Whispers in the Dark Ep. 8: Immaculate Obsession

In this episode we’re filled with the holiday spirit! We discussed Alan Wake: American Nightmare,  Alan Wake PC, Resident Evil screenshots and videos, HD Collections, gamer mentality, Zev’s infatuation for Whitney, and Christmas cheer.

We had a slight problem and had to start over recording, but I think those issues helped us get some more energy when we restarted. This one is a bit frantic and energetic but that might be a good thing for your entertainment. Near the end of the episode we sing you guys “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. If you want to sync us up to the music, click the video link and start it with us at 02:01:16.

Lastly, there is a contest to win a copy of Shark Night. All you have to do is email webmaster[at]relyonhorror.com with an idea for an animal horror movie. Listen to the show for more details.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Zev Levit,  Whitney Chavis, Rourke Keegan

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Link Dump:

All I Want For Christmas [Start this video at 02:01:16 in the podcast to hear us sing to it]

Resident Evil Zombie

Laura’s Resident Evil collection

Whitney’s Silent Hill collection

CJ’s Deadly Premonition cover

Gyakuten Saiban (逆転裁判) (Ace Attorney) trailer

Destructoid’s feature on Whitney’s Deadly Premonition cards

Whitney’s Deadly Premonition contest

Hiroki Narimiya [Slightly NSFW]

Hiroki Narimiya in a dress, like a boss

All I Want For Christmas – Original

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Last Guardian not cancelled

Sam Lake’s Max face

Prometheus – Official Trailer

Antichrist – Trailer

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  • That picture is hilarious, I can’t stop laughing XD

  • StuntmanSnake

    Deadly Premonition spoiler? ;-(

  • @Stuntman – if you are referring to the theme of Cj’s cover re design… not in the slightest.

  • Ahmad S. Al-Hamily

    Rourke really nails the voices for several characters and the Stephen Hawking impression, Epic!

    Oh quality wise, This is the best podcast. I mean previous ones were fine but this is top quality.

    Aaaaah okay a bit clanky in the middle around the part where Obscure is mentioned. XD

    @CJ: first Elmo in the previous podcast, now its Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

  • Ahmad S. Al-Hamily

    Noooooooooooooooo Mariah Carey XD nooooo you didn’t do that LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • Levito

    Just wanted to say, I didn’t mean to upset CJ with my question about Resident Evil 6 being made in the US. Nor was I generalizing, I just was curious as to what your thoughts were. 🙂

  • I wasn’t upset with you. I just think the idea that a JP developer doesn’t necessarily make a better game than a western one. For some reason, some people believe in that religiously.

  • Levito

    Well yeah of course not, most of the gaming world tends to think of Japan as a joke now. I think it’s just Silent Hill fans put the Japanese on a pedestal that doesn’t really exist.

  • Harry Mason

    I was dying laughing from the beginning of the song to the end of the podcast.
    Now my face hurts.

  • Casselman

    You get an A rank for beating the battle game with Wesker at all. AND you can find a magnum with 6 rounds to help, in the casino.

    And all you need is an A rank in CVX for the Linear Launcher. not impossible.

  • StuntmanSnake


    Okay, PHEW. I was really worried for a second there, I can’t have the game spoiled!!

    @The Podcast

    Love it! Rourke’s Wesker voice was superb! Also, I love the secret romance action that we get in each podcast. Like I’ve said before, the “WHISPERS IN THE DARK!” voice cracks me up every time. I really want to win a set of Whitney’s cards but unfortunately I know nothing about Photoshop and my cover would look worse than CJ’s. (Not that his was bad, LOL)

    It’s always nice to hear from people who appreciate survival horror. I think Rourke makes a great addition to the cast (wish his mic didn’t sound like he was on speaker phone though, lol) because of his knowledge and love for Resident Evil. I’m a HUGE Resident Evil and Silent Hill fan, so it’s nice to have love coming from each series.

    Merry Christmas guys! Can’t wait for next year’s podcast!

  • If this video game thing doesn’t work out for you guys, at least now you know you can start on a musical act career.

    Oh, I didn’t know that was Whitney when Swery retweeted the cards. That was friggin’ awesome. I know Giant Bomb had a can of pickles to give to Swery when they interviewed him, but a deck of identical cards that appeared in the game is way better.
    Since you probably can’t sell them, you should have a contest every week for the core fans (like myself!).


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