Vaccine Returns To The World Of PS1 Horror With Release Trailer

Once again, enter the world of survival horror… in the oldest of the old school way!

As the AAA gaming space returns back to what made survival horror such an amazing genre with Resident Evil 7‘s recent release, the indie market continues to churn out interestingly retro romps of their own. While I’ve been quite enamored with some indie titles like Back in 1998 and The Power Drill Massacre on PC, a new game called Vaccine is looking to spook up our home consoles as well at the end of this month. Looking authentically PS1, Vaccine instantly recalls memories of the original¬†Resident Evil¬†and Evil Dead: Hail to the King, with old style visuals and camera angles.

The game sees us hunting through randomly generated maps in order to find a… Vaccine to cure our friend. Monsters, zombies, and mutants roam the hallways to slaughter us the second we let our guard down. Don’t worry, we’ll be fully loaded with weapons while we search, so we won’t be defenseless. Vaccine will be hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam February 24th, and a WiiU version will be dropping in March (just in time for Nintendo Switch…?). Check out the trailer below, I’m actually really digging what I’m seeing, so we’ll keep you updated.

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