What should Konami do with Silent Hill? Jeremy Blaustein has some ideas


Fresh on the heels of the Blackmore announcement and the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, Jeremy Blaustein held a Reddit AMA.  In it, he took some time to share what he believed that Konami should do with Silent Hill, a series that Blaustein has a little bit of experience with (having been the voice director, translator, and a writer for Silent Hill 2 –4).

Q: If Silent Hill were to continue, how do you feel Konami should approach it?  Smaller release with a small team (digital), tackle it head on like any other AAA release?

A: Small, definitely small.  First I would find people that wanted to make it and I would be certain that they were not copying from what has been done.  A new Silent Hill would require some truly sick, dark people behind it.  It’s time to throw out the Silent Hill mold and try to ask ourselves again what it means to be scared.  It requires a lot of inward looking.  It isn’t just about making slimy, squirmy things on screen.  Fear is inside us and we have to look at it closely before we can make other people feel it.

Everyone has their own idea on what a game series/television series/book/movie/whatever should do to return to glory.  It’s no secret that some of the fans are not too impressed with their latest outings in Silent Hill.  I definitely like the idea of coming up with something unique and not just a slightly different retelling of Silent Hill 2‘s main plot twist.

Do you agree with Blaustein?  What do you think Konami should do with the next Silent Hill?


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  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    I’m in agreement with Jeremy.

    Silent Hill should be given a new treatment where the story and gameplay balance themselves.

    Question is : what would be our biggest fear? I’ve seen the post here on the game Nevermind and that’s kind of something I wish the series would implement. Like Shattered Memories had this where the game is playing you more that you are playing it.

    If Silent Hill could break the fourthwall in a sense that the game starts to mess with us in realtime that would be entertaining somehow.

  • Benny Disco

    Yep. They need to do it like they did the first Silent Hill and pretty much make it up as they go along instead of starting off with a bunch on preconceived themes and ideas from the previous games.

  • Small would definitely work. reach for what you can manage, Konami. Give us a small, experimental entry and gauge interest from there. Not these half baked BBB releases you’ve been doing.


  • Snow

    On one hand I agree with Blaustein, but on the other I would miss a “bigger” Silent Hill. I still think there’s at least one good story to tell in this present SH universe without necessarily starting from scratch. There’s just nobody to tell that story it seems.

  • I both agree and disagree with him. I don’t really think the “Silent Hill mold” needs to be thrown out. I mean, they’ve tried altering or changing the “mold” how many times now? In the same vein though, they really should be trying to do something that hasn’t really been done before and thinking inwardly is probably the way to go. I dunno really. I’m conflicted, maybe it’s just his wording.

  • William Lockwood

    Interesting response. I think something like a Silent Hill-inspired game would be nice; a spiritual successor similar in tone and style, but conceptually unique. A good example of something similar would be Mighty No. 9, a Kickstarter-funded, Indie successor to the Mega Man games, developed by their creator, Keiji Inafune. One of the advantages of doing it this way would be to free the series from not only its corporate baggage, but also the creative baggage that comes with such a long running series. I completely agree that small developers like Frictional Games or thechineseroom would be ideal choices. They’re passionate and know how to create genuinely scary games. They seem like the
    best people to give the series (or something like it) a fresh start.

    As much as it bums me out, I’m not sure how much steam is left in the actual SH universe. There may be a number of ways to create something within that world that’s satisfying and works, but I think the time may have passed. I think the mythology and storylines of the series have simply become too dense and complicated.

    And to clarify, I don’t think Mr. Blaustein worked on the original Silent Hill. I’m pretty sure he started with SH2.

  • Ricardo Meneses

    For me, a deep fear is my self, silent hill, was good because, for me all people that existed in silent hill 2 came from the head of james, nothing was real, so he is is own enemy… More, we have to create a history that that we can relate to, something from our everyday….something like loneliness, depression, something which make us feel alone, so that in silent hill, in the end we find ourselves.

  • Steven Bayne

    Yeah,I agree that the series is in need of a makeover. A small team of people who are die hard SH fans could sit down and focus on the story and the lore of the town. It would definitely be refreshing to see a team behind the series that could do it some justice.

  • hbkwm14

    I think I have the perfect story for Silent Hill………. I’ve been a huge fan of the series and love both old and new Silent Hill; Even Homecoming holds a soft spot in my heart. I think there need to be a story featuring a younger character then Heather in it. Some of our biggest fear come from children kidnapping and Abuse Story. I think Konami needs to take a huge risk even controversial risk to get Silent Hill back on track. Hell take away weapons again Silent Hill Shatter Memories was a exciting game.

  • luigiix

    It’s complicated. I don’t think they should throw away everything. More like re-focus on what made the first games so unique. Not emulating those, but understanding the philosophy behind them. Everything is about mantaining a balance. “Throwing out the mold and ask ourselves what is to be scared”? This is not the way to go in my opinion. They can keep moaning about how to make the games scary again, but that’s not going to work until they realize that what made Silent Hill so good was the unique approach to horror. The bizzare imagery, the music, the unsettling creatures, the unknown. It’s easy to make a scary game, but making a good Silent Hill requires something more. A genius balance of horror and artistry that has yet to be matched. And never will if they don’t bring back Team Silent.

  • ariessiren

    Totally agree. Id go for digital and smaller. This way it can be more artistic and crazy. Silent hill went mainstream and that sucked the life out of it. Its like an Indie film of horror games. Should stay that way. I’m all for a reboot. Be nice to see. Id love to see it in episodic format like telltale games style.

  • hbkwm14

    Anyone on here ever thought about making an Indy game Inspired by Silent Hill. If there not doing it right you could always just show them how to do it. I know I would love to put a team together and make a Indy game inspired by the series.

  • Wojciech Olczyk

    Sex and Death…..

  • Demi

    What Konami should do? Let the series die and start a sucessor, like Capcom did with Clock Tower to Hauting Grounds. Certain franchises can only be made by the original devs, once it falls into other hands its better to let it die and start anew.

  • Kera

    I love the series with a passion, but I think half of its appeal was the fact we didn’t know what was going on.

    In the first SH, we were walking blindly into the mythos. We didn’t know about the Order or what the Otherworld was. Come game two, we didn’t realize how the the town affected strangers until then. Even after the mystery was gone, it was a matter of weaving a story within the established world, and maybe have a few twists.

    In short- have a good story and try not to screw up the combat. Try to think about what made the first few games so good and just do that again.


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