on marie or much less left his children behind.

  • SirRoggers

    Ive been thinking about this. Like Uisleeps I too doubt that he would cheated on his wife. It was very aparent that he loved her very much. I was thinking for a while that he just had a son with Marie but there was no mention of it in the game because it was irrelavant at the time. His mission was to save her. But then i read the bit about “the son he never knew he had” so this is out of the picture. The only possibility is he had him with different woman and after his transformation into vampire. Much like the story of SotN, which is a bit dissapointing in my opinion. Its just I was hoping that they would do something differen and fresh with the story since LoS is essentially reboot of the series. Ah well ….

  • Sam Park

    Trevor does become Alucard

  • Sam Park

    It’s been confirmed at the 3ds E3

  • These were my thoughts exactly, after I heard the final line Alucard speaks in the extended trailer for MoF. As a “classic-vania” fan, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. However, Trevor was my favourite Belmont and Alucard my favourite character of all time (in video games), so to combine the two…perhaps it’s not all that bad.

  • Luke

    My thoughts are the same. I think that Trevor will become Alucard

  • Riley

    Has anyone ever considered that the mystery warrior of the LoS2 trailer has a possibility it being Leon Belmont, who was a 11th century knight that wielded a sword before the Vampire Killer whip? Plus Gabriel isnt really a Belmont but is believed to be part of the Cronqvist family in which Mathias Cronqvist is of relation. Remember, Lament of Innocence Mathias came from a bloodline of Alchemists and Magicians that was knowledgable of the Black Arts. Mathias later abandoned humanity to become Lord of the Night and King of the Vampires. Leon also has white hair though its short on Lament of Innocence it’s a possibility that he could have had long hair before. Also note that it might take off where Lament of Innocence ended noting the struggle between the Belmont and the Cronqvist families.

  • I highly agree that Trevor Becomes Alucard. I know that on a website it says that Gabriel and Marie had a son which was Trevor. And so Trevor was kept secret from Gabriel to continue on his quest. Afterwards Gabriel becomes Dracula and all. Trevor finds out that Gabriel/Dracula is his father. And fights him. Cursed by blood is what it says in the trailer. So I do believe that what it means as in “Cursed by Blood” is that Trevor is eventually going to turn into Alucard. I wish I’d be better at my explanations about this but I”m a lot better in person.

  • Orion

    Trevor and Alucard have two different mothers.

    Trevor’s mother – Marie
    Alucard’s mother – Lisa

    Therefore Trevor is not Alucard and never will be. Unless Gabriel had a secret lover named Lisa who gave birth to Trevor.

    So I’ll say Trevor is not Alucard and I’ll be extremely happy if he is not.

  • MIKE

    im kinda leaning to Trevor becoming Alucard. Remember this is a NEW mythos on the Castlevania series. LOS is like a different universe or something. Thats why in the first LOS gabriel becomes dracula, but in the LOI (for PS2) story line, everybody thought Walter Bernhard was dracula but dracula turns out to be Leon’s butt buddy, Mathias Cronqvist. Leon was supposed to be the first Belmont hunter but now in LOS the first Belmont is Gabriel. Either way it looks pretty bad ass so hopefully it will live up to the hype. As a fan i thought Lords Of Shadow was pretty good. Different but awesome in its own right.

  • tarpon32

    Interesting page and comments.
    Would like to throw something out there for all you all to think about…in the Lords of Shadow 2 trailor when what appears to be Alucard showing up pay realy close attention to the sword Alucard is packing….now compare this sword to the one Zobek has on him (make sure you look after Zobek used his samurai sword on the Ice Titan)…not sure how or if this has anything to do with anything but the possabilities sure are there.

  • Burticus

    Here is my thought, Alucard is Trevor’s twin who died at birth and Zobek being basically Death brought him back to fight his father.

  • Exebiel

    Here is my theory, pretty simple, Konami will respect the timeline, Trevor (Gabriel & Marie) will appear and he will fight and complete his goal; years later in the trailer shown from E3 2012 is the “final” or the “second part” of the game, appearing Alucard himself (Gabriel & Lisa) fighting Gabriel; in conclusion, two options: the game will be splitted into 2 timelines or arranged into flashbacks between those timelines through all the whole game. The gameplay perhaps would be (P) Gabriel vs (CPU) Trevor & (P) Alucard vs (CPU) Gabriel.

    Could be too that all the 3 characters will do his part of the game like Resident Evil 6 story configuration as a whole story.

  • Johnny McGinnis

    This is horrible! How the crap can Trevor be Alucard, when the two fought along side in CastleVania III? Stop ruining everything, Konami!!!!


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