Until Dawn’s box art suggests DualShock support


Until Dawn is an upcoming PS3 horror game which was announced last October to be utilizing Move controls. The people at Supermassive Games said to IGN last NYCC that they were looking into the possibility of DualShock controls, but nothing was concrete at the time.

Today, the box art of the game was put up on Amazon, but more interestingly, the box art depicts the game being Move-Compatible as opposed to required.


The game is supposed to be very focused on movement and actions simulated via the controls, so to have an option with DualShock to play the game is interesting, to say the least. It also opens up the cheesy teen horror fun to those who maybe don’t have or could afford a Move, and its cool to see the developers may have added DualShock support after seeing people expressing desire for such a feature.

We’ll keep you updated on Until Dawn news as it releases. For those who don’t know what Until Dawn is, or need a refresher, watch the announcement trailer below.

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  • UZI

    I’m actually really looking forward to this… Haven’t played a good survival horror in a while

  • I cant wait to play this !!

  • Brady White

    OH GOD! XD The thumbnail for the video looks like a derpy version of executioner from RE5! ^o^ SO FUNNY! 😀

  • Henrikm

    Horror style it reminds me somewhat of Obscure series’s slasher horror.
    I for one was one of those that liked Obscure 1-2 so I wished I could play this one too but did not have move.
    If dual shock news is true then it sounds good.
    As someone else said has not played a good horror in a while, on the other hand soon Deadly Premenition for PS3 arrives so guess I will get my fill for some time til this arrive.

    • UZI

      I really liked the Obscure games too

  • I can’t wait for this, this console generation has been pretty low on horror titles, at least ones that were made as just horror games and not action games with some horror themes tossed in there.


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