Wolfenstein’s Rising Sun trailer is actually pretty exciting

Bethesda released today a brand new trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order. Entitled “Rising Sun”, the trailer featuresĀ BJ Blazkowicz and friends fighting Nazi forces in a variety of elaborate set pieces and battles.

There’s a strong sense of humor in the trailer despite the game’s story being centered around the frightening idea of “what if the Nazis won?” Robots, large-scale destruction, a budding romance, and Nazi science can be found here, and it all amounts to a pretty funĀ trailer.

I’m actually looking forward to this game now that I’ve been keeping up to date with it. It look pretty funny, a la Inglorious Basterds, and it has robot-dino-dogs!

Look for Wolfenstein: The New Order on May 20 on Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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