ToyMunkey Studios to release Silent Hill figures this December

Revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, ToyMunkey Studios in collaboration with Gecco, announced that they will be releasing Silent Hill PVC Statues. Not may details were shown, but our very own Whitney is currently at the con and was able to capture the image above.

Of the figures on display were Pyramid Head with a Lying Figure, and Bubble Head nurses. Whitney was able to get a December release time frame from a representative on the show floor as well as a price point of around $150. Further details are said to be revealed on the ToyMunkey Facebook page sometime in the near future.


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  • Alice

    im a HUGE collector of these SH kind of figures (i have the other 8 figures) So, hearing that there will be more makes me REALLY, REALLY happy!!!
    I hope too that there are more than those 2 (3, seeing that some nurses are different than others…or is it just me? O_o). I would like to see a closer one! or a numb body, or a more accesible robbie or mannequin than the other ones that are kinda hard to get.

  • Silent Evil

    Gosh darn it! I was hoping these were action figs. $150 for plastic that doesn’t move is not my cup of tea but they are beautiful statues, nonetheless. Oh, and NECA have terrible paint jobs on their figures. I’d prefer Play Arts, or DC Direct if they were to make SH action figures.

  • Henrikm

    Cool can I replace my broken James and Bubblehead nurse.
    I loved that figurine but my bubblehead nurse fel too the ground and no glue in the world could save that one “sniff” then it was only James left.
    So maybe I could replace it with any of above.

  • 5mokie

    Take my money dammit!

  • Pyramid_Heart

    There’s really no good reason that these couldnt be sold at 6 inch figures for about $20…

  • Kav__

    Why the fuck can’t someone make reasonably priced SH figures.

  • Jenny

    150? Really? I know what I’m going to give myself for Christmas!


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