XSEED receives criticism over the use of “trap” in Akiba’s Trip

Upon playing Akiba’s Trip for review, I noticed that there was a recurring joke on the game’s fake social network, Pitter. In several instances, the characters on the social network would call another person in the chatroom a “trap” after she repeatedly emphasized that she was a girl.

If you happen to not know this, “trap” is an offensive term in the transgender community as it implies that someone that’s transgender is a liar, deceiver, and trying to trick people, when in actuality they’re just being who they are. Members of the community have been criticizing publisher XSEED Games for the use of the word in the game.

XSEED has recently tweeted a response to this criticism, saying that they will be evaluating future localizations and “views expressed by characters in the game do not constitute our own views, and that we take this very seriously.” XSEED has no plans to remove the word at this time.

In a response to someone saying the word was not appropriate, XSEED said the following, “Consider the game. Pitter is partially a parody of 2ch, which 4chan was based on. Therefore, being a “4chanism” makes it apropos.” The publisher also says that they will be careful if the word ever comes up again during their translation process but will not alter things past their original intent.

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  • t r a p

    these people need to fuck off

    • Guest

      True, 4chan should fuck off from the internet.

      • Andrés González

        4chan LOVES traps.

    • nonscpo

      No not really Xseed localizes games that are great, sometimes, probably not this time though. The real tragedy that needs to be addresses from this game are the horrible loading times, Nana’s english voice, and the combat. But other than that this is the closest well get to a anime like GTA game.

  • franky mcdonald

    Admiral Ackbar, original asshole. my city park ranger loves this game. now i question his character.

    • I liked this game…it’s silly and fun. My review is almost done.

    • HawaiianDread

      I’m Sorry it had to be done.

  • LoveAnimation

    I guess they just wanted to make the people in the chat talk like people do talk in those kind of chats in real life.

  • Liam Mountain

    shit happens in real life so I’m sure shit can happen in games too , people always out to fight a cause that really doesn’t need fighting, I know a few transgendered people and they are not offended , they have much more to worry about in their lives then one word used in a video game.
    Gotta love the human race lol.

  • President of Shinra


  • J.j. Barrington

    People making a big deal over nothing.

    In Japan, a trap is a make who looks deceptively female. Nothing more, nothing less; a reverse trap opposite.

    There’s nothing transgender or offensive about it. Trying to add that definition when it doesn’t apply is stupid.

    • disqus_t6i2eGrCeV

      No, in Japan the term used is “otoko no ko”. The phrase originally means young boy, but the kanji for “ko” meaning child is replaced with the kanji for “ko” meaning girl. It’s a play-on-words that means both girl and boy. “Trap” is offensive to transgender people /because/ it implies they are being deceptive.

      • J.j. Barrington

        … what does that translate into in English?


        As a lifelong anime and manga fan, I was using that term to refer to very feminine-looking males long before I gave a damn about transgender ANYTHING.

        Whatever. Keep trying to spread fake offensive bullshit. Nobody was talking about these people. End of story.

  • NimbusStev

    They were going for realistic dialogue that you would find in an online message board. I guess people would rather have characters that say “gee golly” and call each other “scoundrels.” XSEED was just trying to capture the original intent of the dialogue, so I’m not quite sure why people are calling them the villains. If anything, they should be mad at the original developers.

    And even so, it’s an offshoot comment in a video game about ripping people’s clothes off. What did you expect from a game like this? If something as tiny as that offends you, you need to rethink the priorities in your life.

  • All that needs be said: “Everyone has an opinion, and the guy screaming for censorship may be the next guy to have his ideas cut off.” – Richard King

    “It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘i’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so fucking what.” – Stephen Fry

    Rather silly to censor stuff… no, I take the idea of it being silly back. It’s not silly, but arrogant and stupid; shows a lack of self-confidence in those demanding censorship.

    • CKC

      Funny enough this always seems easiest to say about the most marginalized group.

      • bf313

        I’d say the same about any group, people need to stop digging for controversy and looking for things to be offended about. If it wasn’t this it would be something else for these people. Don’t like a game or don’t like the content in a game, then don’t play it.

      • For most people, you are correct.

        But not in my case, as I will say the same to any other group. I don’t care who you are (whether you claim to be a christian, muslim, atheist, buddhist, trans, straight, homo, bi, etc.), no one has any foot to demanding censorship.

  • bf313

    Dramatic people looking for attention and controversy as usual, these types will do this with anything they can. Just hoping that XSeed isn’t discouraged from bringing over similar games because of the whining of these few people. Happy that this hasn’t exploded into a huge thing and hopefully it won’t because I can already see these people moving on relatively quickly to something else to complain about.

  • Jason Mounce

    “How dare you use a slightly-negative connotation of realistic slang that real people commonly use in real life! You’re supposed to make a game that avoids hurting my overly-sensitive feelings you thoughtless shits!”

  • NoloComprendo

    Ugh, sjw’s make me physically ill

  • Dio Brando

    So SJW’s are crying about a game that wouldn’t buy anyway?

    They make me sick.

    • Carlos

      Yea. Especially a game that flew so under the radar. there is barely any US copies available anywhere. Stupid ass tumbler feminists need to fuck off with their bullshit and actually benefit society

  • jacqli

    The argument trangender people are making here is basically pretending that every guy on the internet who pretends to be a girl for attention is actually transgendered. I might be talking ahead of time because I haven’t finished the game yet, but from what I played so far it just seemed like some dude pretending to be a girl for attention, hence why he heavily emphasizes the fact he’s a girl all the time and gets shut down by that other character constantly.

  • Sidenorna

    If a word offends someone or some group no one should use it? I find beheading, murder, mauling and torture offensive. Should those actions all be banded in games? Dog fighting and slavery are offensive. Should we ban pokemon?

  • Crunch Buttsteak

    “Trap” is being used in the game as its original meaning, not the hateful slur the Tumblr community has twisted it into, as it is being used by fans of Japanese otaku culture. In that particular subculture, where the term was spawned, it simply refers to on whose sex is male convincingly crossdressing. It’s kind of ridiculous that you’d just assume it’s a slur when that’s clearly not the case had you bothered to do five minutes of research. It’s no more a slur than the terms “loli” or “futa” are slurs.

  • Dmonik

    it gets said on the internet constantly so why is it suddenly so offensive to see it in a game that is trying to emulate what the real internet looks like?.. you dont all start a scandal and write “journalism” posts about it when it happens on the real twitter.

  • Rekka

    I’m transgender, and I think the term trap is fine ._.; It’s pretty commonly used for a male character that looks like a female or vice-versa, it was never exclusively thought of as just a “transgender term”. I personally use the word quite a bit, I’ve never even considered it might be offensive to someone XD

  • CrownedKing623

    If you happen not to know this, the term “trap” is NOT AT ALL what the article claims. You wouldn’t call someone a “trap” if they are transgender, they aren’t trapping people, they are just being who they are. The LGBT community seems to complain about anything, even if they don’t know wtf they are talking about, lol. They stereotype themselves…

  • Josué B. Hernández

    What’s the problem with a despective term being used in a despective way on a game?!


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